Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curb-Crushing, "CINDERIA" and... OOoooooo!! **COO-KIES**!!!

Ahh... The PERFECT, late September day...!

..oops!  ahh, sorry... "wrong" Calendar page... I guess the cool, dry, breezy, sunny Weather kind of threw me off there for a sec...  Then again, I probably should have "clued" in with the UV microwaved scorching car interior!!  -- I think I might have left a few epidermal cells carbonized to the Seatbelt Buckle...!

WELL... As I "predicted" Yesterday... it was pretty devoid of Yard Sales and Denizens out there!!  Scored more "finds" at the SALLY ANN! -- I discovered a new Bowl variety of *ONE* of the Glassware pattern that I collect...  HAZELWARE, the COLONY Pattern - primarily in the AMETHYST colour...

This one was in the CLEAR glass, however, had Pinwheel patterns etched in!!  -- I still have to clean it up a bit, then I'll photograph and chat about it LATER.

The rest of the FOOD and STUFF gathering was its usual mundane self...  NO new Yarn colours at WALMART... Just flirted with my Cashier! -- Hey, he was looking lonely at that EMPTY Cash!  AND, I brought more Customers to him...

Oh!  And THEN, there was my little "Social Commentary Moment of the Day" *observation* in the Strip Mall Parking Lot near the MICHAEL'S!

Okay, so here's the SETUP.  Not-so Big-Box strip mall with 5 stores:  LCBO [our Provincially-operated liquor/wine retail gold mine], MICHAEL'S, and 3 other unimportant places...

Now, I'm on the parking lot roadway just before the Michael's, waiting to turn LEFT into the Aisle to grab a space I see. -- [NOTE:  the Lot is sparcely filled] -- WHAT I'm waiting for, IS, for the ginormous shiny black truck coming down that AISLE to DECIDE if it's going to PARK *OR* come OUT to either TURN Left or Right, as it's taking up a LOT of space, preventing me from proceeding any further!!

Please, OBSERVE! -- This is the Part where the CLOCK starts ticking on "The MOMENT"! --

? DRIVING ? said Mortgage-On-Wheels, is this Little-Ms-Junior-GEN-"Y"-BARBIE-Blonde verbing on her CELL!!  -- [I thought that there was *some* LAW about THAT these days...?] -- WHEN, all of a SUDDEN... PRINCESS *appears* to be pulling Left INTO the empty not-big-enough-for-her-truck Space on the Aisle-end...? 

...I *assume* THIS, as since it was her RIGHT Tires that were crawling all OVER the concrete CURB-end!!

Alas... apparently, NOT!  --  Ooops!  HER BAD!!

At this point, the survival instincts of least a few of her "brain cells" seemed to have kicked into gear, and she tossed her phone aside and began to PAY ATTENTION to WHAT she was **DOING**!!  Which, as it turns out, was NOT *parking*, BUT, to TURN LEFT OUT OF THE AISLE!!!

BTW, does Anyone happen KNOW if there's an "APP" for TELEKINETICALLY KEYING *STUPID* PEOPLE'S VEHICLES?   Because, seriously, I really WOULD sit on my "DIAL-UP" connection ALL day to Download THAT!!

LATER on...

Finally got to our last Stop. Our "Local" Mall. 

STILL no new Factory-Ends, but I DID have a pleasant YARN discussion with a nice Lady trying to decide what to choose... I steered her towards the much more inexpensive and just as lovely non-cotton Factory-Ends!

Eventually, dropped by the anchor Grocery store, where we stopped by to CHAT with the ever-lovely and always [even when she's not!] CHEERY, "CINDERIA"!!  -- [Not, her real Name - but the One that I'm using Here]

MOTHER has sort of "adopted" Our sweet waifish FOOD-DEMO REP as her Fairy-Godchild...
"MUFFIN-Mom" brings HER food

MEET:  The lovely and bubbly, "CINDERIA" -- She cooks, she sews, she DEMOs! 
And, rumour has it, could probably rebuild a car engine too, IF you let her!  


Meanwhile, the MATERNAL-MAKER-OF-MUNCHIES, made COOKIES, last night!  Chocolate-chips, extra cocoa, and, BLUEBERRIES!!!  Nice and chewy too!

Anyhoo, AFTER we returned Home, with our cargo secured and settled in, I was a tad peckish... -- FOOD samples were somewhat scarce today!  [I had passed on the VEGAN morsel, that "CINDI" was serving up earlier]

In which case, after 5 plus hours on the Tour De Shoppe with ONLY a couple of low-wattage powerbars and a salad sample in me... Abdominal acoustics were bound to ensue!

I was then, *reminded* of The COOKIES....

Oh!  LOOK!  There's a few caught in that container...  [insert TEETH TAPPING!]

 ...MMmmmm...  YUMMM!!!


Friday, July 30, 2010

The POSTAL-PERSON is My *NEW* "BFF"!! -- at least Today...

SO, what's the "Deal" here...?  Are the PLANETS in some massively fortuitous alignment, OR, are we just moments away from getting smucked by a grain of Cosmic Gravel?  -- IF, I win again on the Lottery tonight, then I'll know for sure that SOMETHING is amiss with MY Universe!

NOT, that I'm "complaining"... It's just the abundance of *GOOD* little things happening Today. Makes me a teeny bit wary is all. Don't want to pull a neck muscle from looking over my shoulder, you know...?

And WHAT, You ask pray-tell, has put me into this apprehensive happy-dance mood?  Well, let's review, shall we?

The morning POST is a good start and source!  Ooooo.... yet, *another* DECOR Mag!! - SEPTEMBER issue of  CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME - the "Other" popular Canadian decor magazine. - But, a Review of That LATER....

