Sunday, January 1, 2012

Off To A "PROMISING" Start..??


As, I did NOT *HAVE TO* SHOVEL!! "Today"! -- And, after This Past Week of WEATHER, *that* Fact is a most Welcomed-Way to BEGIN The NEW YEAR!!

Of course, Tomorrow might just be a whole OTHER Story altogether! BUT, We'll wait until THEN!

Meanwhile, IT was a "SALAD"-Day...
  • Was up Late.
  • Didn't Shovel!
  • Did a few more Inches on Yesterday's "Featured" KNITTING "Project".
    "Knitting" = SLOW!
  • Cybered.
  • Folded Laundry.
  • "Discovered" STORAGE WARS on MOTHER's Kitchen-TV...
    If it wasn't for the Mind-Numbing-LONG-Commercial-Breaks, I would probably be quite Addicted with This Show! In some Respects, IT's actually "Educational". In others, IT's similar to Instinctively Rubber-Necking a Car-Wreck! - Over the Day, I probably Viewed about 3-Hours of the Marathon!
  • Went back to Knitting...
  • Still *didn't* have to SHOVEL!! -- WOOHOO!!


...crap! I think I hear FREEZING RAIN coming down... UGH!

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  1. I enjoy Storage Wars from time to time too. I think its because I am an antique collecting, treasure hunting lunatic who would be doing what they did if they had auctions like that here!

    Hoping you had a great salad day!


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