Saturday, April 21, 2012

okay. seriously. WHO **ARE** ALL "THESE **PEOPLE**"..???!!


You know, "IF" the Process is even "Possible", I am seriously Considering having My - [and, probably MOTHER's as well] - Personal "POLARITY" MEASURED!! Because, after Today, I'm pretty well Convinced that We are CROWD-MAGNETS!!

[-- hmm...perhaps IT's Our Blood-Types..? We're Both "AB" - She's RH-Positive, I'm Negative... huh. maybe there IS something to My "Polarity-Theory"...sorta..?]
AS, NO matter WHERE We go - if only for the Briefest Moment, in *ANY* EMPTY SPACE - a CROWD will SHOW UP! -- No Lie!

And, don't get Me "Started" on TRYING to get OUT of a Parking Space!! -- Really? People?! -- I'm Halfway OUT, You *can* SEE that *I* CAN'T See YOU. So? What? You HAVE TO **WALK / DRIVE** RIGHT BEHIND ME??!! All at the SAME TIME?? -- IS it *too* MUCH to ASK that You **STOP** for 10-Seconds? Maybe even, GIVE Me "Space" so that I DON'T "HIT" You with My Short-Wheel-Based-WIDE-Turning-Radius-Vehicle..??

Oh, and THEN, there's the Part where I Park in an EMPTY AREA, and before We can Exit, TWO Larger CARS Park on BOTH Sides of Us!!

-- ??WHY??

"LOTTERY-LIST" NOTE - Get a LEXUS. So IT can Secretly Render all OTHER Vehicles *and* Pedestrians, totally INERT *while* IT Parks ITSELF!!


As You can SEE, I Relieved My STRESS with YARN! -- *Would* have GOTTEN "more", BUT, apparently, the 50%-OFF-Coupon WASN'T for What I had Thought IT was FOR... pooh!

Anyhoo, I'm Thinking on Combining THESE TWO COLOURS... Sort of an AUTUMNY-TREE-Theme-Thingy..?? -- I'll have to "PLAY"...


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  1. Love these colors! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Went out to dinner with my mother last night and we had the same crowd magnet thing!


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