Monday, January 10, 2011

In a Rush...

SISTER is arriving *EARLY* Tomorrow Morning!

Which MEANS... I have to go to Bed NOW! And, IF I'm lucky, get maybe a few Hours of SLEEP and be able to get UP at 6!!

Morning RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC is troublesome at that Time... So, I have to drive to THE BIG MALL,
"park", take 2 Buses to The AIRPORT, *FIND* Her and the probable Ginormous Luggage, get BACK on 2 Buses, try to origami said Baggage into SMALL Vehicle, and go HOME!

And that, will only be the *BEGINNING* of Our DAY!

Anyway, here's the Promised PIC of the COWL I whipped up Last Night for PRINCESS PRE-TEEN.

Okay, gotta get to Bed! -- Later...


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