Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So. THIS "Temporally-Anomalous" Day Probably Could've Been SKIPPED Over!


A bit of a WINDCHILL...

Anyhoo, I was SAVING My "Super-Powers" with VEGGING - and, doing a few more Inches on that Latest HAT - as I "enjoyed" the "CALM" before The-Predicted-Overnight-And-ALL-Day-Tomorrow-IT-Could-Get-Stupid-NASTY-SNOW-DUMP that I *might* have to [cough!

I have a RE-Scheduled-I-NEED-to-go-to-Appointment DOWNTOWN, that won't afford Me the TIME *or* ENERGY, to SHOVEL *and* BUS it through Messy-TRAFFIC!! - With Luck, I "might"
be HOME early enough to do a "little bit" of Clearing-up, LATER..?? ...maybe..? ..probably NOT!

Whatever, FRIDAY is *already* "Scheduled" as a "SCOOP & SHOVEL" DAY! -- We're "supposed" to get RAIN... HIGHER Temps... I *knew* I should have Bought one of those WETSUITS at COSTCO the Other Day - I just didn't like the Colours...


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RIBBONing Knotty & Nice in BLACK & WEISS!


Found only ONE of the HOUNDSTOOTH - which, *I'm* Keeping! - I picked up a Few "Extras" of the REST... THOSE, will be going to "AUNTIE"-PRINCESS-MOM.

THESE OTHERS are for Me as well... And, the "IRISH"-COOKIE-CUTTER!

Oh! ..Look! Got more WOOL YARN, too... The LAST Two BALLS of that Shade!

IT was a Great SUNNY Day! And, We managed to GET What needed Doing DONE! -- I should have Taken a Picture, as the Remainder of The WEEK promises to be CRAPPY!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Well..So much for THAT "Plan"!

REALLY?! -- IT couldn't have just SNOWED *OVER*night..? You know, just to get IT out of ITS "Low-Pressure-System"..? Then, I would have done a Quickie-Shovel - [enough for The CAR to get out] - and, We could have carried out Our "MISSION-OF-THE-DAY".

BUT, alas, NO! IT was not to be... There was, "NO" Checking-out of the *Big* VALUE-VILLAGE Sale! - [MOTHER will be Peeved about THAT for at least a Week, I'm sure!] - "NO" going over to THE BIG MALL to do "Stuff" There...

Instead... SNOW-FLURRIES *HIT* just before We were going to "get-ready" to leave!
"REPORTS" stated that Said Precipitation, would Continue for MOST of the Afternoon..?

-- I *don't* Drive in Those Conditions, even IF IT does Melt... And, I have enough STRESS dealing with Stupid-Drivers *when* the Weather is Good! So, in Flash-Whiteout Conditions..?
I don't think so!!

I stayed IN! - There was Cyber-Stuff to do anyway...

"PLAN B" - *WAIT* for the SNOW to STOP, then hit The SHOVEL "Later"... Naturally, IT did
"stop", not long AFTERWARD. -- I suppose, that I probably *could* have Salvaged SOME of
"PLAN A" at that Point..? BUT, I wasn't buying into *that* bit of Hanging-FROZEN-Fruit!

AUNTIE *KNOWS* Better!! -- [oh! Look! IT's SNOWING again, JUST as I'm about to go Out and SHOVEL..]

Okay... So, the GOOD NEWS is, the 4-plus-Inches was LIGHT-WISPY-FLAKES! The BAD NEWS, 4-plus-Inches, and PLUS more FILLING-UP-BEHIND-ME!! -- oh. And, the way the SNOW packed-up underfoot, I kept leaving these FROZEN-SNOW-FOOTPRINTS!?!

Several FOSSILIZED-DINOSAUR-FOOTPRINT Theories flitted across My dis-SHOVELed-Synapses! - [I have NO "Life", remember..?]

FAST-FROZEN-FORWARD... Rumour has it, that Tomorrow is *suppose* to be "SUNNY"??!
-- IT had BETTER BE!! As, We have "PLAN A-Plus" scheduled! "NO" matter What!

