Monday, January 31, 2011

**200**!! -- AND, A "Mag" DAY!


I really *do* have NO LIFE!!

However, "Tomorrow" is *another* Story! I've got The WHEELS and I'm a-goin' Power-Browsing! Hopefully, that whole SHOVEL-AGEDDON won't start in These Parts UNTIL *much* LATER!! -- I've already "Pencilled-In" - RESCUE GROUNDHOG - for Wednesday. for the Paparazzi waiting at the Crack of Dawn on that Day - them... They're PLOW-BAIT!

Anyway, I'm HOPING for FACTORY-ENDS to show up! Still have that GIFT CARD waiting to be USED! -- Hmm, may have to go to WALMART and see if They've got any *new* Stock in yet...

So. I hope that Everyone who gets The NATE BERKUS Show, watched it Today to SEE Our BLOOG-Buddy, JENNIFER FLORES...?

Oh, and DON'T Forget, My TWITTER-Twilighter [*not* the "Movie" one!] TREVOR MUNSON's *New*
"Vampiric"-Detective-Mystery Novel - ANGEL of VENGEANCE - hits the Bookstore Shelves Tomorrow as well! -- Buy IT, grab a Glass of *good* Wine, get comfy, and ENJOY the "Read"... It'll take Your Minds OFF of ALL the Snow that's likely piling up Outside!

Meanwhile, UNTIL Then... Here's My "Review" of....

STYLE AT HOME - March 2011

  • P. 26, 28 - Wonderful lines to the SOFA. COOL Zebra WALLPAPER! Now, if I could only get it with RHINOS...
  • P. 35 - TARTAN HEADBOARD.. An interesting Idea.. Although, personally, I wouldn't go using a Treasured Blanket! And, I'd probably FELT the Fabric first.
  • P. 40-41 - I like the WALLS. The ARTWORK, too.
  • P. 46-52 - TOMMY! Absolutely love His Antiques and how they *all* WORK together! Pure CLASSIC.
  • P. 56-60 - Someone is "Big" on BINDERS... The One about the Appliance Manuals - okay. The One for BUTTONS... A Smart Concept "On Paper", however, "Real Life"... not so much. Unless, of course, You happen to be a touch of O.C.D., then sure. Why not - IF You really have a lot of Time on Your Hands.
  • P. 64-71 - I'm seeing too many of those WIRE-BASKET CHAIRS [that are Structurally too Light-Weight for the Rest of the Room's other Decor Elements] in this ISSUE. So, what came First - The BLUE SOFA and YELLOW, GREY PILLOWS... Or, the Amazingly MATCHING [in Colour and Design] ARTWORK?! BTW, nice Job with the DOG PICS over the BED.
  • P. 72-79 - There are some gorgeous Pieces here, but they feel Out-of-Place to Me somehow..? That fantastic Drum TABLE should be in Foyer [which they don't have...] or, on the otherside of the Sofa. Love the TAPESTRY and hanging Iron-Ball LAMP. Very handsome Wine-Bottle PAINTING.
  • P. 80-85 - I'm liking the DINING TABLE SET. And, the Comfy CHAIR - the big 3-Button PILLOW is growning on Me.
  • P. 94-96 - I don't think that I could EAT *just* ONE!


Sunday, January 30, 2011


FOR... JENNIFER FLORES of RAMBLING RENOVATORS Fame - CHLOE's MOM [SEE 08SEP2011 Post] - to make Her North American TV "Debut" on THE NATE BERKUS Show!!

CHECK OUT Her Latest POST about the Show and Her Appearance...

To be sure, NEW YORK CITY's "SNOWPOCALYPSE" did NOT deter this Fellow Canadian BLOOGER from Her Whirlwind SHOPPING EXPLORATIONS!!

So, *Watching* JENN dazzle NATE will be My major Goal, Tomorrow... As, I also "Celebrate" BLOOG POST #200 for AS *many* DAYS Straight!! -- WOW! I *do* TYPE a LOT, huh?

Oh, AND, it's SUPPOSE to be SUNNY, NO Snow... yadda, yadda.... uh-huh... Well, let's just WAIT until that SUN actually *DOES* comes UP all Bright and Shiny, eh?


Saturday, January 29, 2011

As the Shovel Scoops...

