Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sorting... sorta...

WOW! -- I really *DO* Hang ON to Stuff!

I "noticed" Earlier - when I was Checking My E-MAIL - My "IN-BOX" was nearly 50 PAGES!

..oh-kaay.. Time to SORT OUT Those Puppies, huh?!! -- And even after an Hour, I *wasn't* done! Halfway through, I moved over to My "SEND" Box... I needed a Change of Scenery.

Afterward, I tackled My "MONTH-END" Stuff... The STOCK MARKETS have **NOT** been Kind!
If They don't Improve, there will be *much* LESS YARN-BUYING in My Later-Future! -- And, We CAN'T have *THAT*, can WE?!

Meanwhile... I've managed a Couple of more INCHES on PROJECT "MER-PACA"... Which, is seriously TAKING FOREVER!

Haven't finished off Those FIRST 2 BALLS yet... A GOOD Thing! I'm still trying to judge the Quantity. So far, My Guess-timation is likely SIX BALLS..? -- That's about $32. worth of YARN!


...just saying...


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Remember Now...

.."WHY" IT IS, that I *prefer* to Work with COTTON... -- Waaay LESS *SHEDDING*!!

It wasn't UNTIL I started Using the ALPACA-MERINO Yarn, that I *noticed* ALL of the "HAIRS"! Albeit, rather Nice-Soft-Better-Quality-Than-My-Own HAIR... But, still... Not being a PET-Owner
- [..Dust Bunnies *don't* count!], I'm just not used to IT, I suppose.

  It could be Worse... Could be FUR-BALLS!! ewww!  
 -- BTW, is it just Me, OR, does That "Reflection" in the Background LOOK like a 
 "KLINGON BIRD of PREY" decloaking?!!
 Maybe, even an "OORT CLOUD"..?

Cotton FLUFF, is easier to spot and confine. Also, IT's what gives My DUST BUNNIES Their high
"Thermal Insulation Rating"!

..hmm... I wonder IF "Crocheting" would reduce the Shedding... All of that "knotting" would keep the Hairs more Secure in the YARN. However, considering the Price and Limited Quantity of the WOOL, I think I'll stick to "Knitting" with IT!

-- I'll just have to commence with "Collecting" those HAIRY-Bits... Perhaps, start an "ORT" JAR. I can throw IN all of My odd Cotton Bits, too. Then, "Someday", SPIN IT into *more* YARN!!

...wait! -- I'm going to have LEARN *how* to SPIN first... NUTS!! There goes THAT "PLAN" for GLOBAL FIBER-IZATION!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

..hey..? What Is *THAT* Flittering Around My "Sidebar"..?

IS IT A BIRD...? Is IT a Pla...--*WHAT* THE CAPT. HOOK..?!!

FAIRY-T has managed to ATTACH Herself to The SIDEBAR! - [Knew, I should've taken a Blackhole to That...]

Be CAREFUL! -- Staring at Her AVATAR for too long, will TINKer with Your Self-Control... YARN-BUYING-SPREES may Result!! Or, OTHER Bizarre Occurrences...

Seriously!! -- Just LOOK at *WHAT* happened to My Brother's Vehicle!! IT's been turned into a TREEP!!

T...? -- Don't make Me use My WASHCLOTHS to wipe up Your PIXIE-PARTICLES!!


[SHE can *see* Us NOW, you know... Avert Your Eyes! -- oh crap! You PEEKED, didn't You?! ...Hey, don't worry... IT'll grow back! -- Eventually... ]


Sunday, August 28, 2011

**FORGET** That I **EVER** Said This...


OR, ALL of That Soft-Luxurious-"On-Sale"-Alpaca-Merino-YARN is just playing Evil-JEDI-Mind-Tricks on ME!! -- I've begun *another* Little "PROJECT" of Creative "Discovery"...

However, I'm NOT going to Say "WHAT" as YET! - Just in case...

"GUANACO" by ASLANTRENDS - [Colours - #26-Pimpinella / #194-Chartreuse]


Saturday, August 27, 2011

"6" In The BLOOG...


I'm going to *have* to COUNT up ALL of My
"NUMBERS"! There are at least 16 or so that I have a "record" of - probably MORE! Most are Packed away in various spots.

-- SOME Day, I'll get around to "doing the Math" and come up with something Funky!

Anyhoo... #"6" - [a.k.a. #9] - was acquired at The SALLY-ANN.

Along with, FOUR of THESE Little 5-Inch 

Afterward, We finally came across a Couple of YARD SALES... Actually, I had expected to Find more, since the Weather had started out Cooler - but, I didn't, and the Temps went UP!

