Monday, August 30, 2010

"DECOR MAG" Day! - AND, With a GIFT!! Oooo, SPECIAL!!

IT was also:  What I call.. HALF PRICE "PILLAGE" DAY at  VALUE VILLAGE !

Which was why We were up EARLY Today. -- Granted, NOT the Crack of Dawn, but "Early" enough for Me! -- A gorgeous Day, just waiting to turn up the HEAT! [Was up to 32C / 37C Humidex]

However, BEFORE, Our Departure.. had to MOVE the wooden planks and tar-pail AWAY from the end of the Laneway. FATHER had done a 2nd coat of "Blacktop" Yesterday. He was somewhat apprehensive about HOW dry it was and, of Us driving OVER it!

So, I'm relocating said "debris" barrier up the Lane, and waving Hello to the Nice-Old-Lady-Across-The-Street-Who-Barely-Speaks-English, when I observe an UNMARKED COP CAR pull someone over - in front of Her place... That lasted for 2 minutes... Whatever, THAT was about...??

Hey! There's the MAILMAN coming from the other direction. Decide to save Him the trip UP to Our BOX. He comments on the EXTRA "goodie" that's come WITH My STYLE AT HOME October Issue!!  SWEET!  I had forgotten about THAT supposing to be coming My way. - [Subscription Renewal Gift]

It's one of those Nylon TOTE BAGS. About 3x4 inches in Its little pouch. And a much brighter Turquoise colour than what's showing here.

Anyhow, it's always great to have an EXTRA one of These around! Extremely handy! -- Just a tad psycho later, though, when attempting to REFOLD them... But, hey, it's a great way to keep Kids OCCUPIED!  *And*, NO Batteries REQUIRED!

Finally, We leave!  Made a quick PICKUP Stop at MRS. CLEAN's. -- We usually bring Her along when We do this particular Excursion. Allows Her to take Her time and, NOT worry about Her SON waiting on Her.

Naturally, the STORE is a Parking NIGHTMARE! But, of course, I have a "MISSION PLAN" - as usual! DROPPED The WHITE-HAIRED ONES off by the Front Door, then snaked My escape through the Automotive Labyrinth and headed for COSTCO!

GOT MILK. For Us and MRS. CLEAN. And, the OTHER regular items We get there... Eventually, I made My way back to the PINBALL PARKING! -- Oooo! THANK YOU, PARKING FAIRY!! -- AFTER, spending about 5 minutes, ATTEMPTING to maneuver AROUND several badly parked vehicles, Someone pulled OUT, and I POURED IN!!

Once inside, spotted MRS. CLEAN right away. She was pretty much done with Her exploring and had been trying to find My MOTHER... I took a SCAN across the vast Bay of Bargains... Ah! Thar, She SHOPS!!  With Her little white curly head, barely cresting over the Sea of Clothing Racks... I proceeded to tack My way through the treacherous Shopping-Cart infested Aisles toward Her...

Informed Her of MRS. CLEAN's current status and, suggested that She quicken Her exploration.

Meanwhile, I took stock of The CARGO... Hmm...

She had discovered a handful of FABRIC REMNANTS - The ONE pictured to the LEFT, I've decided to keep....

Despite the Fact, that I'm not personally partial to THIS particular HUE combination, IT was nevertheless a rather GOOD quality TEXTILE. 100% heavy Cotton, 3 yards, and at the unbelievable Price of $4. plus Tax!! -- I couldn't help, but Give It a HOME!

In as much as FLORAL CHINTZ, appears to remain being "IN" at the Moment, the Fabric would most likely be somewhat overwhelming as a SLIPCOVER or UPHOLSTERY. I'm leaning toward PILLOWS here... Considerably more versatile and TREND-adaptable!

Or.. perhaps a Big SATCHEL...?  I'm predicting the NEED for DIAPER BAGS, will likely be on the RISE for the next several Months! -- I should probably run this Pic by My Fashionista Niece - MOM+BUMP, for an At-The-Change-Table opinion...

Anyhoo... I managed to herd Everyone BACK Home by 1pm-ish... I had a Shiny NEW Mag waiting patiently for Me to check out!!

Let's just DO that now, shall We?


  • P.29 - Okay... Maybe, the My CHINTZ, could have a Life as Furniture. The CHAIRS pictured on this Page have just enough of a simple slim profile to get away with the rather BOLD $80. plus per yard Fabric...
  • P.38 - TRENDSPOTTING - I appreciate a GOOD "GOTH". However, half the stuff here is leaning toward "GAUDY" GOTH! -- FYI to the TWILIGHTERS out There:   If You want a great BAROQUE piece of WOODEN furniture to look GOTH, You *don't* PAINT it Black, You MAKE it out of EBONY!  Painting Things BLACK, *doesn't* make them GOTH. It makes them GAUDY and BLACK.
  • P.86 - I'm liking that Dresser..
  • P.89 - Except for the overly WHITE Lamp Shade [it really should have been an IVORY or BEIGE], the TEXTURES of this Page's Palette is doing something for Me... I think My "The GRAPE PUMPKIN" Blanket would do well here...
  • P.136-137 - Oooo! Purples... That ROLL of Striped Wallpaper interests Me.. And I've certainly got ENOUGH Glass in that Colour! As in that over-sized Brandy Glass Vase. Not so keen on the beyond-ornate Mirror. And the Chandelier should have been done in Amethyst.
  • P.138-139 - Loving the TEXTURES!!



The OTHER Day - 27AUG2010 - I mentioned a rather unique CHAIR that had caught My fancy... Despite being posted onto a PUBLIC Site, for PRIVACY reasons, I didn't feel that it was My Right to LINK that specific PHOTO Here. HOWEVER, as FATE would have it, one of Those CHAIRS - with different Upholstery - was Featured EARLIER Today on CITYLINE!!  I was unable to locate IT on the featured STORE's Website, where THAT One had come from, BUT, once I knew WHAT to SEARCH for....

It is a FRENCH DOME BACK Chair. Not certain if the One pictured HERE is an Original or a well-done Reproduction. OR, if the FIRST ONE is either! THAT One, was in an UNPAINTED Dark Wood and in a "BURLAP" toned Upholstery. Which I actually prefer over this WHITE One.

THIS CHAIR can be found at:



  1. Glad you had a good time, Auntie :) Yikes, that's an EXPENSIVE chair. JoeF must be rolling in all sorts of $ ;) hehe

  2. Hi sno, we went to Versailles years ago its a beautiful place, i have that same book!!!Love your tins, sorry i'm a bit late commenting KT is home i am getting her to smooch around your babies!!! hugs tinkx


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