BY CHANCE, I GAZED upon the passing Face of The EVIL SNOWPLOW GUY, Today... *crap*!  He's actually Cute and Strapping... I *HATE* when that HAPPENS!  ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Well... "Something" sure made up for that ONE DAY of *not* Shovelling! Looks like whatever Snow that DIDN'T fall Yesterday, decided to miraculously appear with TODAY'S Amount! -- Okay, granted, it wasn't like TONS of IT, but just suspiciously 2-Days worth instead of the "normal" ONE...

And, it's still coming down off and on... I know what I'll *probably* be DOING, Tomorrow.

Anyhoo... AFTERward, Milk had to be had. However, since the Road Conditions were so-so in spots, and Saturdays being as they are, We decided to stick closer to Home in Our Food Foray. For pretty much the Same Price, CANADIAN TIRE [Yes. They have Groceries There now!] is closer than COSTCO.

Oh, We got EGGS, too! -- Exciting, huh?

Then, it was that almost DAILY Pilgrimage to THE MALL... MOTHER forgot to get Her LOTTERY Tickets Yesterday...

Hey..? The PET STORE is *Closing*!! Huh... wow.. IT's been There since DAY ONE. I wonder WHAT the Story is? Gonna be a LOT of ticked off Kids around Here over THAT!

Meanwhile, upon Our Return, that FIRST Round of LAUNDRY had finished. Time to WASH the Load, AGAIN! -- And, You're ALL wondering, "WHY?"...

So, Thursday, when I returned MRS. CLEAN back Home, She had this "excess" Pile of SWEATERS and a Rack of SHIRTS from One of Her Sons, that She wanted Me to go through... They were in Her Spotless-You-Really-Can-Eat-OFF-the-Floor GARAGE. She was planning on Donating them, but thought I might like First Dibbs on the Selection...

I picked out the 100% COTTONs and a WOOL One. Took them Home.... It wasn't UNTIL, I brought them INside - where it was WARM - that I noticed *how* SMOKEY they were!!   UGH!! 
I immediately sealed them into a Plastic Bag to BE *washed* LATER! -- BTW, MRS. CLEAN's Sense of Smell, has been shot for YEARS!

Anyhoo, "Later" is now, "NOW"... Round Two of Washing included a healthy Dose of BAKING SODA! It seems to have done the Trick... The 2 SWEATERS and 3 SHIRTS are currently "AIR" Drying in the LAUNDRY-FURNACE Area... The Smell seems to be gone - as much as I can tell... Although, the WOOL-SHIRT still has that "wet-wool" scent to it. -- One of the Reasons "why", I prefer MERINO Wool! It *doesn't* have that "smell".

I *do* hope that the nice BROWN-MAROON Flannel SHIRT fits Me...


Friday, January 28, 2011

Versing With VAMPS!

The GOOD News - I *didn't* have to Shovel!! It was WARM out as well!

The BAD News - Little bitty Snow beads were occasionally blowing around... And, it was Cloudy out.

The GREAT News - That BOOK I pre-ordered Last Week came in, 4 Days *BEFORE* the RELEASE DATE!! -- More on IT further Down...

So, despite the bits of WHITE falling from the GREY Skies and, since it was WARMER, I decided to change up My "Exercise" Routine for a SHOP-ABOUT... Seeing as The BOOK was in! And, I didn't have the opportunity to "check out" THE MALL Yesterday. Also, the ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS had *other* Plans for The CAR.

Along the SHOP-FARI Route, a quick Non-Purchase-Perusal of FUTURE SHOP. Then, through the Parking Lots to the big CHAPTERS-INDIGO Bookstore. Stayed long enough to Pick-Up The BOOK and, onward to THE MALL....

Still, *NO* new FACTORY ENDS! aarrrggghhhhh!

Did a buzz through of the Pharmacy - I had a recently acquired a "Points Redemption" GIFT CARD.. Stocked up on the "On SALE" VITAMIN D [..the only Thing keeping Me sane, I think..?] and, some new Sticks of BONNIE BELL LIP SMACKER. I've been using this Stuff for over 40 Years now! Love it! -- They have a new GUAVA Flavour... Oooo, one of My FAV Impossible-To-Find-Up-Here Fruits! Can't wait to TRY it out!

Worked My way up to the Grocery Store... Got My LOTTERY Tickets -- Oh! WON a few $$ Tonight again on Them! WOOHOO!

