Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Perplexity of PURPLE...

..PHOTOGRAPHY!! -- Especially "Digital"!! I think IT has *something* to do with the ULTRA-VIOLET "Light"-Frequencies...? And, perhaps the INFRA-REDS as well..??

Whatever... As *much* I Love the Colour, IT is a PAIN to Photograph *Properly*!! - MOST of the Colours HERE are NOT "what" They should be! -- There are NO BLUES.. OR, "PINKS"...

Anyway, THIS LOT of WOOL YARN was Acquired at a Yard Sale about 2-Years ago, for a REALLY *LOW* Price! I had Worked most of IT into a rather Large "Swatch" back THEN. However, Tonight, I had decided to PLAY with IT... Took Me a while to UNravel IT!

Some of IT is of a Coarse Texture... Definitely, NOT a MERINO! But, I think IT might FELT up well? I've Doubled the Strands. Mixing Them up. Going to try to make a CUSHION. -- At least, that's the
"Current" *PLAN*...


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  1. I have the same problem photographing purples! And I usually felt the coarser wools as well. Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

    Oh, and for some reason when I tried to delete your repeat comment from my blog, another one popped up and when I tried to delete that, they all went away! :/ Will email soon with a response!


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