Next up... - Wait. Let me sit down here for this one... - Is THAT, one of those telltale [recycled brown paper*GOVERNMENT* envelopes...?   [insert single raised brow]  Hmmm....  I've already received all of my expected "Government" money for this month and, I don't recall having to give them any more either...  Double-hmmm...

Okay, I guess I'd best open it up, huh?  [insert both raised brows and open mouth] - **WELL**!!!  Just bury me in my ceiling-high filled room of Yarn!!  It's, it's... M'GINNY MULLAH!!  -- Those here from Ontario KNOW what I'm referring to here...


Alrighty then, looks like I'll be adding a trip to the Bank on my Travel List for the Day!

Oh, and I should note here as well, the Weather today was also freaking Perfect!!  Pleasantly cool, sunny, with just the right bit of breeze...  Although, the UV may be going through the roof, but who cares at this point, really!?

Had to go get milk... But first, needed to go to the afore-mentioned financial institution at The BIG MALL.  Where [after finding perfect parking!], I also did a quick run-through...  And, *nuts*!  Forgot to bring my camera!  So that I could take pics of wonderous things to show off here.

Speaking of which... I dropped by BOWRING - they had all these big honking SALE signs in the Windows!  Who could resist?  And, occassionally, they have the odd cool, inexpensive little item... Like the cute little glass bird things I got for Mother - she has a birthday coming up and she likes birds and they were *really* cheap, yet cute [I mentioned that already, didn't I?] and shiny too!  I'd take a picture of them, but alas, I had the lovely young Store Clerk wrap them for me... 

Anyway, whilst there, I noticed these rather nifty clear glass FISHBOWLS - shaped like Fish, but more vase-like than bowlish...  Whatever, that's when I realized that I had forgotten to bring my camera!  But here's a Website pic of it. - Actually, they looked better in-person. - Not sure, but I think they may have also come in various sizes...

Glass fishbowl, small - 12"
Our price: $24.99 Compare at: $39.99

Just thinking here... And I'd really hate to *ruin* the glass, BUT... wouldn't this look great and novel as a "centerpiece", IF it had some LIVE Fish inside - just for the Evening...? 

Later, after returning from my morning foray, I checked my E-MAIL.... Ah!  A quick note from LOLA's GRANNY!!  Haven't heard from Her in a spell. So, another notch on the LIST of Pleasant Surprises!


Not really certain if it's Her doing, however, since SUZANNE DIMMA took over the Editorial reins, I have noticed a rather VIVID change in the overall LOOK to the Publication - in particularly, in the visual aspect of its Advertising. Most Advert pages, NOW, appear to be much BOLDER and in your face with their Photography and Art. More often than not, I can be looking at a page and think, that it's a Lead Page to an Article, but then, see the small-print blurb stating that it's actually an Advert!  I appreciate this aesthetic Style in Publishing.

Despite that sentiment however, I didn't really find a whole lot in THIS Issue - besides the usual stuff - that really stood out. At least, for me, personally... Expect perhaps, for these Notations:

  • P.62 - I'm liking the Dragonfly fabric on those pillows - I like dragonflies. They eat mosquitos! Hence, makes them my one and ONLY favourite Insect! Plus, they are kinda cool looking!  On that same page.. that small Arch-Framed Antique Mirror... I think I may have spotted something similar at a Yard Sale not too long ago...?
  • P.115 - The backdrop for those B & W photos... Looks like wood-slatted blinds...?  I'm liking this idea.
  • P.118-119 - The Pearl-String Chair - visually STUNNING!  Practicality... not so much... DON'T own CATS!

TOMORROW -  *Saturday*!  Yard Sale Day once more!  And it's also a long Holiday Weekend for Us here... Which means -- either NOTHING, like last weekend!  OR, TONS, cause the Weather has cooled down!!

It's all a matter of Astrophysical Gravitation, I suppose!!  --- Here! FLIP This!  I call TAILS...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another "Decor" Mag in-the-Mail Day!! -- And, Am I *THERE* Yet?!


Okay, before I get into "what's" in this new issue, I have to make some General commentary here. The is an American publication and as such, different advertising and whatnot apply.  Overall, this is not a bad magazine, *however*, it could stand to lose the half dozen pages dedicated to their "Pharmaceutical" Sponsors! --- Seriously, Guys, THIS is a "Decor Mag", not **JAMA**!!  [Journal of the American Medical Association

Anyhoo.. what I *really* DO enjoy about the Magazine - besides, it's primary content - was the awesome deal I got on the Subscription!  Even with the currency exchange rate at the time, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to sign up for 2 years. And, instead of receiving the issues via the Publisher's "Canadian" outlet [would be cheaper for them, I would imagine?], they nevertheless, keep sending it to me from the States... Which, BTW, **costs** them nearly $4. EVERY issue in Postage!! 

If someone in "Accounting" over there ever bothered to "DO the MATH", they would discover that AFTER what I've paid them, They are in the hole for the cost of magazine itself AND almost HALF of the postage!!!  --- And People wonder how that whole Mortgage Meltdown thing got started... 

So, WHEN my Subscription expires, late NEXT Year... Let's hope that the Magazine is still solvent and that no one has done an "audit"....!

Now, back to our Current Issue...
  • The Cover appears to have a nicely done Blue&White Hook Rug, that goes quite well with the matching china Jug on the table. Hmm... apparently, the rug is from TARGET!  Wow, who knew?!
  • P.29-30 - Interesting "World Map" transfer thing on the front of that Dresser. And I'm also liking the Lamp on the next page.
  • P.53 - The Soap Dispenser Mason Jar looks to be a simple DIY if you're looking for something to do.
  • P.56 - Checkout the wickedly cool Double Paint-roller!  Sure cures that PAINT vs. WALLPAPER issue!
  • P.58 - Cutlery Afterlife... Clever, although, I wouldn't recommend it in homes with young children or the accident prone. Especially, those candlesticks!
  • P.85 - Oooo... I've just gotten a "Colour-Combo" Moment!!  I have Yarn in those shades - or close enough to...
  • P.97 - LED Holiday Lights in a bottle... Very FIREFLY!  I *like* this.  Have to remember to mention this idea to my Sister - She *LIVES* to set up Dining and Party "vignettes"!
  • P.99 - Lovely use of Floral Wallpaper scraps -- IF, you can FIND any this nice!

