Sunday, August 15, 2010


...and, YO! NOAH! You *forgot* to secure your ANCHOR!!

You know.. I truly DO abhor the SOUND of torturously DRIPPING Rain!!  It's just a notch or so below, COLD Rain... I don't mind the Thunder. I actually like the Thunder. It's just the tick-tock dripping that drives Me INSANE! -- The BACHARACH Fan Club finally wrapped up their ALL NIGHT acoustic tribute around 3pm-ish...

B-DAY BABE was pretty much of the SAME opinion as well - except for the Thunder part. She doesn't like it. And, the dark dreary lack of Sunlight wasn't helping either! -- Hey! Could be WORSE!  I usually end up shovelling Driveways on My DAY!

Then again... FATHER accidently went and did something silly and waay TMI to mention. - So, we won't. - Although, needless to say, She wasn't overly thrilled about THAT, either!

Anyhoo... She loved the little GLASS BIRDS I got at BOWRING the other week. [SEE:  30 JULY 2010] But, especially the cute little porcelain Yard Sale acquired *ITEM* that I placed with the Box Ribbon... It's a FAMILY "Inside Joke", so I rather NOT "say"... But, Her punchline comment was,
"...We actually had One just like that, when I was a kid..."

I think They're TWEETING about My BLOG!!

So, to CONTINUE with Yesterday's PETSMART exploration... MOTHER was in search of the apparently "new" Line of MARTHA STEWART PETS Toys? They're rumoured to be "Crocheted".
Since ARTISAN-MOM crochets the odd creature Herself, an RECON mission was in order.

DESPITE, being CUTE and, rather WELL done [by, I'm sure, severely Under-Paid Factory Workers..], neither of Us were overly impressed with the probable LACK of longevity of the Product's
"materials" [a Cotton STRING-type Yarn over a pliable rigid Foam...]  And, are hence, "recommended" for SMALLER Pets...  DUH! - I've got DUST BUNNIES that could chew through those things! [..yeah, that's right, I'm not the HAZEL of Housework, either! So, get over it!

MARTHA, have you done a HEEL-Count of your SHOE-House, lately...?  When the Crochet/Knit LEATHER Line comes out, THEN, we can talk "Lunch"!

So, here's a Pic of MOTHER's "BUTTON-BUDDY" Creatures... And, NOT recommended for PET-Consumption!

I believe that ALL of THESE have already been Sold off. They're about 3 inches, with a Finger-Hole in the back that allows them to be used as Finger Puppets and/or FITTED onto a large clothing Button.



JUST received CONFIRMATION on My CAIRINE WILSON Christmas Craft Sale booking. Once again, I'll have Tables 1 & 2 in the Gymnasium. --  As You approach entry into the Room, My BABIES are the FIRST thing You SEE!! 

UNLESS, of course, more than one unattentive, ill-considerate "Person" decides to hold a "Meet & Greet" RIGHT-IN-FRONT-OF-*MY*-STUFF and, thus, effectively BLOCKING out ALL visual and physical ACCESS!! -- Over the last few years, I've come to believe that these are the SAME Species that are ALSO devoid of Parking Prowess and Shopping-Cart Etiquette!!

Meanwhile, the HAPPY COUPLE and ENTOURAGE, have safely returned from their Tropical respite. -- Betting THE BOYS were seriously missing the SURF, the second They walked onto the Plane! - [Also, the Reason WHY this Posting will be LATE again -- MOTHER  was on the Phone with Them for almost 2 HOURS!! -- And, I have DIAL-UP...]

And, I am NO longer FOLLOWless on TWITTER!!  YAY!!

Meanwhile, MOTHER would like to THANK all of Her Well-Wishers! Their lovely Sentiments
brought a few Rays of Sunshine through the wonting Weather!


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