Saturday, March 31, 2012

Off-TRACK Retailing at the ZOO-shopolis

OR, "MARSHALL"ing the TRAINYARDS Traffic...

okay... Just to FAST-FORWARD to the "Punchline" of this About-to-be-Quite-EPIC-Tale-of-Mercantile-MAYHEM -- WHOever "Designed" the TRAINYARDS *Roadways*, should be Arrested!! -- just saying...

I probably SHOULD have Expected IT - the Horrendous TRAFFIC SNARL - at the POORLY-Designed-Intersection that leads to MICHAEL'S and to the *newly* OPENED - [on Thursday]
- "MARSHALL'S", right NEXT DOOR. -- Plenty of Parking was to be had, GETTING *TO* IT was the Difficulty!

Although, *quite* Surprisingly, We got through IT all in far LESS Time than I had thought Possible! -- A Fortunate bit of Luck, as We were running Late, and had only 20-Minutes or so to take Advantage of MICHAEL'S 20%-OFF-Your-ENTIRE-Purchase! - MOTHER had wanted some Certain BOXES...

After THAT was Accomplished with a Few Moments to Spare, We settled IN to Look at Other Stuff... From 1:00pm, there was the 50%-OFF Coupon that I wanted to Use on *more* YARN! - Got another PURPLE One.

Meanwhile, at the Bottom of a Large-Almost-Empty-CLEARANCE-BIN, I Found THESE - [BELOW] - DOUBLE-POINT KNITTING NEEDLES for only $1.49... I Like these Aluminum Ones. And, the Colour!

We didn't Stay for as Long as We usually do, however, SINCE THE CAR was sort of "TRAPPED" in the Parking Lot, We Strolled on over to MARSHALL'S... Seeing as We were in the MIDDLE of the *ZOO*, We would have been Remiss in *not* Checking-out the WILDLIFE!

hmm... Looks a LOT like the "WINNERS" Stores... I'm sure My SISTER would probably "Love" IT - but, Me, not-so-much... Of course, the Hour-Plus-Long-CHECKOUT-Line didn't seem all that *encouraging*, either! Mind You, the Store does have *great* Lighting, and Nice-Small-Shopping-CARTS.

Shockingly, the Merchandise-Mauling-MASSES appeared to be somewhat more "CIVIL" than Usual... TRAFFIC "INside" was considerably more Fluid than "OUTside"!

Once DONE with Our Quickie-Looksee, and MOTHER did Her Washroom "Perusal", off We were to Extract THE CAR... There was a *momentary* LULL in the Gridlock! -- We still had to GET to WALMART on the FAR-SIDE of the COMPLEX!

I pulled a Drive-AROUND-the-Traffic-STORM-and-Come-IN-the-BACKWAY Course of Action, ONCE, We got to THE INTERSECTION...

We did a Fast Run-Through There before Leaving the Area, and then headed to Our OLD NEIGHBOURHOOD to get more Groceries... And, seeing as IT was a NICE-Day and "sort of" *not* OUT of Our "WAY", We dropped by the VALUE-VILLAGE before Our Last Stop at THE MALL.

The PATTERN reminds Me of My BLANKETS!

I have NO Idea on "what" the FIBER-CONTENT of THIS FABRIC *is*, but I was totally Smitten with ITS "WEAVE"! -- The PICS do the COLOUR-INTRICACY absolutely NO Justice!! It's near Impossible to Distinguish *which* is the RIGHT-side of the Fabric! -- I might just have to Use IT as a SCREEN...

There were TWO BALLS of the YARN. - [TOP] - 100% VIRGIN WOOL. Old... IT's an UMBER-BROWN with a Hint of an EVERGREEN Tinge to IT. And, just 99-Cents for the LOT.

At THE MALL, more Groceries... And, a Shiny-Chrome-Wired-Storage-BASKET On-Sale that I *completely* FORGOT ABOUT at CHECKOUT! I didn't Remember IT until Later This Evening! -- IT's most likely been *Accidently* CRUSHED by Other CARTS by Now!