As to the rest of the Day....  SHOCK of Shocks!!  It was ONLY 23C today and also, FELT like 23C!!  We *finally* had a cold front come through last night.

ALL of which I'm VERY grateful for, as I had to take Buses to Downtown!  NOT something that I enjoy doing when the Temps are over 30C... And then, there's the 5K or so of WALKING that I HAD to do!! 

It started out "healthy" enough - you know, instead of waiting in the sun for 10 minutes for the Local Bus, thought that I'd get some "exercise" in and WALK [20 minutes] to the Mall and get my bus into Town from the Transit Station there.  Hey, I even broke the journey up a tad by running into a former co-worker in the parking lot that I was cutting across.

Got to The Mall... did a quick check of  "Factory Ends" source Store -- *still* nothing new!!  Then, off to the Transit Station.

The ELEVATORS are in the middle of being RE-Serviced... However, THANK-YOU-MR.-OTIS, the *one*  that I NEEDED, was operational!!  [bad knees - walking is fine, stairs really are a pain!]  And, oh, look!  My Bus was just coming up!

I get Downtown to the RIDEAU CENTRE Mall to do some quick perusing...  Picked up a cardigan thing at THE GAP that was sooo on sale, that I just HAD to get it!  Then, off onto the next bus further into the Urban Depths of The Core...

So. It's been over a month since I'd been this way.  The "Location" of the CONSTRUCTION was *NEW*...  Hence, the STOP, was a - long - half block up.  Hmmm....  Do I backtrack the distance and go up the other block to my next stop?  OR, continue to the corner, then WALK, [a One-Way street that flows in the opposite direction, so, NO bus route going my way!] the 8 blocks or so to my "appointment"...?

Oh, what the DIFF!  GO FOR IT!! 

An Hour Later - on the way home...

My FIRST mistake - NOT, staying on the bus and sticking to my usual route!  Which, would have taken me to the front of the RC Mall, where I'd have to go through again to get to the Transit "Bridge". INSTEAD, I got off sooner to switch over to the shorter route, where there is a Stop close by...

Remember the Construction...?  WELL, apparently, it was ALSO on the parallel street!!  OH!  LOOK!  **NO**  Stop!!  I-HAVE-TO-*WALK*-3-VERY-*LONG*-BLOCKS-TO-THE-*NEXT*-STOP!!!

And, %$#&$@#  CITY HALL *wants* to build a Transit TUNNEL through HERE!!  With only 2 [maybe 3] stops and BTW, did we forget about the 6-story deep *escalator*...?  Remind me to bring extra bread crumbs WHEN that's all built, so that I don't starve!

The remainder of my odyssey home is somewhat of a blur...

Got off at my local Mall - did another pilgrimage check at "Factory Ends" Store. Dropped by one of the others to chat with a "Customer"...  Hmmm... still Time left on the Bus Transfer... Headed to one of the Stops along the route Home.  Checked the schedule...  Decisions...  Wait 10, or WALK for 18...?

So. The FEET have been UP for a while now...!  Once I post this, I suppose I should get back to doing some actual CROCHETING, huh? 

am **SO** going to be FEELING it Tomorrow!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ggrrrrr.... DRATS! Foiled Again! - And, "Where's the Beach...?"

Cloudy, HUMID, with some wind this morning... And then - when I was out, of course - the odd sprinkle of rain... Later, SUN, Humid, more Sun. The *usual*!

Had a couple of errands to run earlier, between the regular pillaging for *stuff*!!  I'm certain that I spent more time in LINE-UPS, than I did looking for, or doing things.

The GOOD news:  I have enough "on sale" breakfast cereal and frozen pasta meals for the next 2 months!

The BAD news:  They DIDN'T have any Cotton "Factory Ends" at the *Other* branch of THAT "Store".

**NUTS**!!   You know, I was *really* kinda hoping....  Oh, well... Perhaps, THIS branch will have restocked by the time I drop by there tomorrow...

Otherwise, it's been another non-descript day.... Hey! Don't Pout!  I've already warned You that my Life is only as exciting as FATE makes it!  Which, BTW, I try VERY hard NOT to *tempt*!!  -- OH! Hey! LOOK!  I *won* $7. on the Lottery tonight!!  [WOOHOO!]

SEE!?  Now, behave!  I've got a "picture" for You today! 

"SAND and SURF" making like a carpet over the Desert...

SWEET!  I've finally figured out how to make these pics larger... Alrighty, now, we're cookin' here!!

Okay. So. In keeping with the underlying "BEACH" theme that seems to keep cropping up of late here, I thought I might take it up a notch... sorta...  The Blanket is "SAND and SURF", done in PALEBLUE and JUTE.  As for this awesome bit of waving sand seriously looking for a tsunami...

Well... ahhh, let's just say, that I really CAN'T "say"!!  Only... that it's NOT on THIS Continent! -- And just leave it at that, and pretend that NO one "asked"...?  okay?  NO joke!

But, it's still pretty cool though, isn't it? 

Now, see if You can find my Crochet Hook... I think I dropped it...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

*Cool*!! a Real POSTCARD!!

WELL!  Imagine my surprise this morning in receiving an actual genuine POSTCARD in the MAIL!!  WOOHOO!  Sure beats the regular fare of Bills, Spam, and my bore-me-to-tears losing stock-holdings Business Reports!

