Monday, April 30, 2012

okay. so... YOU "Decide"...


  • Despite NOT going out to Experience IT, IT *was* SUNNY OUT! Warmish, too.
  • The STOCK MARKETS Finished on the "POSITIVE"-side for Me. - ALWAYS *GOOD*!
  • Had My Month-End-"Numbers" to DO... - NOT so "Good"...
  • Got My "CANADIAN HOUSE & HOME" and "STYLE AT HOME" June ISSUES! -- hmm... THEY are *BOTH* "Design-Style Budget-THEMED"..?! - [or, SO THEY "think"!] - Must be that whole Yard-Sale-Season-Thingy-*TREND* going on.
  • I *still* haven't gotten My *April* "COUNTRY LIVING" Replacement-Issue, **YET**!!
  • Received a RENEWAL NOTICE from One of the Afore-mentioned Magazines.
  • Cut-up the Two PEPPERS I'd bought the Other Day... RED and ORANGE -- I needed some Colour...
  • Haunted PINTEREST for a bit.
  • Finally, NEW Episodes on My 2-Fav TV-SHOWS - that are ON at the SAME TIME!! The One We TAPED kept STOPPING whilst We Viewed IT! - [MOTHER has been **HINTING** for Another NEW VCR! "Guess" WHAT I'll have to be Procuring for "MATERNAL-PARENTAL-UNIT-CELEBRATORY-DAY"?!]
  • Didn't Win on the LOTTERY...
  • The DAY was SO UNeventful, I've had to Resort to Making THIS "LIST" in order to have SOMEthing to BLOOG About!! -- Have I "mentioned" that I have NO "Life"..?!
  • Gathered My TRASH for Tomorrow's Garbage-Pickup.



Sunday, April 29, 2012

All Polished UP With...


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77555-Lotus
- Colour: 00240-Leaf Green


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gather Up Your Loose-Change..."YARD-SALE-SEASON" - IT *HAS* BEGUN!!


So, *despite* the COOLness, the SUNSHINE was enough Incentive to HOPE for YARD SALES! -- We headed for Fav-Hunting-Grounds - BEACON HILL. - Besides, We had Intents on going THAT Way already...


-- ahh..? WHY is the DRIVER of the BIG-WIDE-BOX-TRUCK-"Parked"-at-the-FRONT-of-the-LEFT-TURNING-LANE-with-CARS-*BEHIND*-HIM-Getting-OUT-of-IT?? -- crap!

Thankfully, I was ABLE to Pull-OUT, go Around, and MAKE the Turn BEFORE the LIGHT Changed!

We followed the Signs to Our FIRST YARD-SALE-of-the-SEASON -- As THEY go, there really WASN'T *much*, but, You know..."First"-One... We HAD to Buy SOMEthing! -- For 50-Cents, I got the PURPLE-PLASTIC-"PURSE" - [IT's actually more of a MAUVE-Purple..]. I'm sure I can put IT to *some* USE...

The Clean-Condition IKEA BAMBOO "DISH" also "Caught-My-Eye"... Got IT for a DOLLAR!
-- Should "GO" with My newly-Increased BLUE-WHITE BALL "COLLECTION"..?

From There, We did a Circle of the Neighbourhood and "discovered" ANOTHER SALE! Much more STUFF. Nice Stuff. Just NOTHING that We "needed" Stuff... Although, that IKEA-esque Double-Reading-Light-FLOOR-LAMP was rather Interesting..? -- But, *not* at $40. and I really DON'T have the "room"! - nuts!

On to the SALLY-ANN at the nearby MALL... hmm... HALF-PRICE on "GREEN-TAG" ITEMS... And, *another* Addition to My CAKE DOME [Stand] Collection! Final-Price - $2.50!

When We eventually LEFT the Area, that TRUCK was *still* there! Although by now, with Road-WARNING-Markers IN-Place!

A Grocery-Getting-Stop, then FABRICLAND - where I FABRIC-"RESCUED" the - [ABOVE Background] - 1.5M EBONY & IVORY Wide-Striped COTTON Remnant. - IT has a Lovely "Finish" to IT, and a CLASSIC-Look... Not to "mention", was ONLY $2. plus Tax...

Later, more Groceries at THE MALL, then HOME...


Friday, April 27, 2012

IT's "MINUS" **WHAT** Outside..??!!


-- ABOVE-Freezing Temps in February **DURING** WINTERLUDE -- So those ICE-SCULPTURES can MELT just right!


-- SOME Evidence of SNOW until the FIRST WEEK of MAY! -- It isn't Safe to PUT AWAY the SHOVELS *before* THEN! No matter how *many* "IDES of SUMMER" We might get in MARCH! - [BTW, Nice "try" there, GUYS, with the 80s Temps! I still DIDN'T fall for IT!]

Anyhoo... With all That in Mind, I suppose that Today's "DAYTIME" -7C WINDCHILL wasn't really UNexpected?! Afterall, We DID get SNOW Earlier in the Week. And, there was Rumour of a Few FLAKES Last Night..?

