Friday, August 13, 2010

Making WAVES!

WOW!  It hadn't really "dawned" on Me about Today being FRIDAY the 13th!  How totally UN-"Freddie" of Me! -- I'm startin' to slip here... 

So. Hey. Check it out. Today is ALSO, My 4TH WEEK BLOGiversary!!  WOOHOO!!

HAVING FUN, YET?!  -- don't answer that!

Meanwhile, back at AUNTIE's Semi-Subterranean Workshop... Between the Blooging and,
fledgling TWEET addiction, I actually managed to MAKE Something this Week!! -- Yeah, I know...
Shocking, isn't it?!

I suppose, *what* got me "inspired", was the Below AQUATIC Pic... [Another of the Family Honeymoon photos taken in Mexico.]  Besides, with those Mom & Baby DOLPHINS looking just SO "We Want To Be Famous!" - how could Anyone NOT be brain-washed into Posting Them!? 

It's that Echo-Locating thing They do... It embeds "sound-bytes" into the digital picture Files, which subliminally commands Whoever views the photos, to Post them Everywhere...!!  -- Well, *that's* MY Theory anyway!

Hey! How much Ya wanna bet that the Kid's name is "Fredie"?  Hm?

Okay. So. To continue....  The OTHER reason for using THIS Photo, was because it perfectly MATCHED the [Factory Ends] YARN that I recently acquired...  I call this mix, POOLFitting, yes?

The SCARF - I'm calling this One "WAVE" - is made in My "MOA-BOA" Design. -- BTW, don't let the Length deceive You - it *stretches* out! -- CLICK into My ->  HANDMADEBYAUNTIESHAN - Happy Parents Album at PHOTOBUCKET.COM and You can SEE in There, *how* It can be worn.

The "WAVE" MoaBoa

This is once again, one of those difficult Colours to photograph!  Depending on Your Screen, the actual tone leans toward being a slight more TURQUOISE.  Just like the Seawater, the hues constantly shift with the lighting conditions!

BTW, to remedy the problem with THIS getting too stretched out... Simply, ROLL it up. GATHER the FRINGES in BOTH Hands, then PULL [but not too hard!]. Doing this on Regular basis, will help to keep the Yarn from over stretching. And Rolling it up when Storing, will also help it to keep its Shape.

AND, there are also SCARVES available WITHOUT the Fringes!!  ...For the LESS adventurous Types...


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  1. Hello there! Love these Boas! Came across your blog after your post over at the Momoa forum. Glad I did. Seems we share a passion for string and yarn and creating!

    Well done!


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