Tis 'twas from "COUSIN-B"!  -- A distant [..4th, twice-removed...??] U.K. Cousin, who I like to refer to as "The HEAD GARDENER"  of our FAMILY TREE *FOREST*.  She and the Hubby were holidaying in rather picturesque Buxton...  hmmm... I'll have to add the town to my TO-GO-TO List...

ALSO, received some wonderful E-Mail pics... However, not quite at liberty to devulge WHAT or from WHOM just yet... Perhaps, next month....  Hey, have to keep You guys on the HOOK how ever I can!!

Speaking of which.... Got started on the latest Blanket [as mentioned Yesterday]. Was a tad slow going though, as I got side-track with actually watching the DVD movie I had going on. I hadn't viewed it before... lots of action!... Tonight, I'll go back to viewing re-run DVDs, in order to GET some work done!

Spent a bit of time buzzing through my List of Fav Blog/Web Pages... I'm starting to like THIS one - RAMBLING RENOVATORS - And, She's started another one recently that appears promising:  LITTLE FOLK DESIGN

Check them out. THEN, come right back HERE!!  Okay...?!  Don't wander off too far!

And, sorry that there aren't any pics Today, again...  You'll just have to settle with the above LINKS... Or, better yet, CLICK into my ALBUM - lots of colourful pics over THERE! 

What can I say?  Some times, my "LIFE" truly IS non-eventful!!  And least, with what I can actually expose to The WORLD!!  Even then, the "Private" part can be pretty mind-numbingly beyond-boring too!  So, You're really NOT missing anything here... 


Monday, July 26, 2010

**Happy ALOHA Birthday, MAJOR *M** !!!

I sooo miss MAJOR-M!!  And, NOT  just because she happens to live in HAWAII...

..okay... *maybe*, just a LITTLE bit!!  Besides, who could resist, huh? ...the awesome weather, the smell of Tropical sea air, the sand, the surf, the abundance of eye-candy tanned strapping young Lads partaking of the afore-mentioned... 

..oops!  Sorry. Just having a teeny "flashback"... Ignore the crazy "mature" [not that OLD or DEAD yet!!] Lady writing the Blog...  Probably just all the cotton yarn fiber-fluff around here.. [FAIRY-T..? Behave! I can hear you, snickering!]

Where was I...?  Ah. Yes. MAJOR-M... another dear old friend, that I haven't seen in ages! -- Actually... come to think of it, didn't we "meet" because of a "strapping young lad"...!!  --
Good times, GOOD times...


In the meanwhile, on the YARNish front... Tonight, I've begun the first of the plain SNOWHITE Baby-size "Christening" Blankets. What with all these babies getting born THIS year, there may be [hopefully!] a request for such. One must always keep the INVENTORY stocked!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Botanical Beach Blankets...

Been a quiet day...  As well finally, a pleasant sunny day without the killer humidity!!  Was almost tempted to mark the *event* down on a Calendar - you know, to celebrate NEXT Year on the chance that I have nothing to do that day...

Today, however, I chose to enjoy it by way of "experimenting" in rudimentary "CUTTING and PASTING".  Observe, the Below:

"ATLANTIS BEACH" [already adopted, living somewhere on the East Coast]
-- "R. Thomson" oil painting

The Blanket - ATLANTIS BEACH - has already found a good home. It was in the Baltimore area when I last left it almost a year ago. At this time, its current location is unbeknownst, although, there's a strong possibility that it could be in the Philadelphia area...  IF, I ever get a confirmation on its actual whereabouts, I'll be sure to update the Records!

As for the lovely little Beachscape oil painting here.... I picked this tiny quaint treasure up for ONLY a *DOLLAR* [!!!] at a Yard Sale a few weeks ago - a few days into the Heatwave...  I couldn't get to a beach, so, I bought a "picture" of one instead!  I'm still trying to identify the Artist, but not having much luck as yet... There was this one guy, but his style is completely different -- unless of course, this is an earlier work...? Whatever, further, more indepth investigation is needed.

Meanwhile, until now, I really hadn't realized how well these two pieces actually go together!  *NUTS*!!

You see, I have this little *POLICY*, concerning those Blankets that are of 2 or more colour mixes... And that being, that EVERY "ColourMix/PatternDesign/Size" is UNIQUE!! 

Now, IF, I decide to make One for Myself, to go with the Painting, it'll have to be a different Size, a different Shade of Blue, and a tweak to the Pattern as well!!  [ggrrrrr....]  I knew I should have KEPT that One at Home!!

As for my Experimentation... I'm going to have to find more things to MIX'n'MATCH !

Soooo, whilst I was graphic-grazing, the Parental-Units were off to the GARDEN CENTER at one of the nearby larger grocery stores...  It was the LAST DAY of Seasonal operation.  Which, often, means lots and LOTS of  **FREE** NEARLY DEAD PLANTS ABOUT TO GO INTO THE DUMPSTER!!!

Further TRANSLATION :  The INSIDE of the CAR - [Backseat/Trunk] - becomes a SOUTH AMERICAN location shoot for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!!

Apparently, a lot of these were expensive "hanging" pots...

Mother really wanted these Red ones...

Ahh... so, which will LIVE, and which wilt DIE...?  Find out - NEXT YEAR!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

*DONE*! With 3 Inches to Spare!! -- Surviving the "TERRIBLE TWOs" With TEA!

TODAY's Yard Sale shopping was pretty pathetic - there were only a few out there. And the humidity was somewhat intense, even more than it has been. That, or we're all just too exhausted from it ALL!  Was 29C / 39C humidex, with 10+ UV, despite the cloud coverage...

Bottomline, NOT a single thing was bought, *nor* caught my eye! Mind you, our neighbour down the street appears to be renovating or something - as best as I can tell from afar, they seem to be putting out some interesting items at the Curb... Hmmm....

The local SallyAnn was also a bust. -- Right, so... On to doing the grocery portion of our day...

