Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Started on THIS, **WEEKS** AGO!!


Although, considering How LONG it TOOK to "UPLOAD" This PIC to PHOTOBUCKET - [I *hate* that "new" Version!] - and then, over to HERE -- I *probably* could have FINISHED the THING!!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Actually, in the "Long-Run", being LATE probably was for the Best...

AND, CHEAPER! -- well... sorta... perhaps..? - yeah. okay. *maybe* NOT so much...

So. Of course, MICHAEL'S just happened to be having this GREAT "Time-Limited" 40%-OFF-*ENTIRE*-Regular-Purchases-SALE until 1:00... A perfect Opportunity to "HOARD-UP" on that NEW PATONS ROVING YARN! -- And, LOOK! NO *RAIN*!! - [just OVERCASTness]

right. THAT "happened" *NOT*!! -- By the Time EVERYONE got UP and "ready", there was NO way that We were going to make THAT Deadline!

oh, Look! A "YARD-SALE"-SIGN for the NEXT-STREET-OVER...

There were a Couple of SALES. However, BOTH were Packing-UP! -- I managed to Pinch These TWO RICE BOWLS for a TOTAL of 50-Cents!

THEY're an ample Size... And, got Me to Thinking that, THEY could be Handy to use for Small KNIT-Projects..? - YARN-BALLS could be run through those Holes...

ANYHOO... Eventually, We made it over to MICHAEL'S - *after* 1:00 - and, "Power-Browsed"... MOTHER hasn't been There for quite some Time. -- I Introduced Her to the WALL-of-WOOL!

Meanwhile, seeing as there were NO "40%-OFF"-COUPON Deals going on, I opted-out on getting any MORE of the ROVING YARN. -- for now... -- Instead, I Gathered OTHER-STUFF - [SEE Further BELOW]

So... As I was heading Across the Store to put an Item back, I "stumbled" onto a Carousel of MARTHA STEWART YARNS... hmm... *SHE* makes ROVING YARN, too?? huh. -- And, on the BOTTOM-Basket, there's the REST of the CLEARANCE-[$1.99]-PRICED *MERINO*!

After Acquiring the ENTIRE Lot of GREEN Last Week, I had wondered about whether or not IF there were ANY *MORE* to be had at THAT Price..?! -- Needless to say, I Grabbed THIS ENTIRE LOT as well!

seriously. I was about to Leave *WITHOUT* WOOL!?! - I *had* to GET THIS BUNCH!

I noticed that there was a Softer-GREEN in Those TIN-POTS that I'd gotten Last Time. - I have a *USE* in Mind for THEM, so I got More.

Those Little PLASTIC-BOXES were also Priced Lower... I'm sure that I'll Find SOMETHING to put IN THEM! -- Perhaps, Those WOODEN-CLOTHES-PINS..?

And, BTW... ONE can never have *enough* STRIPPED RIBBON!!


Friday, June 28, 2013

YO! NOAH! -- You left the SPRINKLERS *ON*!!



And, NOT the odd usual 5-MINUTE-the-HUMIDITY-is-about-to-*POP*-THUNDER-STORM-DOWNPOUR-SPRINKLE-SHOWER, either... no. We're talkin' 12-Hours of CONSTANT-Mind-Numbing-*DRENCHING* RAIN!

Which, was *HOPEFULLY* Bad *enough* so that the NEIGHBOURS **DIDN'T** see Me RUN-OUT *TWICE* with a BIG UMBRELLA wearing *just* RAINBOOTS and My thrown-on SHOVELLING-JACKET over My "BOXER-SHORTS"..?!! -- FATHER *had* to go OUT to do some Stuff, so I went out to Open the GARAGE-DOOR for Him to Prevent any undue SOAKING!

MEANWHILE... My CYBERness has been CRAP *ALL* Day!! -- Those "UPDATES" are taking HOURS to Load!! -- AND, sucking-up *way* too MUCH "Bandwidth"!

But, hey! I DID get *some* NEEDLE-Time!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrating the END[?] of the "HEAT WAVE" by...


