Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oooo! Look At The "TOURISTS"!!

  • I got to SLEEP *IN*!
  • Oh, Hey! Look! We've got "ROYALTY" Visiting for the Weekend! -- Special!

  • Again, with the NO Cheque!
  • Just a Bill that I had *paid*, Yesterday!
  • Too much TRAFFIC!
  • Had to run *extra* Errands...
  • End-of-Month "Paperwork" - ugh!
  • Clouds. Wind. The SUN is peeking through the Cracks...
  • WT*..?! -- That Microwave I *bought* YESTERDAY, is "On Sale" TODAY?!

  • I GOT the "difference" BACK on the Microwave!

  • However, I had to back-track Home to get the Receipt after MOTHER called Me - 10 Minutes after I had LEFT to go run those Errands...
  • ..ahh.. WHY is there Bird Crap on My Poor BABY-CAR?! eewwww!

  • "TOMORROW", I *GET* to SLEEP **IN**!! -- WOOHOO!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


IT'S "OFFICIAL" - I've FINALLY committed My FIRST "YARN-Boomb"!!

I've made SEVEN so far...

ONE, I gave to a Deserving Elderly Lady, who I'm sure could use a bit of a Pick-Me-Up!

FOUR are currently Hanging About in a Tranquilly-Spacious-Pale-Paletted-ZEN-Inspired *SECRET* Location that was positively Screaming for a CRAYOLA-Driveby!

And, the Young-ish, "Perky" STAFF were in NEED of *Something*
"different" in Their Workplace...

Oh, and it's CANADA DAY on Friday - so, I figured, "WHY NOT, eh?"!

The Remaining TWO were completed afterward... I may hang on to Them for a while... Or, pass Them on to Someone Else...

Meanwhile... the REST of My Day...

  • Still NO Cheques! -- Just the Hydro [Power] Bill...
  • The Fuse-Blowing Microwave finally died! Didn't have a chance to go Shopping for a *new* One until just BEFORE Dinner!
  • Noticed that some Poor, Unlucky Rabbit got SMUCKED on MRS.CLEAN's "quiet" Street - [..down the Road, around the Corner from Us...].
  • I won $7.!
  • And, read that some "Recently-Discovered" - [cough! Monday!] - Big-As-A-BUS HUNK of CELESTIAL-GRAVEL *almost* HIT The PLANET!! -- hmmm... Perhaps, it was a Good Thing that I *didn't* have a Lottery Ticket for those "winning" Numbers of Mine from the Other Night, huh?!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...hey? Did You HEAR That..?


WOOHOO!! ...wait... hang on... NUTS! Just crappy BILL Receipts and Junk... NO Cheques! ggrrrrrr...

Well... Can't worry about That. No Time! Got STUFF to DO! -- SEE!!

I've got 7 of THESE on the GO! It's taken Me *most* of the Night TRYING to Design the silly MAPLE LEAF! -- STILL have to Figure Out HOW I'm going to ATTACH Everything...


Monday, June 27, 2011

Am I *HOME, Yet?

HAD a Mid-Noonish Appointment that ran LONG... Then, was Home for literally for all of *FIVE Minutes*, and had to be OUT the Door to catch Buses to get to the WESTGATE Area to take care of some Other Business! -- That took a bit of Time, too... I didn't GET Home until 5:00!

BTW, "discovered" that the 101-Bus Starts & Ends at the ST. LAURENT STATION, instead of ORLEANS these Days... That's a Pain!

Oh! And, I just noticed... the Numbers that I had picked LAST Week on the LOTTERY, came out TONIGHT!! ...crap...! Could've "won" $100.! grrrrrrrr.....

So. Not really getting as *far* as I would Like on that *little* Yarn-Boombing "Plan" I have... I keep getting SIDE-TRACKED with Having-To-BE-Places and Paperwork! And, more Laundry...

Anyhoo... THIS is ALL that I *managed* to get "done" while I was WAITING around at My First Appointment...


-- And, DON'T *ASK* about WHAT IT is!