In the Housewares Section, There's this "MARK DOWN" Bin... One of MOTHER's FAV locations in There -- Actually, We have gotten quite a few GREAT Deals on that Stuff over the Years. Anyway, Today, it was mostly JUNK... With the Exception, of a couple of "Out-of-Package" KING SIZE, 100% CottonMATELASSE QUILTS [with 2 Large Pillow Shams] for under $20.!!

At THAT Price, NOT passing it up! Grabbed ONE! Then, just as I was about to call MOTHER, She calls Me! -- They were finished with Their Other Errands and were going to pick Me up...
Ah, TIMING, gotta LOVE it!!

Okay. THE BOOK...

The "official" Release Date is THIS coming Tuesday - February 1st... However, since I pre-ordered IT for Delivery to The Store, IT turned out to be available SOONER! -- HAPPY DANCE!!

                                                                     TITAN BOOKS - ISBN: 9781848568556

What the former TV Series "MOONLIGHT" was based upon. One of the earlier and BETTER of the
"VAMPIRE" Genre Shows that are the Viewing Trend these Days...

It's essentially a DETECTIVE MYSTERY Story with a VAMPIRIC twist... A Book for ADULTS! As it has a lot of "Language" and "MATURE Subject Matter". Very "Noir".... If the Main Character owned a DVD Player, He'd probably have the entire Collection of "DEXTER"! The Novel's Prologue reads like a TEASER from that Show!

It took Me a little over 4 Hours to NOT PUT IT DOWN! The Narrative brought back memories of reading DASHIELL HAMMETT... But, with more of the In-Your-Face-Reality-Check of THIS Century. I can't wait to HEAR an AUDIOBOOK Version of This!

Not to mention, READ the NEXT BOOK!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Foam

AT LEAST, that's what the Driveway looked like it was COVERED with... about an Inch of FLUFFY Flakes! -- Until, of course, the Last 8-Feet of "Peanut Butter" Plow-Poop! [The Lawn had almost 10-Feet smeared across it...]

    WARNING - If the EVIL SNOW-PLOW GUY ever "offers" You any SMORES... **DON'T EAT THE SNOW**!!

Anyhoo, guess WHO needed to take The CAR out at a certain Time...?

Surprisingly, it only took Me a Half-Hour to do Our Lane and MADAME Q's - it was finally WARM enough Today for those hard-packed TIRE Snow-Tracks of Hers to soften up! Then, I got ready to go pick up the Elderly MRS. CLEAN! -- We have the same Bank and She likes to get Her "Book" updated around This Time of Year...

Hmm... Her Lane ISN'T as Clear as Mine... In fact, I almost got STUCK pulling out of it because of the loose Plow-Poop at the End of IT!

We weren't out for long, as I had to get The CAR back in Time for FATHER's Errand Expeditions, and She didn't need to go Anywhere else. At Her Age with the Current Weather, being "Out & About" is a tad exhaustive despite the enjoyment.

So... I got one bit of GOOD Mail. Only took a Week...not bad... Got a GOOD E-Mail, too. It appears
that DISTANT COUSIN "B" will be off to an Exotic Locale for Her upcoming 70th Birthday! -- Ah! Perhaps a POSTCARD is in Our Futures..?!

Oh! Be sure to CHECK OUT KRISTIN NICHOLAS' latest Bloog Post -

She just got some *more* BABY PRE-YARNS!! Seriously CUTE Pics!!

Well, I should go find "something" constructive to DO....


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Excuse Me..? But, I ordered FRIES...

IT WASN'T *suppose* to SNOW Today! -- Okay... Granted, it was ONLY a light "dusting", but *still*!? -- DUDES! Stick with the WEATHER CHANNEL Programming, huh?!

Anyway, I went out for an Hour and did it ALL! The Temps are warming up, so some of those packed up Tire Tracks are starting to loosen their grip on the Asphalt. Oh, yeah... and THE SUN was *suppose* to make an "Appearance", too! Ha! Like THAT happened! *NOT*!

And, NO MAIL Today, either... Very discouraging... BUT! I *DID* get a Couple of NEW TWEEPS!! [Followers] -- So, that made up for My Postal-Depression.

Meanwhile, I was doing a bit of BLOG-HOPPING and chanced upon THIS:

Are THESE *COOL*, or What?!!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well, It's *ABOUT* Time!!

YAY!! **Finally** WON a few $$ on the stupid Lottery! Almost "pays" for the Ticket...

