Tuesday, January 31, 2012

..Just One More Day..

..UNTIL "AUNTIE'S" *BIG DAY*!! -- PROGENY and Their Plushy-Pets are SITTING-BY...

"..So. What's the *real* scoop, huh? Is SHE *really* THAT OLD?"
"Seriously, DOG?! I've only been Here 8 Weeks, remember? How the poop should I *know*!?!
-- uh-oh! I think SHE's just BLOOGed US!!"

Meanwhile... I filled the Remaining Time with the USUAL Shoveling-DURING-a-Snowfall... Mind you, IT was LESS and Drier than anticipated - a GOOD THING! -- However, Temps were still COOL,
so absolutely NO ICE-Breakage was even *remotely* possible!

The WINDCHILL is around -14C at the moment... So, even WITH the coming RAIN, it's highly DOUBTFUL that *any* significant ICE REMOVAL will be Achieved Tomorrow!

You know... *having* to SHOVEL on One's BIRTHDAY, truly **SUCKS**!! -- Almost, as much as Thinking that Wishing-Someone-Would-Remove-The-SNOWBANK would be a Great GIFT!!?

-- I'm really getting TOO "Old" for This SH*T!


Monday, January 30, 2012

On the Receiving End...

WELL... SILLY-ME! AND, HERE I THOUGHT that Taking a Day OFF from My CRYO-HYDROLOGICAL-RELOCATION Duties would be the *Highlight* of My Day!

But, alas, *not* SO!

First off, The SUN was OUT for the Second Day in a Row! And THEN, to *discover* the Receipt of not ONE, but *TWO* Postal Items that were NOT Bills, Junk, and/or Boring-Financial-Reports!
-- Perhaps, more surprisingly, "THEY" had Arrived in an "early" Timely-Manner...

THEY were *CARDS*... BIRTHDAY CARDS!! - BOTH filled with *much* appreciated [on MY part] Heart-felt Sentiments... One, from My #1 "BFF", SISTER-S!

And, the Other, from My "Baby"-Brother, SGT.-DOC -- I can't remember the last Time that He's *ever* "Hand"-written THAT Much! - [INSERT BIG-Sister Smirk]

Thankfully, with My Decades of "Experience" in "Interpreting" the Penmanship of *many* a DOCTORATE - [BTW, My longtime Interest in "Archaeology", doesn't *Hurt*, either!] - I can *still* READ His CUNEIFORM-like Scratchings!

Quite *opposite* to SISTER-S' flourishing Script that would make a Medieval-Book-Copying-Monk Proud!

Anyhoo, from There, it was a Day of Cyber-Catch-Up, Reading, Vegging, AND awaiting the NEXT onslaught of WEATHER!!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Isn't IT Done Yet??!!

FINISHING THESE HATS always seems to Take the MOST Time... Hence, I'm Calling IT - "TICK-TOCK"!

IT also ended up with a Funny Peak... hmm... I might have to ADD "Something" to IT, I suppose.

Anyway... The HOUR is Late, so more "Details" Tomorrow..? Perhaps more Pics, too! -- I sort of ran OUT of Space on My Camera-Card! ...oops! My BAD!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well! I. Am. "P*SSED"!!

AARRGGHHHHH!!!! stupid *&)$=#^($%#&* LOTTERY "numbers"!!

..and, here I WAS trying to come up with a "Title" for Today's POST when, I decided to check on the Day's Lottery Numbers...

I just *knew* "Something" was SCREWY and Not-*QUITE*-Right-With-The-UNIVERSE! -- BTW, the BIG-HONKING-ROCK that NO ONE spotted UNTIL the LAST MINUTE that **MISSED** US the Other Day, was just a Decoy!

Nooo, Tonight... My "Numbers" to Win $100. *Came Out*! - HOWEVER, My "TICKET" *EXPIRED*
YESTERDAY!! -- aarrrggghhhhh!!!


O-kay. Pretty-FLUFFY-FLAKES are EVIL!! ..just saying...

And, "Above"-Freezing-Temps aren't so *innocent*, either!

The Front-Step was ICED-over from the Roof-Melt. Had to walk over the Snow-covered little Patch of Garden along the House-Front. Then, a Quickie-Shovel of certain bits so MOTHER could get to The CAR without Slipping!

The SHOVELS are already "Booked" for a 3-Hour-CHOP-&-SCRAPE-&-SCOOP Session for Tomorrow!

So, First Stop - THE BIG MALLBut, *only* for a Few Moments! ...At least, THAT was "The PLAN" - which, did NOT include the OUT-OF-SERVICE Elevator in the Parking Structure, OR, the
15-Minute WAIT at The BANK!

Off to TRAINYARDS... And, the Obligatory Stop at WALMART... Then, the "Main-Event" Visit to MICHAEL'S.

THIS YARN is about the ONLY "LINE" of 100% WOOL that I could Find There! I don't have any BLACK Wool. -- SALES and COUPONS were Involved...

I thought the little METAL LANTERNS were Cute... And, could probably be Used for *SOME*
Thing ELSE..?

EASTER Stuff is OUT! -- I'm such a sucker for Ceramic Ornaments...

