Wednesday, March 14, 2012

..I Think "THEY" Are Beginning To *Recognize* US...


I'm pretty sure that IT was Those PILES of 20-CENT SCRAPBOOKING-SHEETS that MOTHER keeps *INSISTING* on Buying that GAVE Us away!!

AS well as IT being SENIORS' DAY over There, Yesterday - Which - greatly Contributed to Our "CHECKOUT"-Process-Mayhem with those Sheets. Fortunately for Us, We got the Lovely, and *much* Patient, ANDREA again! - Although, perhaps not-so-Fortuitous *for* Her! - [SEE 06MAR2012 POST]

And, of course, I had to go and Buy *more* RIBBON. AND, Lots of These Metal LETTERS!

Oh! Can't *Forget* the YARN, either! -- We got so many of those "40%-OFF"-Coupons Last Week. HAD to Use Them on *SOMETHING*!!

BTW, that "YELLOW" Ball is actually more of a Glowy "CHARTREUSE"...

Anyway, after wearing out Our "Patronage", We headed for FABRIC-LAND...
*YELLOW TULLE* was still on Our "Scavenger-Hunt"-LIST. - [SEE 10MAR2012 POST]

hmm... "YELLOW" appears to be on the "EXTINCTION"-List!

oh, well... I'll just go "Rescue" some *Orphan*-FABRIC, instead...

Besides a REMNANT of heavy DARK-NAVY 100%-COTTON, I "adopted" the ABOVE 2-Meters of thick, Soft, VELVET-UPHOLSTERY-FABRIC.

There wasn't *any* TAG, so I have absolutely NO Idea as to ITS Fiber-Content..? However, I was quite Smittened with ITS *PATTERN*! -- And, ITS Opalescent-Black-Pearly-Sheen...

Sooo, did I mention the Part, where, IT kept *subliminally* Screaming, "..BUY ME! BUY ME! BUY ME!!.."?? -- At $4.-per-Meter, Who was I to Say, "NO"??!!


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