Not particularly certain, but I believe that there is this old Middle Eastern saying/lament that goes along the lines of - "...Father of Daughters..." - I suspect that I now know what it means and can almost sympathize. At least, in today's example.

What was all starting to look like a "Rockwell Moment" [twenty-something father shopping for baking items with his 2 young daughters -"..they were going to make chocolate cupcakes.."], when the youngest [2-ish] decided to take a DIVE to the floor in a manner and resulting performance, that would have made a WORLD CUP SOCCER  player PROUD! Despite the fact, she sustained absolutely *NO* injury to herself it any way whatsoever, I do believe that the subsequent BANSHEE shrieks may have melted a few shopping carts and set off several car alarms outside!!

BTW, Little Miss Tantrum-Two continued her operatic drama for several minutes as her father vainly attempted to "TALK TO HER".

Yeah. Sure. That'll work... I SEE hearing-aides, baldness, paying for Boarding School, and posting her Bail, in THIS man's future!

And once my earwax drained, I was pretty sure that I could hear the thought-waves of several grandmothers of unspoiled progeny, IN whatever aircraft that just happened to be flying overhead, saying, "...Just give the Kid a quick little slap on the PAMPERS to get her attention!.. THEN, *talk*!"

However, that "MAY" have been my brain-damaged politically incorrect imagination I was hearing...

Anyhoo... Thankfully, the next grocery store was serving TEA! -- That new "INFUSIONS" product from TETLEY -- Quite refreshing, sort of like green tea KOOL-AID...

Then, it was over to THAT low-end department store where I've been acquiring my "Factory Ends" supply...  Hey! I was a *Good* Girl, didn't buy any more - TODAY - just, bought boxes of TEA bags! Besides, there weren't any new packages out... yet...

And speaking of my Factory Ends yarn.... I managed to finish The Blanket last night with THREE INCHES to spare!! SEE :
DON'T know when I'll get around to properly photographing "HOLY COW!" - oh, that's its name BTW - however, I will treat you all to a little Teaser on how it looks!  ENJOY!
FYI -- The lidded 10-inch urn is by a local Ottawa area potter, LIN ALLISON, of PINE-RIDGE STUDIO. One of my all-time Yard Sale finds! Got it for only $2.!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Some *NEW* Patterns -- And, I Survived My FIRST Week!!


Well, I've *finally* gotten around to uploading the BELOW *New* PATTERNS to my Album:  HANDMADEBYAUNTIESHAN  [SEE LINK].  They're in the two Sub-Albums.

BTW, remember that current Blanket that I'm - still - working on [SEE 18JULY2010 Post]?  Well, *another* CLUE... I used ONE of these Patterns!  Hopefully, I can get the thing finished tonight... Ran into a bit of a "snag" last evening, as in, with just about a dozen stitches left to go - I  RAN **OUT** OF THE COLOUR!! 

**HATE**  when THAT happens!!!

So. Now...  Have to "undo" that section, tighten up my Tension a tad, and HOPE, that I can retrieve the length I need!  Otherwise, I'll have to backtrack some more...  And then, I have the last bit of Tailings to weave in... Whatever, at least 2, maybe 3 hours of work...

The Patterns:



5x7 TETRIS-1


6x8 MAZE-2

Oh, and ignore some of the colour choices here... They're mostly for "effect" and I really don't have a lot of those particular shades - just a whole LOT of other ones!  -- Just so You know.

Meanwhile... Wow!  Has it really been a *whole* week since I started this little "experiment"...?  Do hope that it's been "different" for all of You, too!  It's certainly been "educational"  for ME!

So, tomorrow, Saturday...  *YARD SALES* DAY!!  Hopefully, more fascinating Treasures...!? 


Thursday, July 22, 2010

..[hehe]... ME *BAD*!!

For those of you who *really* KNOW me, you probably already KNOW why!!  [FAIRY-T knows!!! Eh? - Ohh, don't You go waving that WAND at Me!! You're almost as *wicked*, AND You know it too!! ]
As to the REST of you, you'll just have to READ on...

So, we had big loud rainy thunderstorms last evening, causing the odd light flicker... The result - a rather lovely and much cooler morning today for the first time in weeks!  However.... It's right back up to it's usual  27C / 31C thing again. AGAIN!

Which in turn meant, hot, hot, sizzling fingertips on the steering wheel when getting into the car between shopping locales. 

Ah. Yes. Shopping... 

Right. So, The PLAN :

  • the odd grocery items that needed to be obtained as it was the last sale day of the week; 
  • an item pickup for Mom; 
  • an item delivery for Mom - [person wasn't around, so that was a bust.];
  • cash in that last week's winning lottery ticket - [a whole whopping $7.  WooHoo!!];
  • buy more tickets

Now, personally, I usually like to have a basic "combat" plan to my little Merchandise "Mercy" Missions...  -- [Hey! When the STUFF starts begging me in their pitiful lonely little subliminal voices saying, "Buy me! Buy me, Buy me!!"  HOW can Anyone say *No* and NOT extract Them...?  Be honest!]  -- That said, I make my List of Things-To-Do, the Places-They're-At, and Which-Route-To-Get-There.  Toss a few ice packs into the Cooler [VERY important to have handy in THIS weather!!] and I'm out the door!

First stop, the nearby Mall.  Hmm... Must do this in an orderly fashion, so despite the fact that I really don't have to go into the "anchor" store on the end of the Mall... Oh, why not, huh?  Maybe, I'll find something that needs to be "rescued"!

OH!  LOOK!!  **NEW** packages of cotton yarn "Factory Ends"...!!!  Ooooooo...!!! 
[insert Voiceover:  Clean up in Aisle 4...]

BTW... Did I *mention* that THIS was the same fine retail establishment where I had acquired my previous Yarn purchases...?  No?  Sorry. My BAD!  