An Hour later, We were off to the "Old Neighbourhood" for a bit of Groceries. Nasty Parking-Lot conditions... oh! look! Evil-Fluffy-Flakes falling... Time to head to THE MALL and wrap-up this Expedition!

There was this Slight-SALE...

And, since I haven't Purchased COTTON YARN for a while.. Did I mention that I had a Redeemed-Points-$10.-Gift-Card bent on Escaping from My Pocket..?

"The Math"!

Oh..and, so You
"know", I'm STILL


Friday, January 27, 2012

You know...This whole WINTER thing has *Seriously* LOST its "ALLURE"!!

    ROAD-SALT-SAND-FLAVOURED-FROZEN-*SLUSHIES* now Selling at the End of My Laneway!! ALL-YOU-CAN-SHOVEL!! -- And, remember to ASK for the *FREE*-FRESHLY-FALLING-FLUFFY-FLAKES Topping!

Well. "Predictions" certainly didn't Disappoint! Frozen SLUSH-WATER over ICE, under SNOW-GLAZE... And then, there were the Glacial-Moraine PLOW-DROPPINGS... I did about THREE-HOURS of "Basic" Clearing on Ours and MADAME-Q's Place as I was Wet-Snowed and Fluffy-Flaked overhead!!

I really *DO* need to go OUT Tomorrow. *IF*, The EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY *doesn't* Leave Me a GREAT-WALL-OF-CRAP barring My Way, I'm taking The CAR out! -- Have Things to DO. Places to BE!

Meanwhile - AFTER an Evening NAP, I managed to do a tad more on the Current Project...

Some of the YARN is a little *too*
"itchy" for a COWL, so IT will be a TOQUE instead.

-- Eventually...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

"ME"-Day, Myself, and Not-So-Many Other People...


I started out Late, as FATHER had used The CAR earlier, so I was left to wait for ITS Return. However, as "THEY" Say, "Timing IS Everything..." -- TRAFFIC was on the *quiet* side at that Time.

COSTCO. Needed to get Milk, and I hate going There ON Weekends! Besides, I have *OTHER* Shopping PLANS for Saturday - IF The Weather is "agreeable"..?

Anyway, NO nasty Crowds There - [INside or OUT!] . Or, anything Else worth mentioning, with the Exception of just enough Food Samples to keep Me "Fed".

hmm... It was SUNNY out *when* I left The HOUSE... - [OVERCAST. Not a good sign...]

On to THE MALL...

And, OF COURSE, *ALL* of the "SALES" begin TOMORROW - "when" The WEATHER *will* be CRAPPY! -- SNOW, FREEZING RAIN, yadda, yadda..[Oops! Watch out for--oooww..that's gonna HURT!]

I Power-Browsed... Bought "Snacks"... Also, a LILAC-shade Cotton-Wool SWEATER that was ON SALE because I LIKED the Colour. And, "because" I *Really*-Needed-ANOTHER-Sweater-**NOT**!!

Hey! Remember? - **"ME"**-Day!! -- Besides, where's the FUN in That, when ALL I've Bought is Milk, Paper-Towels, Junkfood, and Losing Lottery Tickets..??! Huh?


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Now..Where *WAS* I..??

oh. RIGHT...

In as much as I had loathed the Thought, I braved the last lingering Photons of this Past Weekend's SOLAR FLARE, and went OUT for 20-Minutes to tidy up some of the Icy-Debris that was still protruding from The SNOWBANK. -- I feared that the current approach-angle would prove to be cumbersome when pulling INTO the Laneway...

However, LIMITED success was achieved, as most of the ICE had the Consistency of IRON!

The REST of My Day was devoted to CYBER-STUFF. And, a return to one of My Former "Projects"
- [SEE 31DEC2011 POST]. Otherwise, IT was just *another* Boring Day...

Mind You, certainly NOT enough to make an actual "SCIENCE" out of Having-Too-Much-Time-On-My-Hands as "SOME" *PEOPLE* apparently HAVE!! -- CHECK THIS ARTICLE out...


Meanwhile... Do You *need* a CALENDAR to record Your SPARE TIME?? Or, just have a "Thing" for CUTE FARM ANIMAL Pics..? -- Well, Look NO Further! Just CLICK on over to KRISTIN NICHOLAS' Bloog for a Couple of **FREE** Calendar PDFs! - [For PERSONAL USE ONLY!]


Despite the *Cooler* TEMPS Predictions, Tomorrow promises to be a NICE-Day..?? -- I think that I shall turn IT into a "ME"-Day...


Tuesday, January 24, 2012




Meanwhile, as for Today's earlier "Adventures"...

WELL over THREE-HOURS of CHOPPING!! -- Thankfully, the TEMPS were high enough, and for *long* enough to Enable much EASIER Breakage of the ICE-SHEETS!! Actually, I think I spent *more* Time Carving a Narrow Trench to the Sewer-Grate.

BTW, I also managed to "Make-Nice" with a Couple of SNOW-REMOVAL-CITY-GUYS - as in *GOOD*-SNOWPLOW-GUYS. There were "Promises" to have the Nasty Snowbank "Relocated"..??
-- "Hopefully", THAT will happen *before* the TEMPS Drop again!?

