Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GRAVITY = 1 / ME = 0-uch!

IT doesn't happen "often"...  But, Today, I ended up checking My Laneway's Snow DEPTH from GROUND LEVEL!

There was only an INCH - if that - that needed to be removed. However, I like to keep ahead of it... Seeing as, the TEMPS are always fluctuating around here, I prefer to move it all away from the House to prevent any ICY or PUDDLE build-ups. And, after almost 2 Weeks, I needed the Exercise.

Elected to do MADAME-Q's Driveway - across the Street - first, while Their Cars weren't there. Although Her Son drives, He has considerable difficulty "walking" - which is why, when I can, I do her Lane as well.

So, I finished up there, then crossed over to My Side... The "BLUE BOX" Recycling had already been picked up. Was sitting, just in the "Parking Lane" off the Curb... Just to the right of Our Driveway... Where, there "used to be" a small Snowbank, but is NOW deceivingly "flat"....


I was unknowingly standing on a Patch of ICE under unshovelled SNOW. So, when I stupidly used a Foot to flip the BOX over, I received an apparently much needed Refresher Course on "The 
Statistical Results of Cryo-Liquids Interaction on Adipose Tissue During Anomalous Gravitational Situations".

...More simply put -- I slipped and fell on My BUTT! Actually, more on My Thigh... thankfully... more "padding" there...

Whatever... I'm fine. No bruising. No pain. Didn't get run over by any of the numerous Garbage Trucks that were zipping by all Afternoon! -- A good thing, seeing as I have Stock in that particular Company! Now, THAT would have HURT, on so many levels!

Anyhoo... Managed to pick My sorry ASS up and proceeded to DO Our Lane... Was more acutely aware of the Terrain and My Toes from that point on!

Meanwhile, I suspect that I'll be out there again Tomorrow... taking My REVENGE on the EVIL WHITE STUFF and It's SHINY SLIPPERY COHORTS...!

..hmmm... I wonder if I can get a BLOW TORCH Attachment for My SHOVEL...?



  1. We haven't had much snow this year. It is snowing out right now so you never know.

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  2. Darn dont you realise i'm the fairy and i'm the one who can fly???hugs tinkx


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