Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Shiny **RED** One!



THIS is Her, AFTER having been FED Her FIRST Upload! -- I had to tweak the Colour a bit. She was showing up being too PINK with the Flash... This is about as close as I could get to the specific tone of TOMATO RED. And give or take a half inch, about Actual Size...

Going to be just this VERY short Post Today. Have "Stuff" to DO. The Pregnant NIECE and the GREAT-NIECE are coming into Town Tomorrow. We haven't seen the 10 year-old for OVER a Year and several INCHES! We have MUCH catching up and Shopping to share!

And, hopefully, sufficient "material" for Future Postings! -- I'm still recovering from Yesterday's EPIC! - Whilst trying to FINISH THIS!


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