Whatever... I think My "Chopping"-Hand could do with a Rest, Tomorrow..? IT got more than *enough* IMPACT-STRESS Today. Besides, IF I Injure IT, *Who* will My YARN get to Play with..?


FAIRY-T... GATE-GIRL... Watch it! I can SEE You *lurking* about!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Well...Looks Like My SnowCATION Is Over..

WOW! **FIVE** DAYS of NOT Shoveling!! -- well.. *Except* for the Removal of Slush from the Car Tires, which does NOT *Count*!

TOMORROW, promises to be a SCOOP, CHOP, and SCRAPE Day... Apparently, FATHER did a little bit of THAT earlier, whilst putting out the Trash. TEMPS are above Freezing, and there's been RAIN.

Just HOPE, I can stay ahead of any Flooding! And, that IT *doesn't* Rain *when* I'm OUT there! -- Being ABLE to GET down from the Front-Step and making it to the Garage *without* Slipping would be GOOD, too!

In the meantime, I've been at My "Latest" PROJECT... Another "COWL" for ME... I like the Colours - [which are alas, *bang-on* for once!!]too much to Part with IT!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Think I Need To Have A "Little" **TALK** With My NIECE..?!!


Should it be *NEW*-AUNTIE-MOM? - Who is Notorious for setting-up BABY-FASHION-PHOTO-SESSIONS -- in which, it should be noted, LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED has been a *willing* Participant since DAY ONE!

Or, with CPL.TAT-MOM, for ALLOWING Her Older Sister to DO so..?!!

GIRLS?... For REAL??!

As *CUTE* as the whole Concept of THIS Vignette IS, from the Expression of FEAR on Our PROGENY-PRINCE's Face, I Predict a profound PHOBIA for Amphibians will be His future FATE!!

-- So much for Him following in His PARENTS' "Professional" Footsteps..?

Just Remember... *WHEN* He starts SCREAMING at the Sight of GRASS...

-- I-*TOLD*-YOU-SO!!

[INSERT *GREAT*-AUNTIE shaking Her Head in disbelief...]


Saturday, January 21, 2012

SALLY-ANN Shopping "Sciarpa" Score!!


So... JUST as I was about to get into the SALLY-ANN Checkout queue, I decided to take a quick peek at a nearby Rack of Scarves... What possessed Me to *do* so, is a Mystery! - Perhaps, it was the subliminal Pleas of "..BUY ME! BUY ME!.." emanating from the fibrous "GEM" amongst the Polyester Riff-Raff, that drew My Attentions.

The "$1.99" Price-Tag didn't hurt, either!! - [BELOW] - 100%-WOOL of a rather lovely quality. Woven. Made in ITALY. 2'x6'. The actual Tone is more toward a KIWI shade... And, from what I can tell, in Perfect condition!

Although, I probably DON'T *Need* IT, I also picked up THIS - [ABOVE] - BLUE & IVORY Gingham CURTAIN PANEL. At $7. IT was a tad "Pricey", however, the Heavy-COTTON Texture was the "Deciding" Factor. IT'll go with My BLUE-WHITE Crockery Collection.. "Repurposing" is likely in ITS Future.

Whilst There, I also stumbled onto THIS Bit of DELFT...

About 4-Inches across.
I have NO Idea as to
"what" IT is - [..as IF
that *really* matters?!]
I suppose, IT *could*
be a Soap-Dish? Or, Spoon-Rest?

For 71-Cents, I'll find
"some" Use for IT!

After some Grocery-Shopping, We ventured over to FABRICLAND... As Tempted as I was to
"Rescue" the odd Bolt, I just settled on TWO COTTON REMANENTS - [ABOVE-TOP] - a PINK heavy-weave, and a BLACK Fine-Wale Corduroy.

Meanwhile, this Evening, I proceeded with My First "attempts" at FELTING... The "JURY" is still *out* on the Results of My Endeavours! -- Just hope I didn't *ruin* the Washer..? At Present, the PUR-PLEX is still Drying...


Friday, January 20, 2012

What I **Didn't** DO!

SINCE THIS WHOLE "SNOW" *THING* began at Christmas, I've been *quite* "Insistent" as to ITS *Removal* as SOON as Possible! -- Except, for *Today*...

The threatening "FLURRIES" ended up being a mere Dusting. Certainly, NOT worth the efforts of getting Geared-Up for the Frigid Temps! - I had more pressing Matters to attend "On-Line", *during* Business Hours.

Usually, I would "tidy up" the Areas to Prevent any additional Inconveniences later on, when there are any major Accumulations. I just hope that My minor "neglect" of Today, doesn't end up haunting Me in the not-so-distant Future!??

Meanwhile... I've "Completed" the KNITTING Portion of the "PUR-PLEX".  -- oh, IT's going to be a PILLOW after all... Now, I just have to FELT IT. Stuff IT. And, Seam up the Sides...

FOLDED over and Seamed into a Tube. Ready to FELT.

You know, I've never really *actually* Done any FELTING before... I do hope IT all Works out...

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