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77531-Currant

- 100% WOOL
- [made in ROMANIA]
- Colour: 90244-Creek


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ggrrr... stupid "AUTOMATIC"-UPDATES...


I just got "BLUE"-SCREENED a Few Minutes ago!! -- I'm pretty positive that the Loading UPDATE was to BLAME! -- well... At least, IT's given Me "SOMETHING" to BLOOG-ABOUT! -- okay. Perhaps just a "TITLE"..? Seeing as I was until THAT Moment, somewhat CLUELESS on Today's "CONTENT"!


Sooo... ANOTHER *HUMID*-HOT-BORING-DAY... Although, I did have to go OUT for a free bits of GROCERIES. -- **FROZEN**-FOODS, of course! However, despite the TWO COOLERS, and ALL of Our ICE-PACK-BRICKS, the HUMIDITY was Melting EVERYTHING!

Or, making Things GROW!!

NOTE-TO-SELF -- GET "SOMEONE" - [as in, *NOT* FATHER!!] - to PLOW the EAVES-TROUGH!! -- That ROOF-TOP-"GARDEN" is ready for HARVESTING!!

The RESULT of too much RAIN, Humidity, and EVIL-TREE-NEXT-DOOR-"DROPPINGS"... And/or, the odd SQUIRREL..?

OH! And, I got THE HAT Finished-Up Today, too!! -- But, MORE on THAT, Tomorrow...


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

huh. THIS is coming along *much* Quicker than I had Expected!

FAR FASTER THAN... Photographing IT. Uploading IT. POSTING IT!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Geez! What's with *ALL* of the "SHOPPERS"..?!


oh. wait.. We DID! -- sorta...

Despite the odd BREEZE, the HUMIDEX was hitting the High-30s - [85F-plus]. -- Opening My CAR Door was like taking a BAKING-CLASS!

I *HAD* to get MILK!! - I think there were More PEOPLE *trying* to LEAVE the COSTCO Parking Lot, than there were IN the Store! -- LOCAL-AREA TRAFFIC was also on the high-side for *that* Time-of-Day as well... Though THAT, probably has more to do with ALL of the NEW "INFRASTRUCTURE" CONSTRUCTION that began TODAY...

Whatever. The "IMPORTANT" Thing is, I *got* HOME from Shopping about 10-Minutes BEFORE a SQUALL-LINE swept through!

BTW, the "Coolest" PHENOMENA-of-the-Day -- As I was Driving from COSTCO to the Next Grocery Store, there was this Ginormous CLOUD before Me Shaped like The UNITED KINGDOM!! -- Seriously! IT was like staring at a MAP in the SKY! Was *very* WEIRD...

Although, perhaps not AS much as that "WARNING-From-The-GODS-To-STUPID-PEOPLE"-Moment that happened Later on...

The BULK of The STORM had moved on, as had the RAIN... When, from My Basement-Room, I "Heard" the Sound of SOME-IDIOT starting-up His LAWNMOWER!?? - [for real?!] - Then, about a Half-Minute later, there's this quite UNEXPECTED bit of CLOSE-BY-OVERHEAD-**THUNDER**!!
-- I didn't Hear the MOWER again *after* THAT... OR, the THUNDER, either!

Meanwhile, the WEATHER has been "Quiet" since that Earlier "DRIVE-BY"-STORM... Still HUMID. More SQUALLS are predicted for Tomorrow. -- I might stay HOME..? The way the STOCK MARKETS have been for the Last Few Days, I think My "PORTFOLIO" needs some "Babysitting"!

And, I'm in a KNITTY-Mood... I managed a good 3-Inches of Work on that HAT that I started on Yesterday! -- huh. I might actually get IT Finished *by* the Weekend..??!


Sunday, June 23, 2013



Despite the SWELTERING TEMPS, the BASEMENT was Nice & COOL... So. I had a Hankering to PLAY with My *NEW* YARN!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

The OTHER Reason "Why" I Super-SHOPPED Yesterday...


