Monday, August 23, 2010

Patrolling With the PreTeen Phashion Police...


"CHECK" Patterns - especially Black & White - are STILL "IN"!!

..At LEAST, according to My 10-Year-Old GREAT-NIECE - PRINCESS PRE-TEEN!

WHEW! What a relief - NOW, I can get a *second* WEARING out of those Check Shirts I got at THE GAP - *Last* Season!!  -- Actually, I was already figuring as much when I recently spotted one of the new JOE FRESH Ads in ALL of the Decor Mags sporting many Models clothed in such!

But, hey, it's always GOOD to get that "Front Lines" SECOND opinion!

So... She and Her MOM-plus-BUMP were dropped into Town Today. It's been a YEAR since We've seen PP-T. She's GROWN! Around 5'2" with Attitude to match the Altitude! -- Then again, She was coming off of 2 weeks without Her TECH-TOYS and Pets... I know how that can be, so I'll forgive a few Inches...

THE "Original" PLAN: 
Meet Them at THE BIG MALL around Noon, and be AUNTIE SHERPA-WITH-WHEELS.

The NEED for a Pre-SIDE TRIP, before THE PLAN could be initiated!

As since, a rather ANNOYING little "Incident" occurred last night! One of the HOT Water Tank FUSES had - unbeknownst to Me - BLOWN. **BEFORE** I went to wash My rather long hair!!  -- LONG STORY SHORT - I HATE **COLD** SHOWERS!!!  Especially, when the Temps outside are BELOW 20C! Been There, DONE That last February when the "Tank" WENT!

Whatever, managed to find a GOOD Fuse of the proper requirement. However, needed to purchase more - JUST in case!  Hence, "Road Trip" to CANADIAN TIRE [THE Canuck Hardware/ Everything store - even have their own Currency!], which was just down the road from THE BIG MALL.

Snagged a CLERK in Passing, popped the "WHERE?" question to him - AISLE 54.  [a.k.a. The OUTER Edge of the Galaxy! To the Left...] - But, FIRST... picked up some of those DEBBIE TRAVIS / C.I.L. Paint Chip cards from the Display I was passing... [These kind of Cards often give Me new Colour Combo ideas - very "inspirational"!]

Ah! Found it! Found THEM... Hmm, not "many" of Them. Perhaps Other People have met with the SAME Fate...?  Also, checked to see if there were any of those Bracket things for these fuses - We could probably do with a NEW one of Those too... ONE left?  $54.95!!?  -- Well. NOT giving IT a Home Today!

Time to get BACK, "On Mission"!

Sweet! PARKING LOT FAIRY scored Me a Bonus SPOT! Now, must LOCATE the SIBLING's PROGENY - Who's NOT answering Her Cell! -- Left destination co-ordinates on the Voicemail. Two minutes Later, SPOT Them coming toward Me!  Yay!

The next HOUR, plus... Follow THE BUMP! - Into...

  • OVER-Priced-"Trendy"-Clothing-Store to exchange some item for over-priced-SALE items.
  • OVER-Priced-"Trendy"-SOAP-Products-Store for over-priced-CUTE items.
  • Smaller-BOOK-Store with PP-T - "..cause I like to READ.."  but, apparently NOT anything of great literary value! - whilst MOM+BUMP tended to more pressing issues...
  • Rather-NICE-Art-Supply-Store to NOT find whatever They were looking for...
  • TOYS'R'US - Needed to BUY the "CAR SEAT"!

..And, you know, My AMEX Card just NEEDED *another* "Notch"!

Herded BOTTOMLESS-BUDGET-BABES into the Vehicle, so that We could begin Our descent into the MALL's "Loading/Pick-up" abyss to get The "SEAT"... Almost had a BATCAVE moment! Then, We were off to a certain nearby Brand-Names-Bargain store.

Where, the afore-mentioned "NEWS Item" was obtained. -- BTW, *when* DID flimsy, badly-constructed, and just, out right - gaudy"Designer"-Brand Bookbags become a BARGAIN at OVER $30.??!!  Seriously, I'm in the WRONG Business here!

And, off We were, again... This time, The BIG BOOK STORE - but, with a short stop to some other place, where I was left in the Car with PP-T, who decided to PLAY with a bunch of Little Things She had just purchased...

DUMPED Them at BUSY Book Store, whilst I exercised some "Time Management" skills with a quick [pre-planned] trip across the way to THE MALL. Returned to Literary Establishment in time to Notch OTHER piece of "Plastic" for over-priced Beverages...

HOME-Base is soon within REACH!!!  And, to forward the "De-Brief" to the care of the Elderly PARENTAL-UNITS for the next 2 hours!

I'm DONE!!


Meanwhile, in keeping with the "Crafty" aspect of This BLOOG... Here's one of a series of Pics that SIS took last month when She had PP-T for several weeks. And TAUGHT Her how to SEW!  The CHILD definitely got THAT Family Gene!  -- I believe These were Table Runners for MOM+BUMP's "TWILIGHT"-Themed Baby Shower!


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