I'm Suspecting that there will quite likely be much FROZEN-FLORA going on during Next Month's TULIP FESTIVAL!

Meanwhile... I kept Myself WARM with WOOLY-ness! -- I actually Succeeded in getting quite a bit of Work done on the Most-Recent PROJECT... I might be NEEDING IT!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Balls, Banking, Buses, and Browsing...

..OHH, BOY!!

Busy, busy Day... MUCH to DO! -- Places to BE... BUSES to Catch! - Or, NOT! Which, is *why* I ended up WALKING the Kilometer to the Local Station... Luckily, the Impending RAIN was holding *off*, for the Moment!

Actually, the Walk afforded Me the opportunity to Stop at the very Nearby BOWRING. I came across THESE the Other Day, and was Eager to ADD THEM to My "COLLECTION"...

THIS LOT is Made of PORCELAIN. To be quite Honest, I *have* seen BETTER Workmanship, however, I rarely *ever* See These BALLS anymore. - And, the Price was "okay"... So, "why not..?" - I'll "forgive" the Evidence-of-MASS-PRODUCTION-ness.

NEXT... Grabbed the First BUS I could to THE BIG MALL. BANKING was to be had!

After about 15-Minutes "IN" - [NOTE - I was Second-In-Line] - SOMEONE further Back in The-Growing-"Crowd-Magnet"-LINE-BEHIND-Me, THANKFULLY, brought to the MANAGER'S "Attention" that *NONE* of the 3-TELLER-STATIONS were OPEN!! -- The STAFF were all "Finishing-up" stuff..?

ONCE it was My Turn, I was DONE in 2-Minutes!

On to the POST OFFICE... Had My TAX-Stuff to MAIL! -- huh. Absolutely NO ONE There! -- NO Pre-TAX-Deadline-Crowds at all! Just TWO-PERKY-GIRL-CLERKS looking for ANYthing to Do!
-- I should DO My "Banking" HERE!

Meanwhile, I had Observed that in the nearby Center-Court, an ANTIQUES Sale was going on! - [Nuts! There goes My "Schedule"!] - I took 20-Minutes to quickly Power-BROWSE...

I *STILL* had to GET to My "BROKER's" that was another 20plus-BUS-Minutes away! 
- [..I *had* wanted to GO on MONDAY, but the Weather had been much Worse...] - THEN, there was the TEN-Minutes WAIT for the Proper BUS... TRAFFIC was "okay" for That-Time-of-Day. -- I was IN & OUT of the OFFICE in 10-Minutes!

My DENTIST OFFICE is also just down the Road... Actually, I have to go BY IT to Catch the BUS back HOME. -- I popped-IN to Make My *needed* upcoming Appointments...

hmm.. The Building has been Renovated... Looks Good...

It's been a WHILE since I've been IN the Area - the Road-CONSTRUCTION has Moved-ON! However, across the Road - [where I get the BUS] - the little SALLY-ANN-Store that I used to Frequent - [whilst Waiting for said BUS] - has been *Replaced* by a CAR DEALERSHIP!? -- pooh!

And, IT's beginning to Sprinkle... But, here comes My BUS!

Despite the SHOWERS and RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC via *3-BUSES*, I surprisingly got HOME in only a Half-Hour! YAY!

Must *PLAY* with My BALLS Later...


Wednesday, April 25, 2012



So, of course, Her "NANA" - [SISTER] - *Celebrated* the "OCCASION" with the ARRIVAL of
"HER" *New* CAR!!

You better WATCHOUT, SIS! -- Looks like SOMEONE is *already* Shoulder-Checking Your NEW-RIDE...

[..I can almost hear the Little-Head-Gears cranking away...Counting down the Birthdays to *WHEN* She has Her OWN!]


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

YAY!! **FOUND** THEM! ...and Other STUFF, too!


IT was a Whacky-WATCHOUT-for-the-Weird-WEATHER kind of Day!

BANDS of Dark-Clouds kept BLOWING by... One Minute IT's RAIN, then Nothing, then HAIL, then Sprinklings, then WIND, then the Garbage was picked-up, THEN Nothing, then Nasty-Clouds, then a Second of Blue, then Showers, then I went to COSTCO - between the Weather-STRIPS!

Spent too much Time There trying to Choose the "best" Stuff... And, *Discovering* - AFTERward - What I "thought" was ON-SALE, WASN'T!! -- pooh!! -- Luckily, That happened BEFORE I Left the Store!

oh, look... BLOWING-Rain in front of Semi-SUNNY-ness..? -- should be OVER in a minute...

FIVE-Minutes Later... IT had Thinned-out and I took a "Chance", to RACE to The CAR! - The Toilet-Paper Survived! -- hmm... Once IN The VEHICLE, the Rain *stopped*! ...figures...

Got HOME *ahead* of the Really-EVIL-Looking-Line-of-Clouds-that-Missed-the-House..!! Whew!