...I'm *still* Playing around with IT...

WHICH, I need to do MORE of.. NOW!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Have To Make a *LIST*...

THERE'S SO MUCH TO *DO*... I just know that I'll FORGET "Something"!
  • Do Laundry... [CHECK]
  • Take *better* Pics of the MOA-TOTES... [CHECK]
  • THANK the WeatherGods for Today's NON-Precipitous Conditions!!... [Wait for MAIL STRIKE to *END*. SEND a *Nice* Card]
  • Put in Stock Buy-Order... [CHECK]
  • UPLOAD recent "Baby" Pics... [CHECK]
  • Dig out WASHCLOTH Selection for Client... [FOUND the BUCKET - Must OPEN IT!]
  • Update *New* SCHEDULE... [CHECK]
  • Start Yarn-"Boomb" designing... [sshhh...The HOOKS are "Thinking"...] 
  • Do BACK-UPS...
  • Win on LOTTERY... [yeah! That'll happen!]
  • WASH Hair... [CHECK]
  • POST Today's Bloog Entry... [CHECK - You're Reading THIS, aren't You?]
  • Do umpteen *OTHER* things that I can't Remember that NEED DOING!!... [SEE about BULLDOZER Rentals]


Saturday, June 25, 2011


WOW! -- A "GARAGE SALE" actually IN a Garage!! A *useful* Concept, especially on a RAIN-Enhanced Day!

I slept IN! -- I've had a TIRING Week - [...Sometimes, there's a LOT that I *don't* "mention" Here..] - and for the most part, had only intended on doing Groceries, Today. However, there *was* This ONE, *Nearby* GARAGE SALE that MOTHER wanted to Check out...

Soooo GLAD, we did!

For $2. I got This Box of over 100 NOTE CARDS, and even more EnvelopesALL of the ARTWORK depicted on Them are of PAINTINGS produced by "MOUTH and FOOT" ARTISTS! -- I would *LOVE* to SEE the ORIGINALS!

It was the SHIP Cards that first caught My Eye... I'm thinking that I could do a Single Frame-Up of a Grouping such as the ABOVE. Or, perhaps do a few Linear-Types - 3 or 4 Cards per Frame - aligning the Horizons...

As well, there were These FLORAL Ones... THESE are just *some* of Them...

Meanwhile, as to the OTHER THINGS I bought THERE...

I'm not completely "Certain", but I believe that THIS TUREEN - [I *think* that what IT is..?] - might be a Porcelain..? IT had that *Ring* to IT, and is very Thin... IT's about 35cm Long. And, was ONLY 50-Cents! Wasn't going to Say "No"...

IT has a marvelous CLASSICAL Look.
Could "GO" ANYwhere! ...Actually, the more I "think" on it, THIS might possibly be a Dining Table *Center Piece* for Floral Arrangements...? Or,
perhaps USE IT in a Bathroom for Rolled-up Washcloths... Maybe put IT on an Entranceway Table to hold MAIL?

And then, there were THESE [LEFT] Matching VASES... White Clay. 17cm and 21cm High. A DOLLAR for the PAIR!

We did the Grocery Shopping afterward... In between the Periodic Showers and Menacing CLOUDS.

Which didn't *Frighten* Me from "acquiring" TWO Packages of YARN! -- "FRUITLOOP"


Friday, June 24, 2011

NOAH Is Back From *Wherever*...

I SUPPOSE having 3 or so Weeks of HOT Temps and SUNLIGHT *after* the 2 MONTHS of **RAIN**, was just too much for the Local Weather Gods to handle...

It was a Sprinkle Here, a DOWNPOUR There... TRAFFIC and THUNDER - *EVERYWHERE*!

And, I had to be OUT in IT - Twice... Well, at least The CAR *looks* Cleaner!

Meanwhile... I *did* FIND Time to FINISH My Latest "MOA-TOTE"! -- Changed up a few Things on the DESIGN... Managed to Use *less* YARN. That LAST LOT of FACTORY ENDS I had acquired, had consisted of a few Packages of "MAPLE" in the THICKER Gauge.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Went Downtown, And All I Got Was...