Some more, oooooooo...  NEW Colours!!! 

The RED here, is actually a softer dark CORAL shade.

So then, I grab one of those wheely plastic baskets and start filling it up!  Got the ABOVE [3 packages].  And again, with the having to tweak the colours...  That RED tone should be a deep CORAL. Haven't picked up this colour mix before... - Like, I only have OVER a hundred different colours!! - Thinking on calling it "CoralBeach". For now. 

Also picked up single packages of a deep PINK, a HUNTER green, a LIME/WHITE mix, and a TOFFEE - which I really wished that there had been more of! Will have to keep an eye out...

And AFTER my little surprise "rescue" mission, the rest of my day was pretty much inconsequential!  - Hey, I got YARN!!  AND, managed to secretly imbed it into the House... 


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Decor" Mag In-the-Mail Day!! -- And, *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to MOUNTIE-MAN S!!

Don't cha just love it, when -- other than spam flyers AND the "BILLS" [and I'm NOT talking tall strapping young eye-candy Princes either!] -- *something* REALLY great arrives in The MAIL!?
...Of course, the "other" spelling would be even better, but alas, I digress... 

OH!!  Sorry...  was just having a "moment"...  [cough!]

Ahh..?  Where was I...?  Oh, yeah, right, Mag-in-the-Mail...  SEPT issue of  STYLE AT HOME.  For the Non-Canucks here, it's one of the leading Canadian decorating magazines. Has some super stuff.

THIS particular issue was dedicated to "Kitchens"...  We should ALL have homes with the ones they've got featured here! -- Hurry out NOW and just buy that WINNING lottery ticket for tonight's Draw!! 

Anyhoo... was just taking a quick looksee through the thing, when "p.32" got my eye... A bunch of LAMP SHADES with some rather nice looking CREWEL work.  Hmmm....

It's been awhile since I've done any myself, but, it struck me as something different to do on a Lamp Shade.  Would have to be done on a good Linen one and, finished off well. Otherwise, it would just end up looking a tad tacky. Also, use a silk embroidery thread, perhaps. Might be something that would go well in a Nursery or Toddler room...

However, for those lacking that skill, and/or the time of day, here are the LINKS to the examples on that page:

Couldn't find the one at  ANTHROPOLOGIE , but they DID have a lot of other *really* cool STUFF!!!

Meanwhile, if I come across anything else of interest in the Issue, I'll add it in.


Ah, another Birthday this Week!  Today, it's a dear old Friend [and an older clone version of the above mentioned Princely Bill!] - MOUNTIE-MAN "S" - and hubby of my even longer [since we were both VERY young!BFF - "SISTER-S"!!  Actually, it was her birthday last week... 

SEE, I made a Blog to celebrate!!  

Meanwhile, SISTER-S, is the lucky owner of my FIRST Blanket [IVORY - very huge!], and various other items... As well as the below "Baby".  I was celebrating a "milestone" birthday myself at the time, at Their place in the wilds of the British Columbian Interior, when I decided to whip up this little Guy to match with all of Their many beautiful leather sofas and such... 

Now, THAT House looked like it had walked off the pages of a Decor Magazine!!

This one was created on location [with a breath-taking lofty view] at the time.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE LOLA**!!! -- And PRE-Stump Revisited...

Busy. Busy morning...


  • Temporally-enhanced audio-challenged Male-Parental-Unit *driving* to doctor's appointment - [Why? Cause its His car!]
  • Which manages to get just about *EVERY* Red Light on the way! - [Why? See above.]
  • And after the "wait" in the tiny musical-chair designed office... [He's just fine BTW! ... Well, except maybe for the whole having to pay for parking issues..]
  • Different [longer!] route back, but still haunted by the Red Light Demon. Hey! Look!  "Construction"!! - [Why? "..Cause, I didn't want to take the scenic route with all the red lights!.."]
  • Temporally-enhanced Female-Parental-Unit, not impressed...
  • I, later kidnap the vehicle and get Green Lights all the way to get some groceries! [Why? Cause I think, sometimes, The Car likes me *better*!!]
  • As I said, "sometimes" - got Reds on the way back...
  • And, the Heatwave is back! Currently, 27C / 30C humidex.
  • Took pics of The X Tree... As a Squirrel-In-Black spied from above...

So, here are Yesterday's promised pics of The TREE...

Notice, how *innocently* unassuming and woodsy the Disney Creature Condo looks, as the Evil Bugs consume it from within...!  [..hmm, sounds like a pitch for a really bad movie, doesn't it? - No. Wait. Correction - *Graphic* Novel! -- Oh, hey... Is THAT  STAN LEE with a chain-saw coming this way?]

"WHAT?!  Is there something stuck inbetween my Bark...?" 

I stand corrected from Yesterday's Post, the distance between AshTree and the Lilac Bush is just over 4 feet...

"THIS, *squirrel toothpick* is what's uprooting ME..!?!  Yeah! Right!"

The Showdown. WHO, will eventually be left standing?! Will our much maligned X TREE meet his mulch before first Snow? Will CHUCKY TREE survive another near-brush with death at the blade of  Evil Snowplow Guy...? [Don't mind me, I'm just thinking ahead to the Sequel!]

"..Oooo, I could sooo SNAP you like the Twig that you are with my mighty rotting limbs!"

Don't touch that TAB!! STAY TUNED!!!


And a Happy Birthday Aloha shout out to the lovely little LOLA!!  Hope you're still enjoying your Blankie!

Shameless showing off of one of the Kids!


Monday, July 19, 2010

"X" Marks the Ash

Ahhh, the Benevolent Bounty of Bureaucracy!

TRANSLATION:  If you want anything done by "The City" - talk DIRECTLY to your Council Person!

So. Let us go back in Time, shall we...

