Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Another Mundane Monday...

...And since it's a Holiday [some Civic thing...] up here, that meant NO *Blog-Inspiring* Postal Deliveries!! ...So much for that spine-tingling Read, huh?  -- Hey, I've already warned You guys about the possibility. DEAL with it!

You'll JUST have to settle for another one of my spent-waay-too-much-time-tweaking composite pics!

BTW, try NOT to HURT Yourselves too badly from jumping up and down with excitement now...

Since, it's STILL **SUMMER** out there - [the Humidity is back!] - with ample Time remaining to spend at the COTTAGE by some Lake, or perhaps that little "Holiday" to the SEASIDE, here's another of my MIX'n'MATCH pics.

"BOATHOUSE" [still Available, looking for a Good Home!]
"M. MacLAREN"  [oil painting 1977]

The BLANKET is "BOATHOUSE" - done in IVORY, TAN, and FRENCH BLUE, with DENIM in the border.

The ART excerpt, is an OIL PAINTING by "M. MacLAREN" - a Local artist. She and her husband were having a Yard Sale [this past Spring], at which, she was selling many of her small canvases at extremely LOW prices!!  I picked this up for only $5.!!  She had a broad spectrum of subjects, spanning a few decades of Work. As I look back, I really should have bought MORE!!  Chose this One for its vibrance, and, I have a thing for BOATS...

As I recall, this LAMP, was picked up at another Yard Sale in the same neighbourhood, a few years previous. Managed to haggle this little Classic down to $3.50... Although, it appears to be a converted "oil" lamp, I strongly suspect that it's just a Mid-Century Repo of one. Ivory - with Navy trim - Paint on Metal and Star-shaped perforations decorating the base. The Glass Chimney is actually Clear - [was originally photographed against a dark background...] - and needs to be rewired!  BUT, it just totally screams, "COTTAGE", doesn't it..? 

...Well. *I* THINK so!  -- *MY* Blog, remember...? 


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