Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breaking out the MEDICAL "Dictionary"...

DESPITE, SPENDING *MANY* YEARS "HANDLING" MEDICAL TOMES, it looks like I'm gonna have to Crack OPEN a MEDICAL-DICTIONARY to Figure-Out My NAGGING "SHOULDER"-Problem..? -- Lots of "-OSIS" AND "-ITIS" type WORDS going on...

BUT, NOT to Worry! "Apparently", there are NO *TEARS* or CRACKS or CHIPS or Anything ELSE that involves "Drastic"-Measures!! -- Just LOTS of "PHYSIO"... - [ugh!] - THAT, can actually be Done at the "CLINIC"-just-Down-the-STREET! - [yay!]

However, ALL of THAT has yet to be SORTED-OUT and "Scheduled" into the REST of EVERYONE ELSE's *LIVES* around HERE!!

MEANWHILE... IT was a bit of an Awkward-WEATHER Day... My First *CLUE*, was the SUDDEN-DOWNPOUR just Minutes *after* I had brought in the Morning-Newspaper! -- That slight "Rumbling"-Sound actually *was* THUNDER and NOT a Passing SCHOOL-BUS! - [Those Vehicles really are Loud around Here!] - Fortunately, IT was DONE well before I had to Leave for My Doctor's Appointment.

Seeing as I didn't partake of My *Usual* TOUR-de-TUESDAY, Yesterday, I opted instead, for a "WEDNESDAY-WANDER-ABOUT" later on... AFTER, taking care of an Errand for FATHER. Which, SAVED Me from *Considerable*-Most-PROBABLE-FUTURE-"Scheduling"-HASSLES!! -- Not to mention, Him likely getting LOST and then, have to Deal with the *somewhat*-NASTY-TOO-Tiny-Parking-Lot!?

Besides, the "TASK" was a NEW Experience for Me. And, took LESS Time to "Perform" THAN getting OUT of the Parking Lot!!

Anyhoo... ON to MICHAEL'S...

*NUTS*!! -- I FORGOT to bring My "SMART"-CAMERA!?!

I realized THIS, *just* as I was turning into TRAINYARDS! -- But, NOT a Problem, since I ended up NOT Buying ANYthing!! - I just spent *too* much Time "Chatting" with THE GIRLS...

pooh! - AMANDA is Moving OUT-of-Town later NEXT Month!! - Just around the Same Time that ANDREA will be going on "MATERNITY"... arrgghhh!! -- I'll have to spend the SUMMER "Breaking-In" the NEWER-PEOPLE now!

and. oh. look. IT's RAINING again!

Then STOPPED, by the Time I got to the Grocery Store... I had a Couple more Pop-IN-Perusals to make before heading HOME. -- JUST "in Time" for MORE RAIN!!


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