Which, also meant, for a profound LACK of YARD-SALES to be had. -- Probably for the Best I suppose, seeing as I have NO ROOM anyway! I still have to find SPACE for the DRY GOODS that I Bought Yesterday...

We ought to be "GOOD" for Breakfast-Cereals until LABOUR DAY..?

Meanwhile... HERE's *some* of that MICHAEL'S STUFF that I picked-up...

The Little ROUND-TINS are Magnetic. -- Just thought that They were CUTE, besides being possibly "handy" at some FUTURE Date..?

As to the TIN-POTS, I got 3-Each of Those... I'm Thinking that I could do *Something* "CRAFT-SHOWY" with Them..? -- Perhaps, throw a Few WASHCLOTHS in. Fancy IT up with some of My ABUNDANT RIBBON "Collection"...

I'll Think of *SOMETHING*!

oh. BTW. THE BLANKET is *FINALLY* DONE!! -- Just need to Take PICS of IT. And, decide on a NAME... Then, Pack IT up...


Friday, June 21, 2013

The LONGEST-DAY Shopping, Till I Dro-zzzzz...

oops! CAN'T FORGET TO DO *THIS*!! -- I keep nodding off...

okay. so. LONG-BLOOG-SHORT... sorta...

  • Worked on THE BLANKET till 4am! Still have another HOUR or more of TAILENDS to do!
  • Didn't Leave the HOUSE until 2!
  • MICHAEL'S first, to show THE BLANKET to AMANDA as it was Her LAST DAY There.
  • Oooo. Look... Some MARTHA STEWART MERINO on "CLEARANCE"..?
  • oh. Look. Some OTHER-INTERESTING-STUFF-That-I-Really-DON'T-Need-But-Hey-You-Never-Know... - [PICS Tomorrow]
  • Got a REALLY Long GROCERY-LIST of "SPECIALS" to Scavenge for...
  • GROCERY-STORE-#1 - I hate picking out Produce for MOTHER that I personally *don't* Like, Eat, and/or am Allergic to..?
  • GROCERY-STORE-#2 - Found an extra "Cart"-QUARTER! woohoo!
  • GROCERY-STORE-#3 - Had to Return a Wrong-Price-Item. Ooo, SWEET! The CROSSWALK-FAIRY dropped a SHINY-DIME for Me!
  • GROCERY-STORE-#4 - The Trunk is FILLING-Up! And, despite the ICE-PACK-Filled-COOLER, the FROZEN-FOOD won't *stay* that way for much longer...
  • 6pm-ish - Have to make a "SUPPLY"-DUMP at HOME *before* STUFF "MELTS"!
  • BTW, the WEATHER is rather HOT & SUNNY Today!
  • "Skipping" Dinner, still have to do THE MALL!
  • FOOD-STORE-#6 - Met a NICE-YOUNG-PRO-CAKE-DECORATING-MAN-Who-Also-KNITS... I imparted some Grocery-Bargains-Yarny-Wisdom upon Him.
  • GROCERY-STORE-#7 - Finally Returned an Item that I had gotten 2-Weeks ago... Cashed-In a "RAIN-CHECK" for some FROZEN-FOOD that I'm getting Low on.
  • GROCERY-STORE-#8 - hmm... A Pharmacy-Item that's "suppose-to-be" ON-SALE, hasn't been "Priced" as such! - Will pick IT up from the SERVICE-DESK on My way out Later...
  • My "LIST" is beginning to fray... Have Acquired MOST of IT's Contents...
  • MOTHER calls, wondering WHEN I'll be HOME..?!
  • I *Return*! UNLOAD. And, get to My Dinner by 8pm!

I DOZED-off for a bit, while ON-LINE... "AWAKE" now... But, must get to Bed anyway!



Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Almost" Done... Just the TAILENDS to Go...


-- That will HAVE to be Done, TOMORROW! As, I need to get to Bed! - Not to mention, *still* have to come up with a NAME for This THING...

