Monday, December 20, 2010

And, What's on Your Door Step?

WOW! A Day of NO Shovelling!

But, I DID receive a variety of MAIL... LOOK what the SOLSTICE STORK delivered!

  • "The PARCEL" from SISTER - The "Yarn" was *one* of My Gifts..
  • A Bill - for all the Yarn that *I've* been buying of Late...
  • Other Stuff.
  • A wonderful ["The SNOW-STORM"...haha!] CARD from NANI-W! With a Handsome School Pic of Her Munchkin, LITTLE MR. "O", and a lovely Pair of Silver "Carousel" RHINO Earrings!

Ooooo!! THANK YOU!!

Anyway, it was also a Cyber-Day... Between the Holidays, Year-End, certain Places being Closed, there's lots to be DONE OnLine! And, I managed to throw in some CROCHETING, too...

I'm *Designing* "Something" for Myself... If IT works out, and if I can Price-Point IT properly, I "might" have a NEW *Product* for Next Season... We'll see...

Meanwhile.... My *last* Portion of ORIGINALS....

We continued Our second "Look" of the remaining Booths and touched base with a few of Our earlier Favourites that were still there... And, of course, made a few New Acquaintances! -- There was this rather fascinating GLASS BLOWER Chap... I never did get His Name...

Moving on... I had come across an interesting "previous" mention of THIS BOOTH and went IN SEARCH of IT!


EVERYTHING is made from BICYCLE Parts! They specialize in "Custom" Work. The ultimate Gifts for any Cycling Fans!

My favourite - the CYCLOSAURUS! -- On the RIGHT...

Should I ever come into any "EXTRA" Money, I'm *seriously* thinking of having a RHINO made! It would be SO COOL!!

Anyhoo.... Looks like I'll be missing that TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Tonight! There's a bit of Cloud Cover and I don't have an "accessible" Window facing the needed Direction for Viewing... oh well...



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