...nuts! IT could have been Stylishly-USEFUL...


Friday, March 30, 2012


WOW! Holy DELIVERY-TIME-DILATION! -- I just Ordered THIS on SUNDAY - [SEE 25MAR2012 POST] - Who *knew* that "8 to 10 Weeks" was KELLOGG'S-SPECIAL-Speak for "FIVE Business Days"?!!

But, THERE IT was, wrapped in heavy-BLACK-Plastic looking like Someone had put a piece of PVC-Pipe on Our Mailbox-Hooks... It wasn't until I saw the Address-Label that I Realized WHAT IT was!

The Colour...IT's *very* BRIGHT! -- A tad *too* Glowy-RED I would Think, for the theoretical Tranquil "ZEN" of YOGA..??

Of course, *IF* IT had been in a Soft-Passive-PASTEL, then IT *wouldn't* have Matched the COMPANY "LOGO"... OR, be FREE! -- And, *really*, WHERE's the MARKETING-**FUN** in THAT??!! huh?

Anyhoo... IT's still a good Quality Piece-of-Pliable-Plastic that would make a Great Sitting-MAT on Grass or Whatever... Perhaps, even across some Table..? -- No matter...have I mentioned the Part where... IT was FREE!!?!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

So. How was YOUR Day..?

MINE, just not so BLOOG-Worthy...

IT's a shame that Today wasn't "FEBRUARY 29", then I could've Skipped IT! And, PRETEND that all of ITS *BORING*-Bits were just Temporally-Anomalous-Debris-That-NEVER-Happened! -- BUT, NO such Luck...

IT was
  • Overcast.
  • WINDY!
  • *Cold*!
  • I had absolutely NO Ambition to "DO" *Anything* of Needed Importance.
  • I did Contemplate about Tackling THE ROOM... However, it was just a Thought... A Fleeting one!
  • Besides, I'm going to NEED a "Treasure-MAP" to Navigate The LABYRINTH that IS My
  • The STOCK-MARKETS were DOWN. *AGAIN*! -- Most Depressing...
  • The "FEDERAL BUDGET" came out... MORE Depressing
  • NO more PENNY Production!? -- POOH! Poor-PENNIES!!
  • Did some Cyber-Chores...
  • *Almost* done with the "Band" on FAIRY-T's PURPLE-Project...
  • My BRAIN really *hates* having to COME UP with BLOOG Subjects when NOTHING is Happening!
  • You know, I *ONLY* do THIS *because* I Like YOU GUYS!!
  • I'm going to back to Playing with YARN now...


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"CHOCOLATE"..?! ...*REAL-ly*??

OOOoooo... - [INSERT the High-Speed Sound of BRAIN-GEARS Churning away...]

Right... Sooo... *Despite* the ON-and-OFF DRIZZLE. And, IT being an overall DREARY DAY, I *had* to GO to THE BIG MALL... Naturally, IT *starts* to RAIN just as I pull-out onto the Roadway!

Fortunately, the MALL "TRAFFIC" was Sparse. Plenty of Parking to be had - even in the Covered-Areas! Yay! -- Meanwhile, My "Primary" GOAL was to get to the BANK -- BUT, there's no
"Reason" why I can't *enjoy* the Journey with a PURCHASE-PERUSE along the Way..? eh?

THE BODY SHOP - There's a "SALE" - And, I suppose that I could do with some "STUFF"...
I Wonder if THEY have any *NEW* "Flavours"..?

-- WHAT THE... **CHOCOLATE**??!! -- in a "Shower-Gel"?

Seriously? -- NOOO. WAY!


BUT, not-so-Fast... IT could end up SMELLING *differently* UNDER  Actual-Shower-Conditions. -- I asked for a SAMPLE... And, just Bought a Couple of BOTTLES of My
"Regular" FAV-FLAVOUR.

PRETTY-PERKY-CLERK throws in a Couple more Other SAMPLE THINGIES into My Quaint-Little-PAPER-Store-Bag...