Well, it was several Degrees WARMER Today... But, Cloudy... And then, there's that whole Hour and a Half of SHOVELLING Last Night's 3 Inches of "Light Flurries". Thankfully, despite the "packing" underfoot, the Snow quality was still DRY and FLUFFY! The Roads were kind of crappy though... I'm sure that I'll likely find a bit of EVIL SNOWPLOW GUY "Poop" at the End of the Lane in the Morning.

Anyway, the Weather "People" have been trying to Brainwash Us into believing that the Temps are suppose to go UP in the "next" few Days... uh-huh... sure... okay...

BTW, We can now add "Laundry" to that LIST of "What Boring Things I Did Today"... was running out of Socks again... Bought a bit of "Stock"... Actually received some "Good" Mail! Although, not the COOL "Good" Mail that I've been waiting for...

Oh, before I *FORGET*, be sure to Check Out the Weekly "BLOG-HOP" over at - FOLLOW ME, I'M CANADIAN - Always, LOTS of Great Stuff to had over There!


Soooo.... Less than 3 Weeks until VALENTINE'S DAY... Do You KNOW *where* Your "SWEET HEARTS" *are*...?



Monday, January 24, 2011

The FRIG-MAGNET DIARIES - On the OTHER Side of the Door

I'M beginning to *notice* a TREND here....

My probable SCHEDULE for This Week -

*ICE AGE*, "Light Flurries", shovel, "Squal", shovel, shovel, experiments in Cryo-Hydrological Dissemination [TRANSLATION - using a Different Shovel], glacial stares, shovel, designing "HEX"-able Ice Scuptures of THE EVIL SNOWPLOW GUY, Flurries, *still* HAVEN'T won on the stupid LOTTERY [what's THAT about?], should probably knock some of that Snow off the Eaves, shovel, rescue Cute wayward Polar Submariners from the End of My Driveway.... - Okay, that LAST ONE was just a *Fantasy* I tend to have while Shovelling!

So, if You haven't figured it out yet... TODAY was another Repeat of YESTERDAY. Just "resting up" for TOMORROW's predicted "Flurries"...

Meanwhile... have a LOOK at some FLOWERS...


Sunday, January 23, 2011

BIR-R-RR-RRCH...It's *COLD* Out!

SO glad that I'm NOT *out* Shovelling Today! Not that I can't handle this kind of COLD -
Years ago, I used to WALK a MILE to Work in -40 Windchills! Of course, the 15-pound Long-Haired BEAVER Hooded-Long COAT was a "help"! ...But, My Cheeks would run the risk of a bit of Frost-Burn... And then, once INSIDE My Glasses would FOG...

...ahhh...good times...good times....

Anyway... I *stayed* INDOORS! Vegged... did some Cybering, some Reading, more Reading... *TRIED* to come up with "SOMETHING" to BLOOG about! ...And, right now, I've got absolutely
NOTHING riveting to "reveal"! So, why don't You ALL wrap Your Retinas on THIS, and I'm gonna return to My READING!



Saturday, January 22, 2011


WHEN SUDDENLY.... uhh... Squall Snow?!! -- what's THAT about?

..whatever... Thankfully, it was sporadic and that dry little beady stuff. A few whisks with the Snow Brush and We were good.

This was the FIRST Saturday in Weeks, that We've had to go out and *do* Our "Thing" - despite the Minus-20-Something [C] Temps. The Sun *was* "out" WHEN We left...

Top of Our Location List - BEACON HILL MALL. With, a Post Office stop for Me. Butcher Shop for MOTHER. SALLY ANN for Us both! It's been a while... Which was where, I found THIS Beautiful Bit of FABRIC by P.KAUFMANN!

Three Meters worth for $4.99! Although it doesn't say, I thought that it was all COTTON, perhaps with a touch of LINEN..? As, it's really thick and good Quality. But, I've been doing a touch of
"Research" and found some with an IVORY Background - IT was listed as being ALL LINEN! This Background is actually more of a dark OLIVE-TOBACCO-BROWN. I had to tweak the Colours here a little. It's MUCH nicer "in person"!

And, would have been beyond "perfect", if those Elephants had been RHINOS! However, this does have a pleasing Aesthetic to it, so I really don't mind too much. I *do* have Stuff that will *go* with it!

Like... My Antique "Church Bazaar Find" DUNCAN PHYFE Style Mahogany 2-Tier TABLE, perhaps...?