Until THEN, I'm gonna get Back to THIS...


Sunday, February 26, 2012

"..And the *OSCAR* Wiener for BEST-DRESSED-CANINE in Dramatic-Screenwriting is..."


Better-Known Here at THE-BLOOG as "FANG"!

Currently under Long-Term-Contract - [that
"Dog-Years" Clause is a killer!] - with Novelist-TV-Screenwriter-Producer TREVOR MUNSON,
"HOLLYWOOD"-HOBBES possesses quite the Resume...

Literary-Muse-Production-Office-Manager-Coffee-Mug-Licker - [duh! They don't clean themselves you know..]
"Ghost"-WRITER - [Seriously? Did you actually think that THE-*SHERLOCK*-HOLDING-THE-LEASH was the ONE-IN-CHARGE..?! pul-LEEZE!]
- [Both SCARVES look waay better on ME!]
- [..what?! I don't see Your "B*tchin-Boody" on HER Bloog!]
"Fang"-Expert - [BITE ME! 
- I dare ya!]
- [Hey, FANG-"BOY", I'm not seeing YOU getting PETTED! -- just saying... eeuuwWWW! DUDE?!? THAT even LEGAL in *this* State??!]


*FANG-DOG's* original SCARF - [which He had better be Saving for a *Special-Occasion* and NOT have EATEN!?]


*FANG-MAN's* SCARF - [that He probably LOST to THE-DOG at Poker!]


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oooo...I Could Get *Used* To This POWER I Have...


So. As I do, every Morning when I emerge from My Basement "Burrow" before Breakfast, I go to the Front-Room to open the Curtains... Checking the Weather outside the Window is usually *how* I "Plan" My Day!

This Morning, I wanted to Gauge My "SHOVEL-Schedule" after Yesterday's FLAKE-FEST! ...ahh? Why am I seeing *Asphalt*..? huh. THE SNOW, IT's *not* "There"... hmm.. Snowblower-Tracks...

I'm suspecting MR.FIX-IT-NEIGHBOUR, as it appears that some of MADAME-Q's Laneway was done as well earlier on.

MOTHER confirmed My "Theory". And, also informed Me that HE had quite the STRUGGLE with the much Wet-Heavy-EVIL-SNOWPLOW-POOP!  -- I had wondered about how much of *THAT* would be Awaiting Me...

Well. I can definitely knock OFF an HOUR's worth from My Scheduled-3-Hours-of-Coronary-In-The-Making-"Exercise"! YAY! -- Oooo! And, IT's SUNNY out, too! BONUS!

As it turns out, I Spent TWO, SCRAPING a couple of Inches of CRISPY-FROZEN-NOT-QUITE-SLUSH-YET-PACK-SNOW... Between the Varying-Ground-Temps and the Gusting-Frigid-Winds, much of the WET-PACK-SNOW's Bottom-Layer ended up Melting-Flash-Freezing-Condensing... As a Result, I've been LEFT with an Inch of Porous-Looking-ICE all over the Place! -- The Temps are *suppose* to go UP This Week, I'm going to WAIT for IT to Soften before I go CHOPPING!

Afterward, I Removed that Leftover 2-Inches OFF of MADAME-Q's Laneway. Her "Old"-Shovel wanted to "Visit"...

Meanwhile... I'm SORE all over right now. "YESTERDAY", has caught-up to Me! "TOMORROW", is *definitely* going to be a VEG-DAY!! -- At least, *THAT's* "THE PLAN" and I'm STICKING to IT!! -- YARN *will* be INVOLVED!

..o-kay.. "LAUNDRY", too... I'm running out of CLEAN LOUNGING-PANTS!


Friday, February 24, 2012

ICAN'TSEE!! ICAN'TSEE!! Everything Has Gone WHITE!!


