Monday, January 24, 2011

The FRIG-MAGNET DIARIES - On the OTHER Side of the Door

I'M beginning to *notice* a TREND here....

My probable SCHEDULE for This Week -

*ICE AGE*, "Light Flurries", shovel, "Squal", shovel, shovel, experiments in Cryo-Hydrological Dissemination [TRANSLATION - using a Different Shovel], glacial stares, shovel, designing "HEX"-able Ice Scuptures of THE EVIL SNOWPLOW GUY, Flurries, *still* HAVEN'T won on the stupid LOTTERY [what's THAT about?], should probably knock some of that Snow off the Eaves, shovel, rescue Cute wayward Polar Submariners from the End of My Driveway.... - Okay, that LAST ONE was just a *Fantasy* I tend to have while Shovelling!

So, if You haven't figured it out yet... TODAY was another Repeat of YESTERDAY. Just "resting up" for TOMORROW's predicted "Flurries"...

Meanwhile... have a LOOK at some FLOWERS...


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