Tuesday, January 3, 2012


UH-OH... So *much* for "THE BUDGET"!! -- Hang on... I'm just going check on Tonight's LOTTERY Numbers... be right back!

..nah... NO Luck! -- There goes THAT "Plan"! -- [..crap..]

ANYHOO... **Another** SUNNY "Tuesday"!! Scary! -- So, of course, I "borrowed" The CAR for a

Headed straight to PIER-ONE - FINALLY!! ...ahh... They have such NICE Colourful STUFF! And, I especially Enjoy THIS Particular One, as the Storefront has lots of Windows facing West - which, on a Sunny Day, makes IT just that more Enticing...


Hey! I *was* "Good"! -- Just got THESE...

Apparently, PRINCESS PRE-TEEN is into Collecting "OWLS"? And, This One was "Shiny" and ON SALE!

SISTER is into "SEAHORSES"... Me, too. - [There's a shock, huh?] - Just, on the Lesser-side... I'm more into the OVERALL "FISH" Collecting. Hence, the YELLOW One is for Me, and I got TWO of the SEAHORSES! -- As Glass-Blown Animals go, They are well-done for Their Price-Range.

Meanwhile, I saw some *interesting* Pillows - The BRAIN started making some *creative* "Popcorn" over Them... Alas, I was "disappointed" in NOT seeing ANY of those BLUE & WHITE "China" BALLS that They always seem to Have and that I was Hoping to GET!

From There, I was OFF to COSTCO!
Which was Refreshingly on the "Quieter"
side at that Time.

Picked up "the Usual"... And, THIS

I've had My Eye on IT for a while. Seeing as there were only a Few Left,
I took the PLUNGE off of "THE BUDGET" and Grabbed IT!

-- Early "Birthday Present" to Myself!

Made a Brief Stop at OLD NAVY... GOT that "PRICE ADJUSTMENT"!!
-- LAST Day!

Then, popped over to LOBLAW again... Picked up some GLASS BULBS. 90% OFF!!

Finally, got around to FUTURE SHOP!

-- I had noticed "On Line", that THESE DVDs were down to $9.99 for the BOXING DAY
"WEEK" Sale!!? But, had been

Oh! Look! There are Some on that Shelf - "hiding" behind Their
"Regular" Price... YAY!

Was HOME by Sundown... Now, I just have to Find "Room" for THIS Stuff and *Retire* "The PLASTIC" for a WHILE..!!


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  1. You ALWAYS find the coolest stuff! I really need to go to Pier One again...we've got one right next to Michaels. One would *think* that I would stop in! Maybe this week. I have to go to Michaels for natural wool yarn to dye more of the stuff!


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