A REALLY GREAT Black Silk & Cashmere Knit Sleeveless PULLOVER... On SALE! And, on Sale some MORE when I got to the Checkout!! IT *FEELS* soooo SOFT!! ...HOPE IT FITS! -- Doesn't matter... At THAT Price - $17.79 - I WASN'T going to pass IT up!! I can always make a PILLOW - or, a "Pet" - out of IT...

So, the Day *started* out Drizzly... Then, to DOWNPOUR... WHEN I *HAD* to be Driving! ...Of course! Luckily, That Bit only lasted a few Miles, before turning back to Piddly-Drops. It stayed Cloudy and Muggy for a few Hours, and then, the SUN made an "appearance" just as I was headed out to go DOWNTOWN... Fortunately, there was a bit of a Breeze that HELPED to mitigate the Humidity.

Did a Quickie Run-Through of The RIDEAU CENTRE, as I had some Time to kill before getting to My Appointment. However, I only popped into OLD NAVY.

-- SHOCKER! I *didn't* BUY Anything!

Anyway, I whipped onto My Next BUS, did My Business, and jumped onto another One back... That ONE goes past PARLIAMENT HILL... The BIG STAGE and "Whatever" is being set-up for CANADA DAY - which is only a Week away! Oh, and WILL & KATE will be "stopping by" to help *Celebrate*...

It'll be a ZOO - Then! I'll be HOME. In the "Burbs". Vegging...

Whatever... I ended up at The RIDEAU CENTRE again. -- That's when I acquired the afore-mentioned Vest at THE GAP. Afterward, I was off on the Buses once more, heading for THE BIG MALL. Picked up "Dinner", perused a bit, and got Home...JUST before some NASTY Dark Clouds swept overhead! -- We had a spot of THUNDER this Evening....

FINALLY managed to get SOME Crocheting DONE!! -- Sans *any* DRAMA!

I'm *hoping* to FINISH the current "Project", Tomorrow... A Pic, then.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well. *So* Much For PLAN "A"...


I'm *sure* of it! Really. "IT's" the ONLY plausible "Explanation"!

Sooo... Besides the 2 or 3 MAJOR "Difficulties" - [which I haven't disclosed Here, nor plan to - yet..] - that We have currently Plaguing-Our-Lives, there are ALL of These Nasty-Niggly-NEVERENDING-Nuisance Nonsenses popping up at The WORST TIMES!! And, are beginning to become ONE *TOO* many BURDENS to BEAR!

It probably wouldn't be sooo BAD, IF it was an EASY to FIX and/or ACCESS "Single" Item... But, NOoooo...

IT always seems to be *intertwining* STUFF that *has* to be Replaced-But-No-One-Makes-Them-Anymore, and oh, BTW, That-Half-Ton-of-Other-Stuff-Near-It-Has-To-Be-Moved-To-Get-At-Whatever-But-To-Do-That-Such&Such-Has-To-Be-Repaired...

-- The Word - "BRAMBLE" - comes to Mind...

And then, there's the Part where We have to TRY to carry on with Those afore-mentioned DIFFICULTIES and live Our Lives whilst DEALING with OTHER Peoples' Problems that are Indirectly AFFECTING Us, and SO on and so ON...

BOTTOMLINE - Nothing that a Ginormous LOTTERY WIN, a Bulldozer, and/or a BIG-HONKING ROCK SMUCKING THE PLANET wouldn't *CURE*!

And YES, I do realize in the OVERALL Scheme of "THINGS", IT-COULD-BE-WORSE! However, at some Point, ALL of those LITTLE THINGS *DO* eventually, ADD UP! ...just saying...

ANYHOO... TONIGHT's "Little-Demise-du-Jour"... Just as MOTHER Finished cooking Dinner, the Microwave contributed to BLOWING OUT a Fuse! But ALAS, not just ANY Fuse... Noooo... IT was the ONE that *MOST* of the Kitchen is CONNECTED to!

