Sunday, June 2, 2013

euww..yu-uck!! - I just KRILLED a BEE!

[And, NO, that's NOT a Typo!]

  • We have a "Frosted"-WINDOW next to The DOOR.
  • Covering IT - on the INside - is a Strip of BEIGE Heavy-Plastic-MESH. - [DON'T ask *WHY*. Just Accept.]
  • There's also an AMBER-Toned - [Harvest-Gold?] - Loose-weave DRAPE that can be pulled over Both.

  • On My way Downstairs after Dinner, I decided to CLOSE the OUTER-SCREEN-DOOR-WINDOW as there looked to be some RAIN-CLOUDS headed Our way...
  • As I was Surveying the VIEW, I happened to Catch "MOVEMENT" to My RIGHT..? - [Although I have POOR *Focus*-Abilities, My *FIELD*-of-VISION is *way* ABOVE Average!]
  • hmm... Probably *another* stupid ANT or FLY..? -- FATHER had been IN & OUT Earlier. And seldom, "pays Attention" to WHAT "sneaks-IN"...
  • I *carefully* move the CURTAIN askew...

  • ohh, *$#!%$*(^&%!!! -- IT's a &#*)^$*%%$# BUMBLE-BEE!?!

  • [another NOTE - When My "FIGHT-or-FLIGHT"-Response is dialed to "FIGHT", I usually go *NUCLEAR* on My METHODOLOGY!]
  • [side NOTE - How-the-FRAK did FATHER *NOT* see this BLIMP fly IN..??!!]
  • oh-kaay... so... The **ONLY** Thing "SAVING" Me right now from BERTHA-BEE, is ITS continuing "INSTINCTIVE"-Fascination with THE-MESH!! - THAT looks like a HONEYCOMB!
  • From previous "Experience", a Closeup-Blindside-FORCEFUL-SOLID-*SQUISH* is the BEST Way to go!
  • *IF* You're LUCKY!!
  • ah! ONE of MOTHER's YARD-SALE-FINDS from Yesterday looks to be suitable "WEAPON-of-MESSY-DESTRUCTION"...
  • now... IF I can just See IT *through* that CURTAIN... And LINE IT UP... Close... QUIET... Slowly...
  • **SMACK**!!
  • And, a little GRINDY-SQUISH to Make-SURE!
  • seriously?! -- Are They making These GUYS out of RUBBER now? -- IT's just Stuck to the DRAPE and, I'm *not* seeing AS much "Squishiness" as I would LIKE..?
  • IT had *better* BE DEAD!!
  • IF "not", then I NEED to "DISPOSE" of IT **QUICKLY**!!
  • I need a Small bit of CARDBOARD... yeah. THAT Empty-Box My "KRILL" Capsules came in should do.
  • Covering the [Hopefully a]-CORPSE with a small "PILL"-CUP, I *slid* the Cardboard between the Rim and the Fabric to form a "Seal"...
  • Meanwhile, seeing as IT didn't *DIRECTLY* "Threaten" Me, I decided to give IT a more "Humane" Disposal... [You *don't* want to know HOW I dealt with the LAST ONE! -- Let's just say, IT was "put on ICE", and leave it at that..]
  • IT got FLICKED *OUT* the DOOR! - INto the BUSHES...
  • Besides, Tomorrow *IS* "GARBAGE"-DAY! -- "NATURE" can do ITS own *RECYCLING*!!


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