Really. The WEATHER had been just FINE *before* He came to "VISIT"! -- o-kay, fine... IT wasn't THAT Bad "whilst" He was Here - but there were a few *Flakery* Moments...

And, NOW..? Well, He might be gone, however, "The SNOW-GENIE" is OUT of THE-SNOWGLOBE!!

IT began with the odd unsuspecting Flake, just as The-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS were off to do Groceries... I *WARNED* Them that IT would likely get "messy", SOON! -- Within a Half-Hour, the FLAKES were getting Feisty!

When They finally RETURNED a couple of Hours later, there was already over 2-Inches of PACK-SNOW on the Ground!  A tad *more* than even I had expected at the Time... I'm glad MOTHER called Me before They got back, it gave Me Time to throw on My Shoveling-Gear! Once They were INSIDE, I went AT IT...

okay... I'm just going to get IT out of My System and Say IT... Because I *know* that THEY are "Secretly" BEHIND this Meteorological-Mayhem!


Since IT was coming Down at about 2-inches-per-Hour, and I DIDN'T want to keep having to Scrape over & over & over again, I started out at MADAME-Q's First. Over 3-Inches of PACK There.
-- I'll leave the NEXT 6-Inches for MR.FIX-IT-NEIGHBOUR to tackle with His Snowblower later...

Anyway, by the Time I Finished, MY Side had about 4-Inches! BTW, I brought over My Recently-Inherited-METAL-SHOVEL... To be Honest, I think IT worked Better on MADAME-Q's "Smooth" Laneway. But, hey, *FREE* Shovel, right? -- Actually, IT will be Useful when that PACK-SNOW turns to SLUSH!

So, did the FRONT-WALK. The SIDE - [which, takes more Time to DO despite being a Small-Area!] The WALKWAY already had ANOTHER INCH, again! aarrrgghhh! -- Another TWO on the LANEWAY!

I was hitting the 90-Minute-Mark by Then... FALL-RATE is up to 3-Inches-PER... Time to do My LAST Sweep-Over!

I begin from the CURB and Paralleled IT to the GARAGE, up the FRONT-WALK as far as the FRONT-STEP, then Back to the GARAGE. Stored The SHOVELS - [Yes, "plural". I worked with *only* 3 of Them Today] - WENT INTO THE HOUSE!!

MOTHER and I had *Plans* on doing Our usual SHOP-PEDITION, Tomorrow..? But, THAT definitely will NOT be Happening!


I'm going back to My YARN, now...


Thursday, February 23, 2012

..Now, Back To Being Stitchy..

BABY-BRO RETURNED HOME earlier Today... Miss HIM..!!

So... Gonna take My Mind OFF of "THAT" and concentrate on "CREATING"...


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"GUYS"?- [Gender optional..]

MAKE *NOTE*... In the Event of an ANNIVERSARY, where Your "SIGNIFICANT-OTHER" is a YARN-AholicMAKE that *Obligatory*-BOUQUET a **FIBER**-One!!

"FLORA" is Fancy, but "FIBER", is *FOREVER*!!

DAMN! -- Don't I just sound like a Freaking-GREETING-CARD!?!

Anyhoo... *IF* IT works for You, THANK "MR.T"!! -- As IT certainly *worked* on "FAIRY-T"!
-- I see *many* Warm-Cozy-SOCKS in His Future!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guess WHO's *HERE* For The Next "48"?


"SISTER" - "ME", in My Early Supreme-Sibling Days - "BABY-BRO"

...and, SNOW??!! what-the-****..?!

aarrrggghhhh... I just Washed most of My Shovel-Wear, "hoping" to put IT *AWAY*..?!! -- well... Temps *are* still Mild, perhaps IT'll MELT by Morning..?


SO. SGT.[ret.]-DOC flew in earlier for a "DAY-PLUS" Work-Thingy. He's recently "Retired" from Active-Duty and has moved into a "Civvy"-type Job... We haven't SEEN Him for almost 2-Years! Fortuitously for Us ALL, His Day-and-a-Bit-"Business"-Trip and "Stay" are at a *very* Nearby Hotel!