Anyhoo, "Finished" or NOT, I'll be bringing IT over to MICHAEL'S Tomorrow to show IT to AMANDA. -- It's Her "LAST DAY" at That Location. She's Moving OUT of Town! -- pooh! -- And, with ANDREA on Maternity-Leave, I'll be having to "break-in" NEW-PEOPLE now...

oh well...

Gonna be a LONG DAY ahead... Have mucho GROCERY-GETTING to DO too! - But FIRST, **SLEEP**!!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

68 Done. 14 to GO. And, The BORDER...

AND, THE UMPTEEN "TAILENDS"!! -- And, ALL by Tomorrow Night..?!

Anyhoo, HERE's My "WORK"-CHART...

Just to KEEP You Guys around...


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

50 Done, 32 to Go...

and, "The BORDER"...

Actually, I probably would have gotten *more* SQUARES completed, but I didn't have the TIME to, until LATER in the Evening... Went OUT & ABOUT this Afternoon. Although, I only had Time to get around to doing just HALF of What-I-had-*PLANNED*!

And, YES, there was ANOTHER Forage to MICHAEL'S! -- AFTER, a trip to The BANK. And, a TOUR-about of THE-BIG-MALL. I would have stayed OUT longer, however, I had MEAT to get HOME in Time for the Dinner-Prep.

Anyhoo... HERE's My STASH-"HAUL" for *THIS* Week...

The TWO on the RIGHT are from Today, along with about a DOZEN "FRIENDS" Each... THEY were on "CLEARANCE", so I *couldn't* get a DISCOUNT for Them! - nuts! -- The OTHER-BALLS are from SATURDAY's *ACQUISITIONS*...


A GOOD-THING that I got Them "THEN", as I DIDN'T See ANYmore Around. -- Now, I just have to LEARN "HOW-to-BAKE"!!


Monday, June 17, 2013

oh good! FOUND IT!


Actually, I was really hoping on Finding a *BIG* BALL of THAT Particular COLOUR... BUT, there's *just* enough in THIS Partial-BALL to tide Me over..? - I might have to Tweak My DESIGN-CHART with a Colour-SWITCH if I can Find ANY more...

I'm presently about HALFWAY on that BLANKET for ANDREA... Been trying to get as *much* DONE on IT as I could for most of the Day. I'd "LIKE" to get IT *FINISHED* for THURSDAY..?

Meanwhile... The HAZEL-Chores have slacked OFF some, though, not Entirely... I'm *slowly* starting to get BACK to My PREVIOUS "LIFE"... sorta...

Otherwise, IT was a rather UNeventful Day. At least, the SUN was OUT! Eventually... SUNDAY had been SUCH a DARK, RAINY Day!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Marine-Mammal Mind-Melding MUNCHKIN



As in, "Decades". BEFORE CADET-JUNIOR's MOTHER was even Born, I used to go on these WEEKEND-WHALE-WATCHING-TRIPS on the ST. LAWRENCE RIVER near RIVIÉRE-DU-LOUP.

The TOUR-GROUP would "Rent" the Local FERRY for the Day and Cruise the River across to the North Shore to as far as the SAGUENAY - where, We would often comes across Several PODS of the Local BELUGAS. As well as, MINKE, and the odd FINBACK...

However, for ALL of My Numerous "ENCOUNTERS", I've NEVER had the opportunity to TOUCH *any* of THEM!!



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ten down. 72 to Go...

oh. AND, THE "BORDER"...

YAY!! -- I actually FOUND Time to get *Back* on The HOOK!!

Now, I just HAVE TO get IT Done before the end of the WEEK!!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Catching Up On The 'NET...


Soooo GLAD that IT was *still* SUNNY Today!! - Even though I stay IN.

Finally had a CHANCE to catch-up of My CYBER-STUFF!! -- BILLS to PAY. E-Mails to Answer. STOCKS to check-up on... NEWS to Read! - I have NO Clue as to WHAT is "going on" right Now! - Not that I especially "Care" at the Moment, to be perfectly Honest...

With the EXCEPTION, of course, of...



