Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curb-Crushing, "CINDERIA" and... OOoooooo!! **COO-KIES**!!!

Ahh... The PERFECT, late September day...!

..oops!  ahh, sorry... "wrong" Calendar page... I guess the cool, dry, breezy, sunny Weather kind of threw me off there for a sec...  Then again, I probably should have "clued" in with the UV microwaved scorching car interior!!  -- I think I might have left a few epidermal cells carbonized to the Seatbelt Buckle...!

WELL... As I "predicted" Yesterday... it was pretty devoid of Yard Sales and Denizens out there!!  Scored more "finds" at the SALLY ANN! -- I discovered a new Bowl variety of *ONE* of the Glassware pattern that I collect...  HAZELWARE, the COLONY Pattern - primarily in the AMETHYST colour...

This one was in the CLEAR glass, however, had Pinwheel patterns etched in!!  -- I still have to clean it up a bit, then I'll photograph and chat about it LATER.

The rest of the FOOD and STUFF gathering was its usual mundane self...  NO new Yarn colours at WALMART... Just flirted with my Cashier! -- Hey, he was looking lonely at that EMPTY Cash!  AND, I brought more Customers to him...

Oh!  And THEN, there was my little "Social Commentary Moment of the Day" *observation* in the Strip Mall Parking Lot near the MICHAEL'S!

Okay, so here's the SETUP.  Not-so Big-Box strip mall with 5 stores:  LCBO [our Provincially-operated liquor/wine retail gold mine], MICHAEL'S, and 3 other unimportant places...

Now, I'm on the parking lot roadway just before the Michael's, waiting to turn LEFT into the Aisle to grab a space I see. -- [NOTE:  the Lot is sparcely filled] -- WHAT I'm waiting for, IS, for the ginormous shiny black truck coming down that AISLE to DECIDE if it's going to PARK *OR* come OUT to either TURN Left or Right, as it's taking up a LOT of space, preventing me from proceeding any further!!

Please, OBSERVE! -- This is the Part where the CLOCK starts ticking on "The MOMENT"! --

? DRIVING ? said Mortgage-On-Wheels, is this Little-Ms-Junior-GEN-"Y"-BARBIE-Blonde verbing on her CELL!!  -- [I thought that there was *some* LAW about THAT these days...?] -- WHEN, all of a SUDDEN... PRINCESS *appears* to be pulling Left INTO the empty not-big-enough-for-her-truck Space on the Aisle-end...? 

...I *assume* THIS, as since it was her RIGHT Tires that were crawling all OVER the concrete CURB-end!!

Alas... apparently, NOT!  --  Ooops!  HER BAD!!

At this point, the survival instincts of least a few of her "brain cells" seemed to have kicked into gear, and she tossed her phone aside and began to PAY ATTENTION to WHAT she was **DOING**!!  Which, as it turns out, was NOT *parking*, BUT, to TURN LEFT OUT OF THE AISLE!!!

BTW, does Anyone happen KNOW if there's an "APP" for TELEKINETICALLY KEYING *STUPID* PEOPLE'S VEHICLES?   Because, seriously, I really WOULD sit on my "DIAL-UP" connection ALL day to Download THAT!!

LATER on...

Finally got to our last Stop. Our "Local" Mall. 

STILL no new Factory-Ends, but I DID have a pleasant YARN discussion with a nice Lady trying to decide what to choose... I steered her towards the much more inexpensive and just as lovely non-cotton Factory-Ends!

Eventually, dropped by the anchor Grocery store, where we stopped by to CHAT with the ever-lovely and always [even when she's not!] CHEERY, "CINDERIA"!!  -- [Not, her real Name - but the One that I'm using Here]

MOTHER has sort of "adopted" Our sweet waifish FOOD-DEMO REP as her Fairy-Godchild...
"MUFFIN-Mom" brings HER food

MEET:  The lovely and bubbly, "CINDERIA" -- She cooks, she sews, she DEMOs! 
And, rumour has it, could probably rebuild a car engine too, IF you let her!  


Meanwhile, the MATERNAL-MAKER-OF-MUNCHIES, made COOKIES, last night!  Chocolate-chips, extra cocoa, and, BLUEBERRIES!!!  Nice and chewy too!

Anyhoo, AFTER we returned Home, with our cargo secured and settled in, I was a tad peckish... -- FOOD samples were somewhat scarce today!  [I had passed on the VEGAN morsel, that "CINDI" was serving up earlier]

In which case, after 5 plus hours on the Tour De Shoppe with ONLY a couple of low-wattage powerbars and a salad sample in me... Abdominal acoustics were bound to ensue!

I was then, *reminded* of The COOKIES....

Oh!  LOOK!  There's a few caught in that container...  [insert TEETH TAPPING!]

 ...MMmmmm...  YUMMM!!!


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