Which, The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS and I paid a Visit to this Evening... AFTER, the SNOWFALL!
-- You know, IT didn't "Start" until *after* He Landed!

Meanwhile, Half of Our Time was shared on SKYPE [from across the Country] with His lovely Wife, MAID-MARE - Who, had just come IN from Shovelling!! - She has great Technique, BTW! Worthy of Inheriting MY Shovels! - Just prior, We had been WATCHING Her on His PHONE!!

"TECH-TOYS", gotta luv 'em!

Anyhoo, THAT was actually the First Time that I've been on SKYPE! The Signal-Speed wasn't all that great, so IT was a tad Disorienting, especially for MOTHER. AlthoughShe did find the Experience to be "Exciting"!

-- AND I, *finally* got to "See & Speak" with My young STEP-NEPH-K!! YAY!


Monday, February 20, 2012

ORTish Opinions and Other Omnipotent Oddservations...

Because, *MY* "BLOOG"!! So, MY SOAPBOX! -- hang on... I've got a Laundry Load to take out... be back in a sec..

'kay.. I'm back now!

IT's a Holiday Here -- "FAMILY DAY" -- Most Places are CLOSED. And, not-so-"helpful", is the Fact that MOST of Them are Locations *where* "FAMILIES" would want to GO TO!? ...yeah. That works! - Well, at least, IT's a "Nice" Day!

Another SUNNY One!! YAY! -- Evaporation appears to be progressing at a Steady Pace... Now. IF, We can "avoid" having a 2-Month RAINY-SEASON like *Last* Year, then *perhaps*, YARD-SALE-SEASON will begin Sooner!?! -- Then again, We *really* DON'T have THE SPACE for ANYTHING *MORE*!! ...hate when *that* happens...

Personally, I'm seriously beginning to Suspect a "Prevention-of-*GOOD*-STUFF-Acquisition-CONSPIRACY"!! -- Think about IT... My Fav YARN-Store moving "OFF-World"..? You just can't Online-Order "ODD-BALLS". Seriously. WHERE'S the FUN in That??!! Besides,
"STASH"-Buying is ALL about TEXTURE! Getting to FEEL The YARN!

Oh. And, I do believe that My COTTON-YARN-"FACTORY-ENDS" Supply has also come to an END! The Chain of Stores that had Them was Bought by a Bigger Chain, that I doubt even carries Yarn!
-- I could end up HAVING to Pay "RETAIL" for My Future Crafty-Hoardy-Bits!? ...HATE when THAT happens, too!!

PRICES are going UP Everywhere.
Never What WE "want" is On-Sale...
The STOCK MARKET is all over The MAP! -- At least, *MY* Portfolio IS!
Same goes with the LOTTERY Numbers...

GETTING ANYthing *done* around the REALITY-SHOW-Last-Minute-Scheduling is a Chore! Meanwhile, JUST when You can *find* the Time to Squeeze in that OVERDUE Appointment, They CHANGE Locations. And, Weather *happens*! Or, SOMEthing BREAKS! Or, Someone comes to VISIT...

And then... Weather HAPPENS! again...

Actually, I Think that THIS-TIME-OF-YEAR is *almost* AS "INCONVENIENT" as the WINTER-HOLIDAYS... "TAX-TIME" certainly *doesn't* Help! Neither, does "END-OF-FISCAL"!

And, WHY are High-Use-Websites always being "UPgraded" *just* when You NEED to do Vital-THINGS at *that* Moment? -- Nor, am I *not* all that "Crazy" about the "New" SECURITY-INTERFACE-FORMAT on The COMMENTS Section, either!!

-- BTW, The JURY is also still "out" on the Lastest TWITTER "Face-Lift" as well!

And... *SPRING-CLEANING* - is a Global-Brainwashing-Industrial-Manufacturing-Marketing-Ploy! ...just saying...

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