"OPERATION: HAZEL" is beginning to wind down to more Manageable Levels now... I'm hoping to FIND Time to HIT-THE-HOOKS Tomorrow - AFTER - doing the *USUAL* SATURDAY-SHOP-FARI-ing.

nuts! -- I might have to be UP *Early* to get IT *all* DONE! ggrrrrrrrrr...


Thursday, June 13, 2013



Although, "LEAVING-THE-HOUSE" is often the *BIGGEST* Problem. As, there's always SOMETHING to Slow Us down...

okay. So. My "DOMESTIC"-Duties have just Slackened-OFF to a "Workable" degree since Yesterday. Certain Tasks have been *totally* Removed from The LIST! Whilst OTHERS are slowly being "returned" to Their Previous "OWNER" on a *Trial*-Basis...

However, there are the ODD-*SET-BACK*-Moments...

That,of course. Pop-Up just *when* I really don't have the "Time"! -- And THEN, in the midst of "Fixing" the SITUATION, the Phone *RINGS*!! -- [a RELATIVE, Who We haven't spoken with in AGES!]

-- for real, UNIVERSE?! - I *have* BUSES to CATCH!!

LONG-ESCAPE-PLAN-SHORT... After WALKING down the Road and, Taking THREE-BUSES, I arrived ON-TIME! Do My "BUSINESS", then head Back to THE MALL to Pick-Up Items that were "missed" Yesterday...

    *NOTE* -- Those *PAPERLESS* PRESTO-Transit-Cards are a tad awkward for CASUAL-USERS as One has to TRY to read the SMALL "TIME-DISPLAY" to see and REMEMBER *What* is REMAINING of One's TRANSFER *TIME*!

I got LUCKY! -- When I finally LEFT THE MALL, My LAST BUS promptly ARRIVED with "5-MINUTES" LEFT!! -- IF, I had had a PAPER-TRANSFER, I *wouldn't* have felt sooooo RUSHED!?

..just saying...


**CONGRATS** to FAIRY-T's Daughter on Achieving Her DOCTORATE!!



Wednesday, June 12, 2013


ahh... BLISS!!

That Morning-Appointment went *quite* well, despite the TRAFFIC-probs.... As a Result, nearly 7-Hours of SOLO-SHOPPING was had in the Rapidly-WARMING-WEATHER!! -- The Majority, FOOD.

However, there *was* THIS *HOUR* at MICHAEL'S, mostly spent Soaking IN the COLOURS of "THE WALL-of-WOOL" in Their RE-arranged YARN SECTION! -- And, YES, I got some!! 

Got 5 of the NAVY and 4 of the TAUPE

At least 3-Different COUPONS were used to Break-IN the NEW-LITTLE-CASHIER-GIRL...



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

oops! guess I dozed off..?

I FORGOT TO SEND A "POSTING" TWEET THIS MORNING LAST NIGHT... I woke up at 6-ish next to My LAPTOP. -- again...

Then again, that "6-ish" bit is good "practice", as THAT's when I'll have to be UP Tomorrow in order to make an Appointment "IN Time"! -- IT had better NOT be RAINING Out. AGAIN!

I had "hoped" to able to *may-BE* Squeeze a teeny-SHOP-EDITION into Today's "Schedule"..? Alas, "NO-JOY"! -- Too much WIND and Whacky-RAIN for My liking... ??PERHAPS?? Tomorrow..?? "After" that Appointment..? -- We'll see...

ANYHOO... HERE's "SOMETHING" to *LOOK AT* whilst I sort Myself OUT!

THIS is the BOUQUET that SISTER gave MOTHER before They left... Those LILIES are *really* Strong!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

no. it's okay. I really *didn't* NEED to get those 2 Extra Hours of **SLEEP**.

