Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DAY 3 of the "Diary" Doldrums..

So... There's this "Rumour" going around that The *NEW* IKEA Catalog is OUT...?? 
--- IF so, I haven't laid Eyes on IT, yet!  Hope I'm still on the Mailing List...?

Well, Today was pretty much a "previously recorded" episode.... With the exception of enhancing My newfound TWEETING Addiction. Which in turn, encouraged Me to ENTER that Pic of  "SANTA's LITTLE HELPER" into an impromptu DOG PIC Contest on one of the Sites that I
"follow"... With those forlorn eyes of His, I think Our little Greyhound may actually stand a half-decent chance in this Race... Should know the Results by Tomorrow -- I hope!

Oh, and I *made* THIS...

The Colour is "CORAL BEACH" - the actually Hue is a lighter "coral" and the brown is more golden.

IT's one of My WASHCLOTHS... Yeah.. I DO *Those* too!  However, as with EVERYTHING else here, It's of My own DESIGN. And I've got Them in OVER 100 Colours!! - This is in that new CORAL BEACH Mix I picked up a couple of Weeks ago. [SEE: 22JUL2010 Post].

I kind of have this little WASHCLOTH WORLD Thing going on at the Craft Sales that I do... BTW, the Crochet ones are THICKER and *last* LONGER than the Knitted ones, which tend to FRAY along the Borders...

MEANWHILE.... Hoping that Tomorrow may hold *more* EXCITEMENT!!  Have to run a little Errand, that *may* prove to be Bloog-Worthy...?  KEEP Your HOOKS Crossed!!


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