Thursday, December 2, 2010

**FINALLY** Something to BLOOG About!!

Because it's "*DECOR* MAG" and "I'VE *GOT* YARN" DAY!!

AND, it *DIDN'T* Rain!! WOOHOO!!

Wasn't Sunny, either... But, hey, I'll TAKE What I can GET at this Point!

Anyway, I managed to escape for a short while on My own... Had those Replacement Earphones to pick up at FUTURE SHOP. Despite, having to wait behind a couple of Other Customers, the Experience wasn't as exasperating as the previous ones. GEEK-BOY *wasn't* around! Today's TECHNICIAN was much more Pleasant to deal with.

Browsed around a bit... Checked out one of those new NOT-iPad smaller Tablets... I soooo MISS My old PDA! -- Whatever, at this stage, considering the severe LACK of a USB Port in these Things, the Price, and the outrageous TEXT-PLANS, I'd probably be better off with a NETBOOK!

Afterward, I went across The Way to THE MALL... Ooooooo!! HAPPY DANCE!! Look-Look!!

Found 3 PACKAGES in THE BIN! -- I call This LAVEN-YELL. I've only previously seen and had IT in Small Balls... For the Moment, This is going into My *Special* STASH!

Just did a quick run-through of the Place - had to go back Home to fetch MOTHER for the COSTCO portion of Today's Expeditions... Considering the Chaos that the Establishment usually engenders on the WeekENDS, and now that it's Holiday Shopping Season, I've pledged to make as few - WeekDAYS only - Visits as possible!

Today's "Examples" *WHY*... I was preceded into the Lot by TWO BACKHOES and then, this
"Person" who was Walking-In-The-MIDDLE-Of-The-Roadway, decided to Take-Her-Sweet-^#%$#%-TIME-Lighting-Up-A-Cigarette-While-A-PARADE-Was-Forming-BEHIND-Me!!! After more than a MINUTE, I gave her The HORN...

When upon, she gives *ME* "A Look"??!!

I really do HOPE, that those circling, perch-less [because the Backhoe Guys were messing about the really high Parking Lot Lighting Poles] SEAGULLS went "Karmic" on HER Car!!

Meanwhile, My FOOD SAMPLE "Lunch" was great!


STYLE AT HOME - January 2011

  • P. 27 - Just a tad "busy" for MY Eye.. However, My first reaction was - "I have Yarn to match that!" [CORALBEACH] - And, I'm liking those weird Yak Figurines.
  • P. 30 - Liking the Jean-Marie MASSAUD "FLOW" Chairs. And, the LENOX "Marchesa" Palatial Garden China Service.
  • P. 46-48 - With the exception of the chosen "Artwork", I rather like the overall Palette of this Setting. The Organic Textures are subtle and calming without coming across as being too "Girly". Although, "cleaning" maintenance has got to be on the High side!
  • P. 50-54 - Some of the Better "Trends" of that whole Mid-Century Modern "MAD MEN" Look. -- I grew up THEN... Not all of IT was so Slick and Shiny!
  • P. 56-60 - Would NOT have PAINTED the Great ARTS & CRAFT Style WOOD!! Seriously, why can't People just use a Light STAIN to freshen it all up? One of the "Points" of that Design School, was to be able to SEE the Natural Textures of the Woods.
  • P. 68-75 - Now, SEE how Crisp it looks when You STAIN instead of PAINT?
  • P. 76-83 - Wonderful Fireplace! And, China Cabinet.
  • P. 84-91 - As much as I don't mind RED.. some times it can be a bit excessive...? Especially, when it begins to mutate into that Retina-Melting "Infra"-PINK that the Current Generation has been Fashionista-Washed into! ...And Parents "wonder" WHY Their Children are *hyper*...
  • P. 92-98 - A big LACK of COLOUR shock, huh? Then again, it's mostly IKEA Stuff and, about Textures... Loving the ARMOIRE!
  • P. 105 - SPICED CHOCOLATE MOUSSE... They had Me at "chocolate"!


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  1. I love how your blog is soo personal! I don't find that many in amonst all the reviews and giveaway blogs. I am trying to stay personal :) I wanted to let you know I awarded you the Stylish Blogger award


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