ACTUALLY, I REALLY PROBABLY *SHOULDN'T* BE B*TCH-FESTING... as What I DID get, was most likely MORE than what *SOMEONE ELSE* GOT!? -- I miss My "Vamp"-Hours...
Anyhoo... The Day was froth with...
  • The odd "Comings & Goings".
  • Cleaning.
  • "Cooking".
  • Appointment-Making-Phone-TAG!
  • - oh! hey! Got to READ the Newspaper!! eventually...
  • Cooking.
  • Interspersed with MANY bouts of "What-I-Can't-Mention"...
  • The occassional CYBER-MOMENT...
  • Cleaning.
  • *COOKING*!! -- EVERYONE "Survived... whew!
  • My BACK is *Killing* Me right now!
  • Laundry.
  • NO Time to "Continue" THIS...

  • I need to bring some more Paper-Towel Rolls Upstairs...
  • hmm... I wonder "What's COOKING!"?


Sunday, June 9, 2013

And, on the DAY SEVEN... IT was "mostly" **SUNNY**!!!

THANK THE WEATHER CHANNEL!! -- After *over* THREE-DAYS of GREY and DRIZZLE, I was about to "Lose IT"! -- Ooo.. And, IT'S WARM, too! YAY!

Almost EVERYONE on the STREET was Out doing "YARD-WORK" in prep for Waste-Pickup Tomorrow. Whilst I, was INside dealing with being "DOMESTIC"-Day-Two... Hey. I could've been at the "ALL-DAY-FREE-or-SWAP-STUFF" Event over in VANIER!! -- Then again, I have NO Room for ANYthing and, PARKING is somewhat of a *PAIN*!

Anyhoo... so. *NOTE* - I am *NOT* particularly "known" for My CULINARY-"SKILLS"...

oh, sure, I can Cut-Up & TOSS a pretty mean SALAD. Palette some SPREAD across BREAD. And, even wield a wicked ROLLING-PIN! -- However, unless I *have* to FEED Myself, I generally stay OUT of a KITCHEN!

Although, I can do a rather awesome Job on "PLACE-SETTINGS"! -- Afterall, I *do* have the DISHES *and* PLATTERS!

whatever... The "POINT" -- For the Last couple of Days, I have been "Field-Promoted" to HEAD-CHEF-and-BOTTLE-WASHER! -- I'm not at Liberty to Say "WHY", but just, that I AM! And, "so far" NO-ONE has been "Poisoned" and/or "Starved"! -- yet...

Mind You, My BACK is *KILLING* Me! My Hands are a *mess*! And, I *haven't* PLAYED with YARN since THURSDAY! - My FINGERS are getting *Antsy*! Not to mention, MANAGER-DAVE had previously *hinted* of "NEW YARN" coming *IN* THIS Week..?! -- I'm on "HOOKS & NEEDLES" over THAT Prospect!!

MEANWHILE, in Other NEWS... SISTER and BIG-D have Safely RETURNED Home! Back to Their FLOWERS and FELINES!

AND, there's STILL tons of STUFF that She *DIDN'T* bring Back!! - crap.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

There's a *REASON* WHY I'm soooo NOT the "DOMESTIC"-Type...

...IT'S #$%&*^&%^#$ HARD **WORK**!! -- yeah. I know... - ", DUH!!.."

Anyhoo, LONG-"T.M.I."-SHORT... Recent and, hopefully "Temporary" Circumstances, have thrust Me into "CINDERELLA"-Mode -- MINUS the Glitzy-Fragile-FOOTWARE and "Hot-DATE"!! And, one of the Primary Reasons *why* SISTER was "around"..? Especially, after My ARDUOUS Day Yesterday! -- I just had a bit *more* SLEEP under My "Lids", THIS Time! And, SISTER's Presence was a MASSIVE-Sanity-SAVER!

-- HER and BIG-D return Home Tomorrow and will be MISSED!

MEANWHILE... Once more... I have to keep THIS "Short"... Must "SLEEP", *WHILE* I CAN!! Actually, I just hope that I can just POST THIS **before** I run out WAKEfulness!


Friday, June 7, 2013

DAY FIVE -- Well..??

IT'S BEEN A LOONNNGGGG DAY!! -- Delays... NO SLEEP!  RAIN!! -- But, We're *PAST* the SCARY-BITS...

And, *EVERYONE* is HOME now...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

DAY FOUR - Just Waiting Around for The "FUN" to Start...