Further down the Concourse, I "Notice" that YVES ROCHER *also* has a "SALE"... ah! Some of My OTHER FAV-FLAVOURS... Oh, "why not"! -- I like Mixing Them all up anyway.

NOTE - This Store does *not* Provide "Bags". -- So, Imagine My "surprise", WHEN PRETTY-FRIENDLY-CLERK *WHIPS-OUT* THIS - [BELOW] - *CUTE*-COTTON-JUTE-8x8"-WICKER-HANDLED-BAG!!


I so Love FREE STUFF! -- And, IT's *perfect* for Toting around any of My YARN and Whatever-PROJECT-of-the-Day!

Eventually, I made it to the BANK! -- hmm... ALL of the TELLERS are "Working" and *I* am the ONLY CUSTOMER in the Place! On "PENSION-DAY"!! -- I've apparently *just* Missed

"TIMING", gotta Love IT!

Afterward, as I passed the "CENTER-COURT" Area, I couldn't help but OBSERVE, the 100+ TEENAGED-20-SOMETHINGS-CROWD that was Floor-Sitting in a "Fenced-In" Structure... ah. Looks like *Some* JUNO MUSIC AWARDS Related Event will be Happening THERE. *SomeTIME*?

No wonder that the Stores - where THEY Frequent - were EMPTY! -- Just Us "OLD-FOLKS" were Shopping at THE GAP! - Where I picked up a Lovely RUST-Coloured LONG-SLEEVED-COTTON-SHIRT that was already 75%-OFF, and then *another* 30%-OFF for TODAY "only"...

You know, *occasionally*, RAINY-DAY-SHOPPING actually CAN be FUN!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

..wait...I Thought **YOU** Had The "COUPON"..?!!

NUTS!! -- well... So much for getting *another* BALL OF WOOL at a Discount... It's not like I have "The-ROOM" anyway...

Guess I'll *just* have to Use My
to get *more* RIBBONS and OTHER "ON SALE" STUFF instead, huh?

Besides, IT was *still* SUNNY Out. A little WARMER, with MUCH *less* WIND than Yesterday! And, We were in Need of doing the "MILK-RUN" to COSTCO.

Oooo... The "Regular" CHEERIOS are *finally* "IN STOCK"! AND, massively ON SALE!! Yay!
I *needed* Some.

We didn't Linger for long... Had to "beat" the RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC to get to TRAINYARDS, with a slight Detour to the MAIN POST OFFICE. -- We had a PARCEL to Ship out to The PRINCESSES...

Next, a Quickie-Looksee-Didn't-Buy-Anything at WALMART. Then, on to MICHAEL'S.

Found a Couple more of those COLOURED-CLEAR-EGG-BULBS... And, the TIN-EGGS were Half-Price -- "TINS", *another* of My LONG-Time-"COLLECTING"-Items! - Gotta STORE My *Other* "COLLECTIBLES" someWHERE...

Made it Back HOME *before* the TRAFFIC got Bothersome.

...hmm, come to think of it... I also managed to get waay more GREEN-LIGHTS than "Normal"...
I wonder What *THAT'S* about?!! -- HEY! Got *another* $7. Tonight?! - huh. Fourth Time in a Week... SCAAR-RY..!!


Monday, March 26, 2012

YO! -- FAIRY-T?!!

..AS PER OUR "CONVERSATION"... The "Shades" HERE are just a bit *off* -- Check My Previous YARN-Pics for more *accurate* Hues...

So... IT was an absolutely SUNNY, CLEAR Day! -- With, COLD Temps and HIGH-WINDS! -- I stayed IN...

Meanwhile, I Began the - ABOVE - for a "Creative-Change" from the Current "PROJECT"...


Sunday, March 25, 2012


**WARNING** -- PEPPERS were Sliced-Up during the VEGGING of This DAY!

Just slightly Cooler TEMPS "OUTside" than "IN" My Basement Room!
A few more INCHES on the "PROJECT".
Applied for a FREE "Special-K" YOGA-MAT from KELLOGG'S...
BTW, so Everyone *knows* -- I-DON'T-DO-YOGA!! -- But, You know, IT was **FREE**!!
Will have to WAIT 8 to 10 Weeks...
Cyberred some more.
Munched on PEPPERS...


