Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ooooo!!  ONE of My "BABIES" got a *New* HOME Today!!!  YAY!!

Just *secretly* dropped "LOLLIPOP" off this afternoon over at the MALL to His new "Auntie"... He's going to be a surprise GIFT at an upcoming Baby Shower...


So, LOLLI's done in LIME and EASTER in one of my newer Patterns [PEGHOLE]. 

It *WAS* sunny out earlier... And, is still that staggering 30C / 37C.  However, it's starting to be looking like rain and whatever soon -- 'cause MOTHER "PUT" stuff out on the LINE!! 

Hey, IF ever, You need to END some Drought... JUST have my Mother do a load of LAUNDRY!!

Ahhh... Yes... I do believe that I hear the pitter-patter of heavy DROPS now....

Hmm... Perhaps, I shouldn't have picked up that shiny Penny that the PARKING-LOT FAIRY had left me by my Car earlier...  Oh, well...


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