Friday, August 20, 2010


WELL OVER 30 Years Those TWO have been Hitched - since High School!!  Their SECRET...?  Probably, the Fact that She CAN cook. DOESN'T put up with ANY of His sh*t. AND, He wears a Hearing Aide!!  -- Gotta be LOVE, huh?

Meanwhile... SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER *didn't* get picked as a Finalist in the DOG CONTEST! 

AND... I *NEED* to get one of those BACKUP HARD DRIVES.... Spent OVER 2 hours Today doing my "Backups", only to DISCOVER - near the END of such time - that I DIDN'T have ENOUGH SPACE on the Backup Drive I usually use!! 

Hmm... It's a GOOD thing that all of those BACK-TO-SCHOOL Sales are on right now. Then again, means I've got to fork out a bunch of $$ for something that I WASN'T planning on getting just yet! -- NOW, I'm faced with the DECISION of having to choose WHICH One do I get??! 
The shiny RED 500G...  OR, go for the more expensive and better Bang-For-My-Buck boring BLACK "2T"...?

Choice. Choice. Choice...  -- SHINY or, Enough-SPACE-That-ALIENS-Come-WITH-It!!

Sooo..?  *Anyone* wanna BUY a Blanket off Me?  [INSERT:  Subliminal AUNTIE Mind Tricks..]

Oh, hey!  Apparently, One can GET the *new* IKEA CATALOG Online:

I didn't have a chance to check it out yet.. STILL waiting to see IF one comes in My Mail... Otherwise, I'll have to WAIT until SEPT. 6 to ORDER one!  Someone have a Looksee, will You? LET Me know HOW it Ends..?

Ah, Tomorrow... "SATURDAY"!   Much to DO!


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