Tuesday, January 31, 2012

..Just One More Day..

..UNTIL "AUNTIE'S" *BIG DAY*!! -- PROGENY and Their Plushy-Pets are SITTING-BY...

"..So. What's the *real* scoop, huh? Is SHE *really* THAT OLD?"
"Seriously, DOG?! I've only been Here 8 Weeks, remember? How the poop should I *know*!?!
-- uh-oh! I think SHE's just BLOOGed US!!"

Meanwhile... I filled the Remaining Time with the USUAL Shoveling-DURING-a-Snowfall... Mind you, IT was LESS and Drier than anticipated - a GOOD THING! -- However, Temps were still COOL,
so absolutely NO ICE-Breakage was even *remotely* possible!

The WINDCHILL is around -14C at the moment... So, even WITH the coming RAIN, it's highly DOUBTFUL that *any* significant ICE REMOVAL will be Achieved Tomorrow!

You know... *having* to SHOVEL on One's BIRTHDAY, truly **SUCKS**!! -- Almost, as much as Thinking that Wishing-Someone-Would-Remove-The-SNOWBANK would be a Great GIFT!!?

-- I'm really getting TOO "Old" for This SH*T!


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