Now when was it?  Last month...?  Whatever.  It was at this "Community" Family Day event held in the parking lot of the nearby shopping mall, sponsored by the local Councilor Guy...  Free hot dogs, pony rides [pony poo...], blow-up things for kids to jump on [including a shiny fire truck! With strapping Firemen!], a handful of business sponsor reps [*not* giving out a lot of free stuff like they used to!], and the obligatory earwax-melting-a-mile-away speakers of the Bandstand. 

Oh, yeah, and let's not forget the poor local STAR WARS chapter of FanBoys all decked out in their STORMTROOPER gear in the 30C heat!  Luckily, there was a good stiff breeze and clouds.

Anyhoo, short-story long...  Elderly Mother & I spot the afore-mentioned Councilor and eventually get the opportunity to "chat" with him... 

Our neighbourhood has this not so little Ash Tree Borer problem... 

NOTE:  I do NOT possess the "Botany" Gene.  I hate gardening. I HATE BUGS!!! - I just want to make that point clear for any future reference.

Right. So, there's this tree bug problem with the "City" planted trees.  Most of which, *except* of course, "ours", were cut down last Fall - you know, *after* the leaves were off and raked...  We *WANTED* ours CUT!!  We have more than enough trees in our front yard and this one just sheds crappy seeds and stuff...  And then, just to add in a bit of pseudo-your-tax-dollars-at-work, They plant these other pitiful tree saplings next to the stumps.

Keep in mind here - [1] we don't have a stump; [2] Charlie Brown Tree gets embedded into the 6 feet or so space between a rather nice lilac bush and the non-stump by; [3] one poor guy, whilst 4 of his buddies look on, into hard clayish soil underpinned with shale about 3 feet down; [4] did I mention it was late Fall?; [5] NO one bothered to *ask* us if we even wanted it! - until AFTER the mine shaft was excavated!!

Now, back to the captive Councilor...  Mother reiterated the above and politely "requested" - in that disarming "I'm a Senior and a great-grandmother and I don't take no crap"  kind of way - that said Tree, be dealt with at the earliest opportunity... 

Gotta give the C-Guy points here. He quickly whipped out his Note pad and took down our name and address - as well as my card!  Apparently, there happened to be some upcoming meeting concerning said horticultural dilema...

Present Day.  Well, earlier this morning - BEFORE - I got up anyway.

Mother tells me that a big X was splattered on The TREE by City Guys!!  Execution Day though, is still up in the air. But, at least it's a start...

BTW, the neighbours to the left - with the only other dead tree besides us - didn't get an X!  But, they're new and haven't figured it out yet, that to get anything done, you have to get someone over 70 to get on City Hall's case!

Meanwhile... I realize that none of Today's Entry was even remotely related to anything crochet-ish, though perhap a tad "yarnful"... Then again, the Wood Paneling was a tree once. It's a bit of a stretch, I know, but there really wasn't anything note-worthy going on today.  Well, except maybe the weather being a bit cooler... sorta...

If I remember, and/or get a chance, I'll snap a shot of The X tomorrow and post it!  Maybe...

Okay... Enough with the tree-huggy crap.. I *really* should just stick to crocheting...


Sunday, July 18, 2010

ALAS! SHE's back and the Evil Heatwave Curse has been *broken*!!!


Well, at least I think it is... At the moment, my computer weather thingy is saying 26C / 31C humidex. And I *did* see dark clouds out there earlier. Then again...  Whatever, it's not 40+ any more! And that, as The MARTHA would say, " a good thing!"

And we can all - at least, I do at any rate - thank the change to the fact that my "cyber" twin [we share the same birth year - which I *ain't* telling!!]  in many things stitchy and magical, is *finally* back from her fortnight vacation in lovely Majorca! The heatwave started WHEN she left!!. 

"FAIRY-T" [for the unknowing amongst you here] is the godmother of sorts within a certain circle of International friends that I have. T's particular skill of interest herein, is her wand-whacking Tinkering of knitting needles - she makes some awesome socks!! Whilst I, am the "Witch" [only cause I've got ancestors from Salem] of the Great White North and twirler of crochet hooks. 

Ya see what *happens* T, when you leave me on my own, unsupervised... I go and blog all over the place! -- Be careful now, don't slip... 

Meanwhile... it's been a quiet day, SO far...

And despite the fact that [the about to be] said cerebral activity has been known to incite severe neurological damage, I've been "thinking"....

Granted, it's only been a few day - but, you know, this "wood paneling" [my Page background] is beginning to aesthetically grow on me... I do believe I'll keep it. What do you think?

Oh, and "BONUS"... I actually do have a yarn mix or 2, that matches!!! [See below] 
Doesn't get any better than that, huh?

["BARN" and "RED"]

["BIRCH" and "IVORY"]

["ACORN" and "SALMON"]

Well, now that it's cooler, it's probably time that I got back to what I "do" - also the reason for the Blog! - and get back to finishing the Blanket I was in the middle of doing up before the heat had gotten to be a bit too much. No pics yet, but I will divulge, that at least one of the 2 colours I'm using is in the above photos. 

And that's ALL I'm going to say! Besides, where's the FUN, if I can't keep you guys on the Hook with suspense?!! Hmmm?

[Insert maniacal snickering]

Saturday, July 17, 2010

...whoa..wait...hang on a sec... Whaddaya mean, I have to *keep* on "writing" *more* stuff...?! --- [...*cra-ap!*...]

OH!  Hey!  Hi!

Ready for more Blogging-Bliss? Come on, say "yes"! You know ya wanna ... I have "pictures"...

It's Saturday. Summer. Mom and my "bonding" day of the week. Checking out the yard sales in this end of town, looking for those ever-elusive items that we *don't* already have a room full of! Afterward, we do the grocery runs.

This year, we've been leaving the house later than we used to. So, we weren't on the road until 10am! Then again, it's *still* sweltering out [30C / 38C humidex] and who in their right minds really wants to be out driving anyway?

