Monday, January 31, 2011

**200**!! -- AND, A "Mag" DAY!


I really *do* have NO LIFE!!

However, "Tomorrow" is *another* Story! I've got The WHEELS and I'm a-goin' Power-Browsing! Hopefully, that whole SHOVEL-AGEDDON won't start in These Parts UNTIL *much* LATER!! -- I've already "Pencilled-In" - RESCUE GROUNDHOG - for Wednesday. for the Paparazzi waiting at the Crack of Dawn on that Day - them... They're PLOW-BAIT!

Anyway, I'm HOPING for FACTORY-ENDS to show up! Still have that GIFT CARD waiting to be USED! -- Hmm, may have to go to WALMART and see if They've got any *new* Stock in yet...

So. I hope that Everyone who gets The NATE BERKUS Show, watched it Today to SEE Our BLOOG-Buddy, JENNIFER FLORES...?

Oh, and DON'T Forget, My TWITTER-Twilighter [*not* the "Movie" one!] TREVOR MUNSON's *New*
"Vampiric"-Detective-Mystery Novel - ANGEL of VENGEANCE - hits the Bookstore Shelves Tomorrow as well! -- Buy IT, grab a Glass of *good* Wine, get comfy, and ENJOY the "Read"... It'll take Your Minds OFF of ALL the Snow that's likely piling up Outside!

Meanwhile, UNTIL Then... Here's My "Review" of....

STYLE AT HOME - March 2011

  • P. 26, 28 - Wonderful lines to the SOFA. COOL Zebra WALLPAPER! Now, if I could only get it with RHINOS...
  • P. 35 - TARTAN HEADBOARD.. An interesting Idea.. Although, personally, I wouldn't go using a Treasured Blanket! And, I'd probably FELT the Fabric first.
  • P. 40-41 - I like the WALLS. The ARTWORK, too.
  • P. 46-52 - TOMMY! Absolutely love His Antiques and how they *all* WORK together! Pure CLASSIC.
  • P. 56-60 - Someone is "Big" on BINDERS... The One about the Appliance Manuals - okay. The One for BUTTONS... A Smart Concept "On Paper", however, "Real Life"... not so much. Unless, of course, You happen to be a touch of O.C.D., then sure. Why not - IF You really have a lot of Time on Your Hands.
  • P. 64-71 - I'm seeing too many of those WIRE-BASKET CHAIRS [that are Structurally too Light-Weight for the Rest of the Room's other Decor Elements] in this ISSUE. So, what came First - The BLUE SOFA and YELLOW, GREY PILLOWS... Or, the Amazingly MATCHING [in Colour and Design] ARTWORK?! BTW, nice Job with the DOG PICS over the BED.
  • P. 72-79 - There are some gorgeous Pieces here, but they feel Out-of-Place to Me somehow..? That fantastic Drum TABLE should be in Foyer [which they don't have...] or, on the otherside of the Sofa. Love the TAPESTRY and hanging Iron-Ball LAMP. Very handsome Wine-Bottle PAINTING.
  • P. 80-85 - I'm liking the DINING TABLE SET. And, the Comfy CHAIR - the big 3-Button PILLOW is growning on Me.
  • P. 94-96 - I don't think that I could EAT *just* ONE!


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