Thursday, April 26, 2012

Balls, Banking, Buses, and Browsing...

..OHH, BOY!!

Busy, busy Day... MUCH to DO! -- Places to BE... BUSES to Catch! - Or, NOT! Which, is *why* I ended up WALKING the Kilometer to the Local Station... Luckily, the Impending RAIN was holding *off*, for the Moment!

Actually, the Walk afforded Me the opportunity to Stop at the very Nearby BOWRING. I came across THESE the Other Day, and was Eager to ADD THEM to My "COLLECTION"...

THIS LOT is Made of PORCELAIN. To be quite Honest, I *have* seen BETTER Workmanship, however, I rarely *ever* See These BALLS anymore. - And, the Price was "okay"... So, "why not..?" - I'll "forgive" the Evidence-of-MASS-PRODUCTION-ness.

NEXT... Grabbed the First BUS I could to THE BIG MALL. BANKING was to be had!

After about 15-Minutes "IN" - [NOTE - I was Second-In-Line] - SOMEONE further Back in The-Growing-"Crowd-Magnet"-LINE-BEHIND-Me, THANKFULLY, brought to the MANAGER'S "Attention" that *NONE* of the 3-TELLER-STATIONS were OPEN!! -- The STAFF were all "Finishing-up" stuff..?

ONCE it was My Turn, I was DONE in 2-Minutes!

On to the POST OFFICE... Had My TAX-Stuff to MAIL! -- huh. Absolutely NO ONE There! -- NO Pre-TAX-Deadline-Crowds at all! Just TWO-PERKY-GIRL-CLERKS looking for ANYthing to Do!
-- I should DO My "Banking" HERE!

Meanwhile, I had Observed that in the nearby Center-Court, an ANTIQUES Sale was going on! - [Nuts! There goes My "Schedule"!] - I took 20-Minutes to quickly Power-BROWSE...

I *STILL* had to GET to My "BROKER's" that was another 20plus-BUS-Minutes away! 
- [..I *had* wanted to GO on MONDAY, but the Weather had been much Worse...] - THEN, there was the TEN-Minutes WAIT for the Proper BUS... TRAFFIC was "okay" for That-Time-of-Day. -- I was IN & OUT of the OFFICE in 10-Minutes!

My DENTIST OFFICE is also just down the Road... Actually, I have to go BY IT to Catch the BUS back HOME. -- I popped-IN to Make My *needed* upcoming Appointments...

hmm.. The Building has been Renovated... Looks Good...

It's been a WHILE since I've been IN the Area - the Road-CONSTRUCTION has Moved-ON! However, across the Road - [where I get the BUS] - the little SALLY-ANN-Store that I used to Frequent - [whilst Waiting for said BUS] - has been *Replaced* by a CAR DEALERSHIP!? -- pooh!

And, IT's beginning to Sprinkle... But, here comes My BUS!

Despite the SHOWERS and RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC via *3-BUSES*, I surprisingly got HOME in only a Half-Hour! YAY!

Must *PLAY* with My BALLS Later...


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