Friday, August 27, 2010

.."PLAN-9" From MY Place...

  • Get up a BIT earlier than usual.
  • Go to WALMART to Return an Item.
  • Go to THE BIG MALL and be BACK Home by 2pm.
  • While there, go to The BANK, and have a quick Look about.
  • Buy Lottery tickets.

  • GOT up as Scheduled - give or take 15 minutes...
  • Since, I was going to THE BIG MALL, MOTHER asked if I could drop by TOYS'R'US to get a GIFT CARD for "LOLLI & BLU-BAM's" MOM, as it's suppose to be Her last day at work. - And, "..oh, could You be back before 1:30 to pick Me up and take Me to THE MALL, so that I can give it to Her. And then, be back in time to go shopping with DAD...?"
  • So much for MY "Look About" time.
  • A bit of Construction going on near the WALMART - had to use the "other" Entrance.
  • SIX minutes into My "wait", the BODY COUNT at the Pharmacy Counter IS beginning to ADD up! -- It was bad enough waiting 5 minutes to get "noticed" the other day, and then, end up BUYING the WRONG item - BUT, to wait even longer THIS time to RETURN it...?
  • "..Oh, You can Return it at CUSTOMER SERVICE..." -- Which, BTW, took all of TWO minutes!
  • WooHoo! Timing! As predicted, The Construction is on MY side of the Road NOW!
  • Strategically found Parking between TOY'R'US and where I usually Park.
  • Must get Card FIRST or I'll forget!
  • Hmm... that went quickly... And, efficiently.. - Must now, be WARY...
  • Swiftly, proceed to Bank.
  • Ah, Second IN LINE! -- It's "Pension Day", so This is GOOD.
  • Five minutes LATER... STILL, Second-In-Line! -- And, what's with the Parade BEHIND Me...?
  • ANOTHER 5... and, I'm finally at The Window!
  • In UNDER 2 Minutes, I'M DONE!!!
  • Just after 1pm... Not enough Time to really SHOP and browse.. However, think I'll stop at that Chiropractic Display Booth... - I have a regular appointment next week.. And These Guys have one of those cool Thermal Scanner thingies...
  • Have My neck done... Oooo, check out all that TENSION on the right side of My neck.. -- Must be from signing all those Charge Card Chits!
  • Could have also done with having My lower back scanned, but They weren't doing those... Probably for the best, I suppose, I'd have likely blown the readings off the Charts!
  • ALMOST got Home - IN Time...
  • "MRS.CLEAN" was outside Her place as I drove by.. -- She's Our "late 80's" friend that lives around the corner and truly is, a "clean freak"! A lovely Lady, who seriously needs "a hobby". You could DO Brain Surgery on her garage FLOOR! And the shine on her kitchen chrome rivals the "Mirror" on HUBBLE!!
  • 15 MINUTES LATER...  AFTER, I had previously called Home from THE BIG MALL, to say I would be back in about 6 or 7 minutes - depending on Red Lights - and, WASN'T, MOTHER knew where I was!
  • And She still WASN'T ready yet!
  • Eventually, we got through with doing what we had to do at THE MALL within 35 or so minutes...
  • And, upon Our return, FATHER wasn't ready YET!

So, whilst THEY were out and about... I did the same - ONLINE!  [Hey, FAIRY-T!]

And, as I surfed the TWEETS... came across THIS:

Hmm... different... Although, wouldn't those luggage locks be bothersome on the back of One's knees...? Not to mention, Hosiery!

And, on the subject of FURNITURE... Saw a - "TWITPIC" - photo of a rather intriguing - a sort of Library - Chair and antique Table... Both, beautifully crafted.

And, speaking of "crafty"... Here's that completed MOA-BOA that I was doing last Sunday.

The Yarn Colour is what I'm calling, "BLU-DYE" and the Scarf, "BLUE TIE". It really does have that '60s feel to It!


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  1. Hey auntie shan looks beautiful love the colour, keep this up i'm enjoying your exciting days, i cant even think of things to say in the blablabla on the site!!!hugsx tinkx


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