Monday, February 27, 2012

Well..So much for THAT "Plan"!

REALLY?! -- IT couldn't have just SNOWED *OVER*night..? You know, just to get IT out of ITS "Low-Pressure-System"..? Then, I would have done a Quickie-Shovel - [enough for The CAR to get out] - and, We could have carried out Our "MISSION-OF-THE-DAY".

BUT, alas, NO! IT was not to be... There was, "NO" Checking-out of the *Big* VALUE-VILLAGE Sale! - [MOTHER will be Peeved about THAT for at least a Week, I'm sure!] - "NO" going over to THE BIG MALL to do "Stuff" There...

Instead... SNOW-FLURRIES *HIT* just before We were going to "get-ready" to leave!
"REPORTS" stated that Said Precipitation, would Continue for MOST of the Afternoon..?

-- I *don't* Drive in Those Conditions, even IF IT does Melt... And, I have enough STRESS dealing with Stupid-Drivers *when* the Weather is Good! So, in Flash-Whiteout Conditions..?
I don't think so!!

I stayed IN! - There was Cyber-Stuff to do anyway...

"PLAN B" - *WAIT* for the SNOW to STOP, then hit The SHOVEL "Later"... Naturally, IT did
"stop", not long AFTERWARD. -- I suppose, that I probably *could* have Salvaged SOME of
"PLAN A" at that Point..? BUT, I wasn't buying into *that* bit of Hanging-FROZEN-Fruit!

AUNTIE *KNOWS* Better!! -- [oh! Look! IT's SNOWING again, JUST as I'm about to go Out and SHOVEL..]

Okay... So, the GOOD NEWS is, the 4-plus-Inches was LIGHT-WISPY-FLAKES! The BAD NEWS, 4-plus-Inches, and PLUS more FILLING-UP-BEHIND-ME!! -- oh. And, the way the SNOW packed-up underfoot, I kept leaving these FROZEN-SNOW-FOOTPRINTS!?!

Several FOSSILIZED-DINOSAUR-FOOTPRINT Theories flitted across My dis-SHOVELed-Synapses! - [I have NO "Life", remember..?]

FAST-FROZEN-FORWARD... Rumour has it, that Tomorrow is *suppose* to be "SUNNY"??!
-- IT had BETTER BE!! As, We have "PLAN A-Plus" scheduled! "NO" matter What!

Until THEN, I'm gonna get Back to THIS...


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