A "PRO"-PIC of LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED in Her WEDDING DRESS that SISTER Designed and MADE. -- IT still *doesn't* show the DETAILS! - [SEE 15MAY2013 POST] - BTW, Those are PRINCESSES'-MOM-BRIDE's WEDDING SHOES!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DAY THREE -- I *Should* have Taken a PICTURE!!


MEANWHILE... SISTER has been going GARDENING-GAGA with the FRONT YARD **ALL** Day!! -- She "Horticultures" like I "Shovel"... I just hope that all of Them PRETTY-PLANTS will "Survive" being BURIED under 4-plus-FEET of SNOW come WINTER!

well... I've got an EARLY MORNING ahead. And, an even *EARLIER* on FRIDAY!! -- So, MUST get TO Bed!!

Anyhoo, HERE's a PIC of SISTER's GARDEN *BEFORE* They came Out THIS Way!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Although I *DON'T* Feel Like IT...

I THINK I MIGHT HAVE JUST BEEN SHOVED OVER THE CLIFF OF "MIDDLE-AGED" INTO THE ABYSS OF "OLD"!?!'m at THE GAP, rather ENJOYING the STORE's "MUSIC"... There's some Piece of CLASSIC-"..THE DEVIL'S MUSIC!.." Genre of PRE-ROCK'N'ROLL playing -- The *sort* of Rhythm that would have *INSPIRED* ELVIS! -- And, I casually strike up a Conversation with a VERY-PRETTY-20-SOMETHING-GIRL who is also finding IT "appealing"...

As I give Her a "TWITTER"-VERSION-MUSIC-HISTORY-LESSON, I just happen to toss in a *Habitual*-"DICK CLARK"-Colloquialism... I get back the DEER-IN-THE-HEADLIGHTS-STARE!

Granted, We're in CANADA and "DICK" is an *AMERICAN*-ICON, but still..?!

When Her Eyes began to GLAZE-OVER as I *Explained* "AMERICAN-BANDSTAND", I pretty much surrendered and told Her to "ASK" Her PARENTS! -- I probably *should* have suggested the *GRAND*-PARENTS!

At THAT Moment, I began to FEEL "ANCIENT"! -- And, *WITHOUT* a SENIORS'-DISCOUNT!!

I then proceeded to Purchase the ON-SALE-NEON-CORAL-COTTON-SWEATSHIRT and headed for MICHAEL'S...

oh. look... *SHINY* RIBBION!!


Monday, June 3, 2013



okay. so... Just a **WARNING** - that "THIS WEEK" is going to be *quite* BUSY for THE-FAMILY in regards to Matters that I *won't* be Mentioning "HERE"! -- *Some* Aspects of OUR Lives just *aren't* ready for "Prime-Time"-BLOOGING...

THAT said, *IF* I have Time, I will TRY to *continue* My DAILY POSTINGS "Live"... However, as "BACK-UP", I will be setting up a Series of *short*, though hopefully, Picturesque "PRE"-PUBLISHED-POSTINGS.

My upcoming SLEEP-"Schedule" promises to be considerably "STATIC" at Best! So, I'll be catching "CAT-NAPS" whenever I CAN! ...IF, I don't NOD-OFF, first!! -- WHERE possible, I'll be sure to squeeze-in *some* CURRENT "Content"..?

Meanwhile, as for TODAY...

I managed a *few* Hours of SLEEP, before heading OUT to an EARLY APPOINTMENT. Then, AFTERward, Several ERRANDS, and My Weekly MILK-RUN to COSTCO! - IT was a GROCERY-GETTING Day! And, with the Exception of a SUPER Sale-Price on Our Fav Brand of PAPER TOWELS over at STAPLES - [of ALL Places!?] - IT was also, a rather somewhat BORING-Day!!

well.. EXCEPT perhaps, for *totally* CONFUSING CLUELESS-CASHIER-GUY with a Price-Difference-REFUND! -- Just a small "Entertaining"-Moment... THAT *NEVER* GETS *OLD*!

01 09 10