Friday, January 6, 2012


I REALLY HATE TO ADMIT IT... But, "WE" have very Few - and NO *Recent* - PICS of CADET-JUNIOR!! -- The Majority it would seem, Reside with SISTER and *NEW*-AUNTIE-MOM...

And, most of *those*, are from The FAMILY Gathering back on the 11th - "DAY-5-In-The-Adventures-Of-A-NEWBORN"... *WHEN* THIS was Taken!

With ALL that "PARTYING", He's likely Sleeping Today off, JUST like ABOVE! - Except, He's a bit Bigger now...

Meanwhile, I'm sure that CPL.TAT-MOM has Her own Collection of Pics - We just haven't *SEEN* Them YET!!

Anyhoo... I "Celebrated" the Day's EVENT with the *Customary* 2-Hour-SHOVEL-FEST!
-- Thankfully, Yesterday's AND Today's "Cryo-Confetti" has been of the Dry-Fluff variety... Although, the WIND and Windchills have been a Hindrance!

And, I've yet to "notice" ANY Improvement on the ole "GLUTS"..?? -- Then again, I'd just be OUT on a SPEND-ABOUT that I honestly can't "Afford" at the Moment...

hmm... I *wonder* IF I could get away with Using HIS "Birthday" as an EXCUSE to Buy a Shiny *NEW* SHOVEL..??!


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