Tuesday, August 10, 2010


SO...  Despite the efforts of "Local" Authorities, that SUSPECT Squirrel has been repeatedly spotted by numerous Witnesses, of going about his usual illicit activities with frenzied abandon!

TIME to engage The BIG GUNS!  -- We "know" *People*....

Meanwhile, upon hearing about of our TOMATO Troubles, INSPECTOR IGGY volunteered his Investigative Services to AID in our plight....

FILE PHOTO:  Internationally repected, INSPECTOR IGGY is seen here on the Job in the streets of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Deducing that there may INDEED be more than one SUSPECT, he enlisted the assistance of his Specialized TASK FORCE.

"The I-TEAM"

The Days of DARTH "ROCKY" and his destructive Acolytes, are now surely Numbered!!


HEY!!   My Baby-Bro - SGT. DOC - is gettin' Hitched [again] TODAY!!  WOOHOO!!

Actually... He and the lovely, vivacious, and multi-skilled "MAID-MARE" sort of "officially" and secretively [for numerous Bureaucratic reasons], Tied the Knot a FEW weeks AGO!! However, TODAY, They are having the ALL-OUT Ceremony in Mexico, where They have been vacationing with Their "BAND OF MERRY *Young* MEN" - [Her 2, His 2] - and Her Mother.

So, I now have a NEW "SIS-IN-LAW"...   *AND*, two more HANDSOME young NEPHEWS!!

Ahh... More Progeny for my "AUNTIE-ness"!!


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