However... I *did* manage to obtain THIS [just slightly dusty] Never-Used L.L.BEAN *Leather* "Pouch" [?] PURSE for $2.!! -- I'm thinking, IT's likely a sort of "Man-Bag", maybe? - Whatever, IT's a great Size and rather Spacious... hmm... Bet I could squeeze in a Change of Underwear, a pair of Socks, a T-Shirt AND a Toothbrush in There!

Meanwhile, at the Next SALE...

Got FOUR of THESE Little

I was attracted to Their "Sweeping" Rims - [5-inches]...
AND, the 25-Cent Each Price!

From There, it was the Usual Visit to THE MALL - to wrap up the Remaining Grocery-Getting Needs...

Oh, hey! GOT around to doing that Laundry!!


Friday, August 26, 2011

A "Perfect" Day Outside...

  • Took a "Break" from the *CREATING*
  • Got around to showing MOTHER "The SHAN-TOQUE"... In fact, SHE-Who-Knits-Crochets-HATS-To-Sell-At-The-Craft-Shows "hinted" about Me making One *for* Her! - huh..
  • Chased after STOCK to Buy - Didn't get the Price I wanted.
  • Caught up on Reading...
  • Did NOT do Laundry... maybe Later... or, not...
  • Cyber-Surfed.
  • Need to make a Grocery List for Tomorrow.
  • Need to NOT Spend TOO much Money Tomorrow!
  • Hmm... I wonder if MR.FIX-IT [across the Street Neighbour] will be sticking with THAT Colour of Stucco? - He's been redoing His House Exterior ALL Week!
  • Read...
  • Wracked My Brain to come up with ANYTHING to Bloog about! - Got NOTHING!


Thursday, August 25, 2011



Seriously. I could have DONE a BLANKET in the Amount of TIME it took to Make THIS!!
-- Then again... I *was* in the Middle of "CREATING"! Not certain IF I can actually Reproduce IT again...

But, IF I "did", I'd likely make IT a Tad SMALLER! I suppose, though, once IT gets WASHED, some
Shrinkage will occur... Okay... IT probably IS the Proper Size, afterall! And, there is still a bit of YARN Left - enough for "TESTING".

Actually, IF I'd had *more* Skeins, I might have kept GOING and ended up with a VEST! Or, a SWEATER!! -- Alas, I had just enough for The SHAN-TOQUE!

Oh, BTW, before I FORGET!
-- FAIRY-T!! THANKS for that Sprinkle of "Pixie-Beanies"... The "reduction" Part HELPED!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tweaking the Day Away...

I SHOULD probably DO *Something* "USEFUL" Today...


It's so GREY and DREARY out... I *need* to Play with COLOURS!

It looks like I'll be using BOTH of My Remaining BALLS of This WOOL & SILK Yarn. Depending on how FAR I get with These, will most LIKELY Determine *WHAT* THIS will turn out to BE!

-- You know, this whole KNITTING "Thing", it takes FOREVER! CROCHET really is SO much FASTER!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It *Must* Be TUESDAY

"THE CITY" *DOING* ?Something? with Big Trucks - CHECK.

No One knows for sure WHAT is going on... Just LOTS of really ANNOYING NOISE!! -- Which had awoken Me at 7am Yesterday, when They were on the Street behind Us!

...Anyway. They appear to be Core-Drilling-Vacuuming a couple of Feet of Soil near the Curb... And, closeby, there're what looks like short Cylinders..? Wiring too, maybe..?


Meanwhile, there are 6 or 7 Trucks along the Road. They *haven't* Touched Our Lawn. Just RIPPING UP the Nasty-Newer-Neighbours-Nextdoor's... Ahh.. Our Municipal Tax Dollars AT Work!

In the End, Those CYLINDERS were Attached to The BLUE WIRES and Buried into the Holes-In-The-Trench...

hmm... I have to Wonder... Is THIS *HOW* STREET-LIGHTS are Grown..?


Monday, August 22, 2011

hmm... What To Make Next..?


Ahh...WHAT will IT *be*..?
You'll have to Wait, to SEE...
"Whatever" - IT'll be *for* ME!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

LOOK!! IT's a HAT!!

HEY! *DON'T* LAUGH! -- It was MOTHER's "Idea" to transform My First-Foray-in-Forever KNITTING "SAMPLER" into a TOQUE!

...A TINY Toque... IT stretches... I think it took Me LONGER to Stitch the Seam together THAN to Make IT! -- I've always HATED that Part. Meanwhile, I've already NOTED where to make Future


Anyhoo... IT was an absolutely DREARY-DARK-DRIPPY DAY!! With several recurring bouts of RAIN.
-- I thought We almost had a MOAT in the Making in the Front of the House at one Point! NO Dragons...

