Monday, March 5, 2012

*minus* 24C WINDCHILL..!!?? For Real?

-- IT's "MARCH", *not* JANUARY!!

But, HEY! IT *was* SUNNY OUT!! Yay! -- However, much too CHILLY to Play with that teeny-bit of SNOW that I didn't want to be bothered with Yesterday. Besides, TEMPS are suppose to SHOOT *UP* to "11C" on Wednesday..? IT'll be *gone* for sure by Then!


MUCHO "Vegetating" was had... "MONDAY"-Cyber-Stuff. READING to catch-up on. Laundry Folding... New-DECOR-MAG-in-the-Mail-Perusal... oh! shock! There was a
"Collectible" ITEM in There that I *actually* do OWN! - Although, USED in a Manner that I would NOT *subject* IT to! - Not to mention, *MY* Assortment is also MUCH more "Decorative"!

Anyhoo, I'm just "preparing" Myself for Tomorrow's "TUESDAY-TREASURE-TREKKING" at TRAINYARDS! -- STORES-to-SHOP! BOOTY-to-BUY!!


1 comment:

  1. ~whispers~ 60C here...

    And it shouldn't have been!!! We shouldn't see 60 until June!

    ~whimpers~ and still no snow...


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