Whilst checking-out One of the "possible" SAFE-PLACE-locations for those Scanner-CABLES, I *did* FIND a New "SD-card" for My Camera that I had been pretty Certain that I had. - Just couldn't *Remember* WHERE I had PUT IT!

ah-ha! So *that's* Where My Wireless-MAUVE-MOUSE has been "Hiding"!

After Dinner, I decided to do *another* Exploratory-DIG of THE ROOM... Now, that *most* of the STUFF-IN-THE-WAY has been "Contained", the Excavation went much Quicker!

-- I *actually* managed to Get **INTO** THE ROOM!! Albeit, only about 2-Feet, BUT, it was just *enough*!


huh. I was Right. THEY were "IN-Sight". "NEAR" where the SCANNER had been. IN a Clear-View-Container! -- That, was Covered-OVER-and-Hidden-UNDER-By-LOTS-of-Stuff... ooops! MY bad!

Well. NOW, I can DO what Needed Doing, and get the Other-Stuff DONE! YAY! -- However, IT'll "keep" until, Tomorrow!


Monday, April 23, 2012




I *finally* made an "ENTRY" Attempt on THE ROOM!
Took Me over 2-Hours!

Managed to SORT Stuff. Package IT up...
I barely got Past the Door-FRAME!

Came across Something that I had been Wanting to Find!
Will have to Keep IT *IN-Sight* - so I DON'T Forget about IT!

AH! Located the SCANNER!! - My Primary Goal in this "Little" EXPEDITION-Into-The-Deepest-
ohh-kaay...NEED to *Remember* WHERE I Put the CABLES to This THING!?

I "Believe" Recalling that I had made a Point of Placing THEM in a SAFE-"Visible"-PLACE.
I am NOT "Seeing" IT... crap!

It should be *easier* to Move STUFF around Now...
THEY *aren't* in the OTHER "Safe-Places", either...
 I'm going to HAVE TO DO This again?! ggrrrrrrr....


We had SNOW and ICE-PELLETS Last Night!! -- MOTHER took Pics. The Rising TEMPS and RAIN got RID of IT by Noon...

So much for Today's "PLANS" on BUSing across TOWN to do a Few Things... IT's suppose to be LOUSY, Tomorrow, too! -- Just What I *don't* need THIS Week!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

hmm... some "SPACE"...


oh, wait... The newly-formed Domicilic-Dimensional-VOIDS are in the GARAGE and LIVING ROOM -- ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS' "domain"... nuts!

Well, IT was mostly THEIR Stuff anyway. And, although *I* was the One to PACK IT into The CAR, THEY were the Ones to Drop IT all "off" at the RECYCLING "Event" going on over at THE MALL. -- Oooo! And, MOTHER acquired a FREE "Recycled-Materials" BAG for THEIR efforts!

-- ah! *More* Stuff to put *Other* Stuff INTO...

Meanwhile - besides Extracting Large-Heavy-Objects from the midst of Numerous-Oddly-Shaped-Obstructive-Objects and, Seatbelting Them into the Backseat of The VEHICLE - I did LAUNDRY!

-- Exciting, yes?

AND then, I Started on THIS...

Actually, the COLOUR-COMBO turned out *much* Better than I had Hoped!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

okay. seriously. WHO **ARE** ALL "THESE **PEOPLE**"..???!!


You know, "IF" the Process is even "Possible", I am seriously Considering having My - [and, probably MOTHER's as well] - Personal "POLARITY" MEASURED!! Because, after Today, I'm pretty well Convinced that We are CROWD-MAGNETS!!

[-- hmm...perhaps IT's Our Blood-Types..? We're Both "AB" - She's RH-Positive, I'm Negative... huh. maybe there IS something to My "Polarity-Theory"...sorta..?]
AS, NO matter WHERE We go - if only for the Briefest Moment, in *ANY* EMPTY SPACE - a CROWD will SHOW UP! -- No Lie!

And, don't get Me "Started" on TRYING to get OUT of a Parking Space!! -- Really? People?! -- I'm Halfway OUT, You *can* SEE that *I* CAN'T See YOU. So? What? You HAVE TO **WALK / DRIVE** RIGHT BEHIND ME??!! All at the SAME TIME?? -- IS it *too* MUCH to ASK that You **STOP** for 10-Seconds? Maybe even, GIVE Me "Space" so that I DON'T "HIT" You with My Short-Wheel-Based-WIDE-Turning-Radius-Vehicle..??

Oh, and THEN, there's the Part where I Park in an EMPTY AREA, and before We can Exit, TWO Larger CARS Park on BOTH Sides of Us!!

-- ??WHY??

"LOTTERY-LIST" NOTE - Get a LEXUS. So IT can Secretly Render all OTHER Vehicles *and* Pedestrians, totally INERT *while* IT Parks ITSELF!!


As You can SEE, I Relieved My STRESS with YARN! -- *Would* have GOTTEN "more", BUT, apparently, the 50%-OFF-Coupon WASN'T for What I had Thought IT was FOR... pooh!

Anyhoo, I'm Thinking on Combining THESE TWO COLOURS... Sort of an AUTUMNY-TREE-Theme-Thingy..?? -- I'll have to "PLAY"...

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