We *really* DO *need* to GET a NEW ELECTRICAL PANEL!!

I thought I had *found* the Problem One, but apparently NOT... THANKFULLY, We have the Freezer Chest and a small Fridge in the Basement... And, the Stove is on a Different Circuit.

Whatever, I spent an Hour "piddling" with Fuses... TRYING to FIND the Culprit...

-- BTW, just how MANY Patents *are* there on These STUPID THINGS?!! Because, seriously,
"without" a Fuse-Tester, "Visually" inspecting Them is akin to MIND-READING!

Eventually, Our Neighbour across the Street, the Young & Strapping MR.FIX-IT - [He's in the 
"Construction" Business, but always VERY Busy!] - arrived Home, and was subsequently hailed over by MOTHER....

LONG STORY SHORT - He FOUND the EVIL FUSE. Noticed some OTHER Issues for Us to be AWARE of... -- I'm going to have to Inventory and SORT Our FUSE Supply... And, buy LOTTERY TICKETS!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011


...WAIT..? Whaddaya MEAN, the *DAYS* are going to get "Shorter"..? -- Well. THAT's *inconvenient*!

I'm also in "minor" *SHOCK* -- the DAY turned out to be HOT & SUNNY! As opposed - to the more often - CLOUDY & RAINY.

Anyway, I spent the better Part of IT, *finishing* THE "MOA-TOTE" BAG! -- As predicted, I had to REDO The FLAP... As in, *not* really having One! It's kind of Difficult to SEE, but there are SLITS for The FRINGES to feed through... And, The FRINGES are long enough to be TIED.
-- Oh, and IT's about 14-Inches across...

Meanwhile, I already have Thoughts on Tweaking the DESIGN some more... As IT is, THIS took the ENTIRE Package of YARN! Of which, I only have "SO" many... And, from a PRICE-POINT Perspective, I'm not certain that I'll be able to SELL Any... TABLET CASES *would* be more FEASIBLE!?



Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking the *New* YARN For a Test-HOOK

I DECIDED to do some "DESIGNING" Today...

IT's a "BAG"... Just have to finish the STRAP, and "figure out" how I want to do the FLAP. Depends on how *much* is LEFT of the SKEIN! -- I'll probably end up UNRAVELING the Flap a few Times, I'm sure!

Meanwhile, I've been *pondering* on using this YARN to make "TABLET" CASES...? Would be Simple to DO... Just have to see how LINTY this Stuff is though...

Anyway, IT should be Complete "some" Time, Tomorrow!

-- Oooo! An IDEA on the Flap Configuration JUST Popped into My Head!!


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sooo... That "Great NEWS" I hinted at in Yesterday's Post... Well, for Those of You who "Pay Attention", You might have ALREADY "Figured" IT out! -- However, for the Rest of You... TAKE a Sec to SCROLL DOWN on the SIDEBAR... *SEE* Anything "New"..? -- BESIDES, the Latest

Not sure...? Well, IT looks "something" like THIS -

Excuse Me, while I do a HAPPY DANCE!!

BTW, THANK YOU, to Those of You, Who forwarded THIS BLOOG for "Consideration"! IT's been Listed in 2 Categories - "CRAFTING" and "LIFE WEBLOG"

Meanwhile, be sure to POP in over at -

... to CHECK OUT the OTHER NOMINEES as well! -- We ALL Love the "Reader Traffic"! AND, for You NON-Canucks, here's an Entertaining and hopefully "Educational" Opportunity into CANADIAN

Not to Worry... WE're *mostly* HARMLESS!

..o-kay...except, maybe for EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY...? -- THAT *HOSER* is a Total SNOWGLOBE-Minus-A-Few-Flakes!



FATHER spent His, OUT with MOTHERAFTER all of the PROGENY PHONE CALLS... Apparently, LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED has a rather Voluminous Timbre...


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hot Weather, Hot Stuff, *HOT* GUYS!!