I'm thinking, a little "TEA Drinking Area"... A couple of CANE Chairs. The FABRIC would go well on a TRIPTYCH SCREEN. Toss in a few ORCHIDS. Some Classic 19th Century Reading Material...

Anyway... staying in-keeping with that sort of EAST ASIAN "Theme", We came across some unique looking Fruit at Our next Grocery Stop. And, of course, this is the ONE Time that MOTHER forgets to bring Her Camera! -- It was PITAHAYA [DRAGON FRUIT] from VIETNAM and most of them looked like weird FISH! They were really kinda Cool!

Speaking of "Cool" - that's WHEN the "Light Flurries" started... And, was Our Cue to head for WALMART.

Why IS it, that WHENever the Weather turns "crappy", EVERYONE and Their Family-Infested-SUV are "Shopping" WHERE We ARE?! ...just saying...

Didn't buy any YARN There... Just, topped off My JUICE Supply. Then, headed to THE MALL in a Homeward direction...

Still NO new FACTORY ENDS YARN yet... Although, there WAS this Discount Thing going on IF You use Their Charge Card... MOTHER picked up some On-Sale Yarn, and I grabbed a Big Ball of what I call "BARN". It was an Off-Shade Dye-Lot one... I'll have to use IT on Something "Special". Afterall, IT is My First "Purchased" BALL of The Year!

NUTS!! -- I just "remembered"... I could have used that GIFT CARD I have! ..ggrrrrr...


Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold Snap Coming....

ONLY had a little bit of SNOW to do in the lovely, yet FRIGID Sunlight, but it had to be taken care of. Otherwise, I'd be dealing with a bunch of Frozen Footprints littering My Laneway once the "predicted" COLD FRONT moves in! -- They take FOREVER to MELT!

Anyway, not much else "happening" around HERE! Just the same old "stuff"... Shoveling, Cyber-Surfing, Laundry, catching up on some Reading...

Soooo.... in order to keep You ALL from getting just as Bored, here's a Cool Pic that MOTHER took Last Friday as She was coming out of a Mall... The Building is a Cinema Complex. It was a pretty Cold Day then, too. I think They call IT a "Solar Pillar"...? -- WICKED, huh?!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

"MAG" Day Mail in the "MAUVE LIGHT"!


It at least, offsets the Charge Card Bill and Financial Statements! So, let's skip Them and go straight to...

COUNTRY LIVING - February 2011

  • P. 17 - CAMEO CANDIES! Ooooo, SWEET!!
  • P. 29-30 - LACE - *not* easy to do! People should appreciate it More.
  • P. 36 - Great Pedestal TABLES. Makes Me love My Antique 2-Tier "Duncan Phyfe"-styled Mahogany Church-Sale one even more!
  • P. 41-43 - I love these CHATELAINE Pieces. Worth their weight!
  • P. 64 - Cute Idea with the "Yarn" Pom-Pom FLOWERS. And, what to DO with those old Paint Colour Strips...
  • P. 68 - You know, Back-In-The-Day... We used to make "Forts" out of a Bedspread draped over the back of a Sofa and few Chairs. *Now*, it appears, "convincing" an Adult-Unit to attach Faux-decorated Roller-Blinds under some heavy Wooden TABLE is The IN Thing!
  • P. 74-75 - Ahhh... Cool STUFF!!
  • P. 95-103 - Much, *much* WHITE... And, yes.. another "Something" that I sort of "Collect" - mostly in IVORY and CreamWare... Love that Turret WINDOW! And, those Fireplace Glass-Door Curio Cabinets. Wonderful Knitted THROW and PILLOWS!
  • P. 112-117 - A rather quaint CHALET... An interesting Idea with hanging all of that Snow Gear on the Wall. However, having it OVER the Bed, is probably *not* the Safest Thing to do..? Otherwise, the eclectic mix of Antiques, Folk-Art, Mid-Century "Mountain Kitsch" [the Scenic Paint-By-Numbers actually do come together well!], and Modern, does surprisingly work in producing a very Cozy "Get-Away" Place.
  • P. 125 - HUNGRY!!
  • P. 126-131 - If I only had That SPACE for *My* STUFF!!


BTW, here's a Pic [SEE 02JAN2011 for more] of This Year's First BLANKET - "MAUVE LIGHT" - done in PALE YELLOW and LAVEN-YELL, with LAVENDER Trim.

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