[NOTE: I never said I was "sane". Do you know how much yarn I have?]

Anyhoo, pickings were pretty slim today. Second Saturday in a row in the last couple months where it hasn't been raining! Guess everyone is at the cottage or holed up someplace cool. Unless one has a big airy garage and/or *lots* of shade, and an over-whelming need to be rid of their "stuff", then it's just waay too hot to be "dealing" with the haggling masses. As well as the people who DON'T know how to properly park their cars!

Not to mention, "load" their vehicles.... As in, today's fine example of spatial manipulation!

"Bargain-Buddy" [with I think his family of 4] was attempting to pack onto the roof of his Joe Average 4-door cheapo car, a mattress [at least a double-size], the box spring, the metal frame [still screwed together - with wheels...], AND, I believe, I observed another skinner mattress on top of that in my rear view when we left... Oh, and it gets better! As we walked by on the way to our car, I noticed him trying to tie down everything with some not-so-great nylon twine...

Needless to say, we vacated the general area of the macrame-challenged as swiftly as possible and headed out to do the grocery/provisions portion of our weekly expedition.

So - you ask - "what" did I buy?...

Nothing really. Except the 10 cents I spent on this little guy...

Not that I really needed him - I actually have at least 4 more exactly like him in my rather large collection. But, hey, he was only a dime and I hadn't bought anything yet! And there he was, just staring up at me in this box, subliminally pleading with me to take him home... And he is a rhino... What's not love? Huh?

He's now happily sitting amongst his fellow clones.

Hey! Did you all notice the "yarn" he was nested in? Remember that bunch of "factory ends" I bought the other day...? [see yesterday's POST for details] Well, I had passed on this bit at the time, but it was still there today. So, you know, I figured, why not...

Meanwhile, on a "Kodak" note... Seriously, as much as I love just about every shade and tone of purple, it IS an absolute major pain to photograph!! It almost always turns out looking like a blue! Probably something to do with all that ultraviolet spectral pigment stuff or whatever... Bottomline, I had to tweak the photo to get anywhere near to the REAL colours! What may look like periwinkle, is actually more of a lavender hue. Just so you know.

Let's see, what else...? Got my rhino. Got my yarn. Got a little damp from an isolated shower - that just couldn't *wait* until AFTER I got into the store! -- But, shortly later, I had a sample of ice cream in chocolate syrup [Ooooo! Yum!!] - so I got over it.

OH! I had a minor epiphany when we left the "dollar" store. [After which, Mom accused me of "picking her brain"!]

QUESTION:  Do you know how to confuse a [modern day] teenaged store clerk?

[BTW, if you happen to be one and are reading this... Sorry, but I'm an old lady, AND, it is MY blog! So, get over it.]

ANSWER:  Give them EXACT change!!

And did I mention, we were buying batteries...?  -- I know that there has to be another "teenager" joke here, I'm sure! But, I don't want to use up all my "material" in one Post. Must conserve!


Friday, July 16, 2010

*THIS* is What Happens...

... when I'm hot, bored, and *not* crocheting:  a "BLOG" is born!!  Lucky you guys, huh? 

[What's that old vampire saying... "Life sucks and then you live forever"...?  So, get a grip on your dental-ware, and "move on"!]

Okay... So. Hi!  And Welcome to my blog...  And forgive any weirdness - I'm kinda new to this set-up stuff. Not quite finding everything that I really want to do with all this just yet.  Was planning on having my own custom "background" here, but, that's not quite happening yet.  Until then, enjoy the lovely wood panelling... And, be sure to click into my Album [see link and hope it works] over on - and the "Baby" pictures and available patterns that are there.  At "some" point - hopefully, *in* my lifetime - I'll get a proper webpage sent up.  Until then, well, "this" is MY life!!

I mentioned "hot", right?  Currently, here is lovely OTTAWA, it's 29C with a humidex of 36C...  BTW, this is the end of Week 2 of this meteorological experiment in Summer and a good 10 degrees cooler than last week!!  Six days of 44C humidex - that's about 111F for you non-metric folks.  And it usually doesn't last for this long...  So, after 4 days, it gets to be a tad of a problem with coping. 

Of course, that still doesn't stop me from purchasing *more* cotton yarn!!!  -- Hey [what's a little 11+ UV exposure], when there's a sale  ...  Or, in the case of this recent acquisition, "factory ends", I just can't stop myself from filling up the shopping cart!  Then again, the "sneaking-it-all-into-the-house" part can be a bit problematic...  Seriously starting to run out of space.  REALLY!!

So, on *that* note -- if anyone is looking for that unique "gift"....

In this latest not-so-little purchase, I've acquired a bunch of WHITE [I've been thinking about doing up a couple of plain smaller throws with that. Suitable for Christenings?], LAVENDER, MAUVE, what I call "POOL" - a royal/skyblue mix [think Blues Clues colours] - and a sort of TIE DYE blue mix.  Meanwhile, still have a bunch left of a couple of TURQUOISE shades and VIOLET.

BTW, has anyone noticed how many pregnant people are out there of late?  I predict a lot of Baby Boomers doing a lot of Baby Sitting come this Fall and the Holiday season!  Was it some weird solar flare, something in the "water", or perchance, the fact that NOT a lot of snow shovelling this past Winter was going on?  Whichever, everytime I go out shopping, I'm surrounded by bellies waiting to pop!

Which, also means more potential customers for me, so I really shouldn't complain, should I?  And I'm not. Have to start carrying more of my business cards!

And, speaking of future progeny....  I'm expecting another great-niece this Fall myself!  So, there's at least one blanket on my To-Do List!

Well, People, I think I'll end this first entry for now.  Maybe tweak it some more later.  Whatever, hope it was good for you too!

- Shan
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