Once again, We started Out a wee bit "late"... But, as I *keep* telling MOTHER - "ZEN Shopping"! -- And, it's *not* like We really "need" MORE Stuff!

Anyhoo... We started with a Couple of YARD SALES in "Our" Neighbourhood.

I got THIS fabulous SUEDE JEWELRY BOX for ONLY 50-Cents!! It's about 16x24x9cm. The "Artwork" is PYRO-ETCHED.

At the Next Stop, I couldn't Resist! IT was just a Dollar... And, strangely "familiar"...

-- It wasn't until earlier this Evening, whilst Photographing all of This STUFF that I
"noticed" - I've *already* GOT One of These! ...Was a GIFT...

...oops! My Bad...

But, What-the-Hey! IT's not the
"first" RHINO Double in My rather Large Collection. And, I can NEVER have TOO *many* RHINOS!!

OH! Hey! LOOK! A little
"Squadron" of VINTAGE PLANES Flying by! -- COOL!

Meanwhile, We also ran into MRS. CLEAN at This SALE and gave Her a Lift Home, just down the Road... She'd already finished Her "Park Walk", but it was beginning to get Hotter out, and She's not suppose to be out IN the SUN for so long. Besides, We had to GO *that* Way anyhow!

And, off We were to Other "Areas"...

Picked up THIS 10-Inch High White Clay VASE for another DOLLAR... IT has a good Weight to IT. Clean Lines... IT can be Used ANYwhere!

Further into That Area, One of My "Regular" WASHCLOTH Customers was also holding a Yard Sale... MOTHER picked up some "Crafting" Items, and I got an Order for *more* WASHCLOTHS!


...hmm... I'm going to have to embark on an EXPEDITION
*into* THE ROOM to Retrieve the Storage Bucket of My WASHCLOTH Inventory, for Some of the Colours that She needs... BTW, *IF* You don't "Hear" from Me.. It'll be because I'm *trapped* in some Alternate Dimension between YARN WORLD and The-GOOD-*STUFF*!! -- Bring extra Dr.Pepper and Chocolate!

Eventually, We made Our Way to BEACON HILL... Only a Few Sales There... However, at One of the "Regular" Sales, I gladly swapped a LOONIE for THIS refreshing OIL PAINTING by a LAURA WRIGHT... According to an "attached" 1983 Newspaper Article, that's suppose to be BRANSCOMBE Church on the Cliff...

I still have to do *more* Research. -- I did come across a British Artist by *that* Name, however, the STYLE is quite Different... And, despite being of a British Beach, the "Article" was from a Canadian Newpaper! -- So... IT's about 14x18in. Oil on Canvas. 1983..? Could do with a touch of Cleaning... And, has a not such a great Frame... As if "that", *really* matters!?

-- Hello?! "A DOLLAR"!

Afterward, it was Time to do some Groceries before heading to the Local COUNCILLOR - [Who was "Performing" in the DUNK TANK!] - Sponsored
"FUN FAIR"! -- A waay BIGGER Event than that Other One of Last Week!

THIS had actual "RIDES". And, a Bandstand with Music BLARING out at the GAZILLION Level!

We arrived TOO Late for the FREE HOT DOGS!

NUTS! I was beginning to get Peckish...

However, I did manage to get a FREE Blue
"ICICLE"! -- Haven't had one of THOSE in Decades!

But. HEY! LOOK! ... "FIRE TRUCK"! With the Ginormous LADDER... And, FIREMEN!

Oooo....! *EYE*-CANDY!!

And, ohh... Strapping Young PARAMEDICS!
-- MEET ANDREW and "DINO"!  -- They were Both quite CHARMING!

Anyway, We didn't stay long... Still had *more* Groceries to do, and the needed Pilgrimage to THE MALL. -- UV Levels were also peaking... As was, that Soon-to-be-DEAFNESS!

Less than 2-Hours later, We were settled Home... Where, I came across some Great NEWS!
-- Which, I will *Disclose*, TOMORROW!!

And, YES! -- I *do* ENJOY being "EVIL"!! [hehe!]

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