Unless, I count that SPIDER... yeah... Another ONE "INVADED" My SPACE again! -- I didn't get IT though... YET! -- I'm still on The HUNT for ITS Creepy Sorry-A**...


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spreading My YARNish Ways...

WELL... The YARD SALE Season appears to be a bit of a Bust these Days! With all of the HOT Weather, Everyone is either "At The COTTAGE" or, INDOORS!

After Stopping at ONE pitiful Sale - along the Way - We ended up at The SALLY-ANN... And, headed straight to the tiny "Notions" Section. -- Oooo... Listen! Can You HEAR IT..? -- YARN is Calling!!

A Couple of Weeks ago, One of the CLERKS was sorting out HUNDREDS of Little WOOL Tapestry Yarn Skeins... Lots and LOTS of Colours! However, the PRICE was NOT "Inspiring"... At least to Us, at any RATE! -- I never saw Them again, UNTIL Today...

On top of the Notions Odds & Ends Table/Tray is this BUCKET... With a Sign... 29-Cents Each... Oooo!!

MOTHER had Mentioned that MADAME-Q had Expressed a previous "interest" when informed of the Initial Yarn-Sighting... I gave Her a CALL... Then, grabbing a nearby Basket, I started picking out the PURPLELY Ones - Like Myself, IT's one of Her Favourite Colours.

O-kay... BFF *must* have hit Every GREEN LIGHTS getting There! She showed up LESS than 10-Minutes Later!! -- And, began Filling ANOTHER Basket! I left Her and MOTHER to "PLAY" as I went off to Check Out the Rest of the Place...

150 SKEINS Later...

MOTHER was "Negotiating" a *DEAL* for MADAME-Q with the MANAGER... She GOT Them for 19-Cents Each! -- She is *quite* the Notorious HAGGLER! ..Anyway, I *didn't* Find ANYthing of Worth, and soon, We went Our separate ways...

We paid a Visit to FABRICLAND. There wasn't too much going on, except for THIS Bit of COTTON EYELET... On SALE for $5./Meter, down from $24.?? -- There was only 2-Meters left, so I took the Whole Piece. As usual, I have NO Idea *What* I'm going to DO with IT! But, I liked the Dark CHOCOLATE Shade - and, EYELET is *always* FUN!

Meanwhile... It HAD been rather Nice & SUNNY, Earlier... However, Nasty CLOUDS were beginning to move in! We headed over to THE MALL. JUST *IN* Time!

And, whilst Meteorological Mayhem "Washed" The CAR, We were perusing the Clearance Racks of JOE FRESH... There were several Great Buys! And, THEY were giving away Their TOTE BAGS for FREE "with Purchase" this Week! -- Always Handy!

When We came OUT, so had The SUN! -- hmm... The Clouds, They *missed* a few Spots...

OH! I almost *FORGOT*! -- It's SISTER and BIG-D's ANNIVERSARY Today!! They should be on Their ALASKAN CRUISE right Now...


Friday, August 19, 2011

Celebrating "THE 400th" At The MOVIES!

WOOHOO!! IT'S BIG KAHUNA'S "CONAN" DAY!! -- And, oh, yeah... BLOOG ENTRY #400 in AS many DAYS!

Anyhoo... JASON "CONAN" MOMOA has been ONE of those "UP AND COMERS" that I've been "Following" for a few Years... As a Result, I've become casually acquainted with His MOTHER, and made "FAN"-Friends with Several Other Like-Minded Individuals.

A BUNCH of US, met up a Fan-Run SCI-FI Convention a Couple of Years ago, where WE actually got to MEET JASON! - Finally! -- You know, *BEFORE* He got "really" FAMOUS! -- IT was a **GREAT** Weekend!!


First off... I've never been a Big Fan of "3D". Especially, as Someone who is "Visually-Impaired". Let's face it, 3D-Specs OVER Regular-Glasses... sooo NOT Cool-Looking!! And, I didn't see any
"CLIP-ON" Types around either...

"DARK ROOM" - Good!
"NOT on a DATE" - Better!

But, OTHER than THAT, I did Enjoy The MOVIE! -- Okay, LOTS of Blood and Gore and Violence and the required helping of Naked People... The BIG KAHUNA included! - [Worth the $13.99 Admission alone!] - Granted, the Script wasn't that Epic Drama, but the ACTION Part *was*! JASON is rather Gifted in making Sword-Play extremely Entertaining.

RON PERLMANBrilliant Performance as always! And, LEO HOWARD as "Young CONAN", pretty much BLEW Everyone away! He had JASON's Expressions and Mannerisms Nailed! I see a Successful Career in His Future!

Anyway... I look forward to the DVD! And, in following JASON's Path to Bigger and Better Things!!
-- I'm putting My Bets on Future Governor of HAWAII...!!

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