Saturday, March 24, 2012

*Winning*, Wabbits, and Whacky-Wet-Weather...


Well... "SPRING" finally figured out *WHEN* IT's suppose to BE on The Calendar! TEMPS are back *down* to "Seasonal"... So's the Precipitation -- CLOUDINESS and the odd SPRINKLE during the Day.

We decided to try out BEACON HILL MALL Today. - Haven't been to The SALLY-ANN for a Few Weeks... THEY've Reorganized the Layout - slightly - since Last Time. Didn't get ANYthing! Of course, the Store did have this "Picked over" Ambience to IT...

Perhaps, when YARD-SALE-SEASON starts up, *Selection* will IMPROVE..?!

Meanwhile, over at the SHOPPERS-DRUGMART, LINDT Chocolate had a "Product-Display"-Table going on. -- **FREE** CHOCOLATE-BUNNY SAMPLES!! And, OTHER

"FREE" and "CHOCOLATE" - Two of My FAV WORDS!!

From B.H.Mall, We popped into the nearby Grocery Store - Briefly. - NEXT, straight to LOBLAW.

Oooo...COOL!! -- "TAX-FREE-DAY"!!

After checking out the Rest of the Store, it was Time to Purchase-Peruse the JOE FRESH Section! Found a Couple of Lovely COTTON-WOOL GREY SWEATERS - A Cardigan and Pullover.

"On SALE" *and* "TAX-FREE"!! - Two of My FAV *DOUBLE*-WORDS!! ..oh..wait! Make that *Three* - "LOTTERY-WIN"!!



Friday, March 23, 2012


HMM... Perhaps I should change *that* to "OLDER"-*NEW*-AUNTIE-MOM..?

nah... I'll wait until SHE's gotten a Few GREY HAIRS first!

Anyhoo... I DO *hope* that SHE had a considerably *more* Exciting Day! Was PRETTY BORING around HERE... -- Seriously! I *did* "CONSUMER-SURVEYS" to get Discounts at OLD NAVY and THE GAP!

Although, I DID get some YARN-Time in. -- HERE's "One"-BALL worth of the Latest

And, THAT's *only* about HALF of the "Section" of WHAT I'm "Designing". Good Thing that I Brought a Few EXTRA BALLS the Other Day!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

..what..the... **CLOUDS**??!!

P-OOH!! -- least the WIND is WARM...

Although, "Rumour" has it, that the *SUMMER* Weather-Balloon will be SPRINGing a TEMPorary Leak over the Weekend - back to "Seasonal" Temps... Won't THE BUGS be "Surprised"!?

o-kay... Seeing as *THIS* Week's MICHAEL'S "40%-OFF"-COUPONS were only Good for Yesterday through to Friday - We headed out for the TRAINYARDS Store.

Oooo... A *NEW* YARN "COLOUR"!! - [got 2-balls]

BTW, is it just Me, OR are Other-Stores all in a *rush* to get Merchandise OUT for the *next*-NEXT Holiday..?! -- EASTER isn't Here for another Couple of Weeks, yet MOST EASTER Stuff - [On-Shelf since VALENTINE'S!] - is ALREADY greatly Reduced!?


Afterward, We ventured over to FABRICLAND... There was Stuff that MOTHER was Looking for... I just ended up FABRIC-*Rescuing* THIS 100%-COTTON 1.5-Meter Quilting-Quality-REMNANT. -- "PAISLEY", *always* a CLASSIC!

Just as We were Leaving, "SPRINKLING" commenced! -- Our "CLUE" to go HOME!

hey! check it out! I *won* $7. AGAIN, tonight!! -- WOOHOO!!


[DISCLAIMER - *NO* SCRAPBOOKING-SHEETS were Purchased during the Visit to the ABOVE MICHAEL'S.]
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