Thursday, January 12, 2012


hmm... I DIDN'T KNOW WE OWNED BEACHFRONT PROPERTY..? ...oops! My bad! That's SNOW-PELLETS - *NOT* "Sand"!!

oh-kay... So, "PART-ONE" wasn't quite as "nasty" AS I had imagined that IT could be. IT could have been *much* Worse! Then again, there *still* is "PART-TWO"... AND, on "FRIDAY, the 13TH" no less!!

Anyway, IT began around Dawn... Intermittent SQUALLS of ICE-SNOW-PELLETS, FREEZING-RAIN, FLUFFY-FLAKES. A constant WIND. I didn't head OUT until Mid-Afternoon... I needed to Wait for IT to get to a *certain* Level to make My Efforts WORTHY of My Time!

And..then, there's the Part where IT *keeps* Snowing **BEHIND** Me!! -- "Strategy" IS Involved here...

I Tackled MADAME-Q's Place FIRST. - She had a bit more on the Ground... And, I wanted to be done *before* Her Return from Work. -- So glad that I got RID of most of the ICE over there the Other Day! -- Anyhoo, the "Texture" was surprisingly - THANKFULLY - "dry", Light-weight, Sand-like Grains. Just, 5-Packed-Down-Inches of IT though!

Having to Toss IT AGAINST the Wind, did NOT Help! Nor, did the Covering-Up-AGAIN-Part... - OF Which, I LEFT! As, I had to Start on MY Side.

The "PLAN" -
  • Begin with the Areas - [the side of the House] - that just need a Basic Clearance.
  • ...With a quick Brush of the Front-Walk.
  • Then, onto the Main Attraction... "Bulldoze" the *First* Layer to the Lawn-side.
  • Clear the Roadway section - if *only* to give EVIL-SNOWBLOW-GUY a "Clue"!
  • "Shovel" the Lawn-side Debris ONTO the Lawn.
  • Return to Front-Walk for a more thorough Job.
  • Suppress Discouragement of Seeing an INCH of NEW Snow covering previous Removal!
  • Begin "LAST" SWEEP from Laneway Edge toward the House.
  • Again, with the FRONT-Walk!
  • Pack away Equipment... DON'T Look back at New-Snow...

Guess "What" STOPPED Minutes AFTER I came IN??!!

FATHER went OUT for a Few Minutes before Dinner to get some Fresh-air and Tidy-up the "Little-Bit" of fresh PLOW-Droppings...

Meanwhile, another Inch has Fallen... IT all Looks so Deceivingly *Pristine* in the Street-Lights...


Hey! -- IT's My SIS-IN-LAW's B-DAY!! -- *WISH* I was "OUT-WEST" to "Party" with HER!!


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