Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ah! "PRESTO"!! *IT* Worked!


I had a "by BUS" ERRAND to do Today, since the WEATHER was "GOOD" and that there were NO "Scheduled"-Plans on the *CALENDAR*. IT was also My First opportunity to TEST-OUT My Recently-Acquired-Brand-New-*FREE* "PRESTO" BUS-TRANSIT-CARD!

The NEW BUS-"FARE-CARD"-SYSTEM was *supposed* to be Up & RUNNING Last Year..? However, AS usual whenever "CITY HALL" and the PUBLIC TRANSIT *and* THIRD-PARTIES get "together"... well... IT wasn't "pretty"...

Anyhoo, *STUFF* is supposively "FIXED" Now... And, **MANY** FREE CARDS - [otherwise, They go for $6.] - have been made Available. - I got THREE. For Myself, MOTHER, and any OTHER PERSON Who might be "Visiting"...

whatever... IT "WORKED"! - No prob. -- I actually even managed to go ROUND-TRIP on SIX BUSES with ONE-FARE and, had 20-Minutes REMAINING! - Though, RUNNING for Half of Them was INVOLVED!

Meanwhile, I do *miss* having a PAPER-TRANSFER-TICKET... As THAT had the EXPIRY *TIME* boldly Printed. BUT, with THIS Scanner-System, One must REMEMBER to *LOOK* at the TINY Screen *ON Entry* to see how *much* Time is LEFT! -- While, there's a HORDE of OTHER-PEOPLE-BEHIND-YOU-WAITING-TO-GET-ON!

And, that SCANNER is Positioned Low, too... hmm... SOME Inventive-COPING-Thoughts on how to get Past THAT have just come to Mind...

-- I'll let You know Later if They pan-out.


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