Wednesday, December 22, 2010

..oops!... Stuff-alanche!

ALL I HEARD was just a little muffled Sound from another Room...

Dismissing what was probably just one of My numerous "Bags" of haphazardly piled YARN, I continued with preparing The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS for Their soon departing Grocery-Other-Errands-FATHER-Wants-To-Get-Out-Of-The-House-RUN... And, once gone, I was going to WRAP Their Christmas Presents.

Ahhh... "PLANNING" - What a Concept!

So. There's - or more accurately, WAS - this *Stack* of Decor MAGS, an assortment of PAPERS, old MAIL, the odd bit of Laundered Clothing, etc.... that had been quite STABLE for some time now. -- Hey! It all survived that 5.0 QUAKE we had several Months back!

However, *now*...?? -- Huh. All that FULL MOON SOLSTICE mojo really must be messing with The GRAVITY... Then again, whenever the Furnace kicks *on*!

Whatever. All I know is, it took Me a good 20 Minutes sorting it all out and disposing the DUST-BUNNY Corpses! -- As for Those GIFTS... They eventually got DONE!

Meanwhile, I have to get back to "Creating"...


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