Monday, April 9, 2012

Flying Carpet Rollover?


IT's been rather GUSTY since Last Night...with the Odd Shower... I Guess actually having a SUNNY Holiday Weekend was just too *much* for The WEATHER to cope with for that long! -- COOL and WET appears to be on the AGENDA for the NEXT Few Days. I just *WISH*
that the STOCK MARKETS had fared BETTER!!

Of course, IT *could* be Worse! -- SISTER - [who lives in The MARITIMES] - spent Her
"Holiday" DIGGING-OUT of MUCH SNOW! -- And, come to think of it, BABY-BRO - [who lives in ALBERTA] - hasn't had such Pleasant Weather, either...

ANYway... At "some" Point during the Wee-Hours, the WIND *peeled* over Our LARGE Front-Stoop MAT! -- huh. that's never happened before...weird.

I stayed IN. Saving My "Budget" for Tomorrow's SHOP-edition to MICHAEL'S... "SENIORS' DAY"! - Have a Few of those 40%-Coupons to Acquire-WOOL-With! -- I just HOPE that any of the Expected RAIN holds off..?

Meanwhile... Been "PIÑ"ata-ing My wicked Ways through PINTEREST again. I'm actually beginning to Get "FOLLOWERS"!! WooHoo! - [Hey, GATEGIRL!]

And, I've managed to get a Few *more* Rows done on the "SOMETHING-RED"-Project... Gonna get Back to THAT for a little bit before Bed - I want to Finish-Off the BALL...


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