Monday, October 31, 2011


SO, HOW DID EVERYONE DO..? Will I have to make a "Dental-Intervention" on Your behalf..? -- Perhaps, *provide* You with some "Assistance" in a little Covert-Confectionary-Cover-Up... Hey! I *KNOW* how to do "STASH"! -- [..that's YARN-Stash!]

Anyway... I'm STILL *busy* with the CROCHETING! Didn't get AS much Stuff *done* as I would have LIKED! Got a tad Side-Tracked with some End-of-Month-Monday-Junk... aarrrgghhhh!

I have to get BACK to IT all, NOW... In the Meanwhile, *enjoy* a couple of HOLIDAY Pics!





Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Need To Hire More ELVES!


I only managed to get a Partial "Audit" of My INVENTORY done Today - I NEEDED the Time to *actually* MAKE a "Few" of The WASHCLOTHS that *have* to be Completed!

  • Finish the WASHCLOTH Audit
  • Put together *more* COMBO-Packs
  • Make as Many of the Needed Colours as there is Time to!
  • Prep for SISTER'S Return...

Yeah, She'll be BACK In-Town "Some" Time on Tuesday!

IF, it's at "Good" Hour, FATHER and I can Drive to the BUS STATION to pick Her up. However, if it's ANY "when" near RUSH HOUR, then, I'll have to take a "Regular" BUS There to get Her... Strangely enough, it'll be Easier that Way.

Whatever, it's *doubtful* that I'll get *any* Sleep THAT Night - We have to be ON the Buses AGAIN by 7:30AM on Wednesday to GET Her to the AIRPORT! -- I might just BRING some Yarn and My HOOK to get a BIT of Work DONE on the Trip Home!

Anyway... THESE are the Lastest... Oh. The FABRIC was a Half-Meter of COTTON that I got Yesterday. Not a "Pattern"-Style that I would Normally Purchase - even at ITS Sale-Price - BUT, IT was just hanging onto ITS "Tube" BEGGING Me to BUY IT!



Saturday, October 29, 2011


CONCENTRATING on WASHCLOTHS Now... Going to HAVE to DO "The INVENTORY", Tomorrow! And, *maybe* START on putting a Bunch of My 3-Cloth Packs together...


Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am *Such* A SCARF-"MOM"!


IT's one of My "Regulars" - however, I couldn't do IT Last Year as I had already been Booked ELSEwhere... Sooo HAPPY that I can Attend THIS Time!

The Venue is at a Nearby SENIORS' Home, with only a Handful of "Vendors" - [Who are Relatives or Friends of the Residents]. There aren't Busloads of Customers - NOT enough Parking for that! Just
"The LOCALS" walking by... and, BUYING!

The SALE'S primary Goal is Selling BAKED GOODS, mostly PIES... Which, "GO" quite Quickly!

CHECK The SIDEBAR later for *DETAILS*...

Meanwhile, been BUSY Today with Other "Prep" Work...

Only a WEEK to go until My First SALE! Gonna be HECTIC!

I *finally* got to Finish THIS up!

Calling IT "CORAL BARK" - done in RED and BIRCH.

As well, I managed to get a Few WASHCLOTHS done too. They will be My main "Creative" Focus right up to the Last Minute!

-- The ELVES are certain to "ask" for OVER-TIME...


Thursday, October 27, 2011

**WHAT**?!! - There's a "BACKUP"-Brainwashing-Bunny..?!!



The GOOD NEWS - Because I spent *just* over $50., I got a 10% Discount! Sweet!

The BAD NEWS - *I* SPENT *OVER* $50.!! -- Well... at least IT covered The TAXES. Seriously. THOSE BUNNIES, are "Economically EVIL"! And, to think, I *only* Bought from The SALE TABLE!

Anyhoo... HERE's *WHAT* I "acquired" at KNIT-KNACKERS, Today!

Keep in Mind, that whole "PURPLE-HUE" Problem... Those Bits of "BLUE"-Bag, are ACTUALLY a
"PURPLE"! As well as, the "FUCHSIA-PINK" Balls are more of a LAVENDER... And, less Shiny! IT's the 50% SILK in Them that does "That" I suspect. -- The "other" 50% is MERINO. Got 3 Balls.

Picked up 3 Balls of the PEACHY-Mix [BOTTOM-RIGHT] - 50% MERINO - 25% ALPACA - 25% SILK.
-- Both are from TURKEY.

The TOP ONES are PERUVIAN "WOOL" - Hand-Dyed. I liked the Shading... The PEACOCK One is a little less Intense. Only found 2 Skeins of IT and 3 of the Other.



[STOP Snicking, FAIRY-T!! I can Hear You over The POND!]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What The ELVES Have Been Working On Tonight...

..AARRRGGHHHH!! NUTS! I missed Winning a $100. on Tonight's LOTTERY by ONE Number!!
--But, wa-ait... YES! Got $7. on My OTHER Numbers! WOOHOO!!

HEY! DON'T **TELL** The ELVES! -- They'll want IN on My "Action"... And, *more* CANDY CANES! The Next Thing you know, They'll be Demanding Snow-Cone Insurance...

Oh, and just, DO NOT *GET* Me started on The-"WooHoo!-We-Can-FLY!"-REINDEER!!
-- Freaking-ELK-Wannabees...


Tuesday, October 25, 2011



DAY 1 - [ABOVE] - Coming in at 10-Pounds-2-Ounces!

DAY 5 - [RIGHT] - Already into the
"FASHIONISTA" Animal Prints...



"NOT-SO" LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED is currently in the 30-Pound range...?

Whatever, SHE weighs a Ton! Comes with Teeth... And, a Healthy Set of Lungs!

Favourite "Sport"
-- Playing with Cell Phones and Tossing Them into Toilets!

Anyhoo, I was at COSTCO, Earlier...

And, Spotted THIS -->

IT Reminded Me soo much of LPBR!
-- I'm certain that there is a Pic
"somewhere" of Her with Shades on...

Whatever. Since Her MOM is always
"Dressing" Her *UP*, I thought that this "Leopard-Bling" Ensemble was *PERFECT*!

IT's to be Her CHRISTMAS Present. -- DON'T TELL HER!


Monday, October 24, 2011


THIS IS THE MOABOALOHA that I had *almost* Completed Yesterday...
"PARTY-HOT" in GUAVA and that *new* Colour I got the Other Day - MAJORCA.

- [NOTE - These are Colour-NAMES that *I've* given Them!]


Sunday, October 23, 2011



A) - The *FREEZING* Water Pipes when a Tap is turned on.

B) - Small Body-Parts fracturing OFF because of the FREEZING House Air.

C) - My Head pounding against an "Imaginary-WALL" in ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNIT-*HERDING*-FRUSTRATION!

D) - HOUSE-Parts reacting to the FURNACE **FINALLY** being TURNED ON!!

You know, I really do NOT "enjoy" THIS Time of Year... Truly.
  • The WEATHER is USUALLY Cold, WET, and/or outright Inconveniently MISERABLE!
  • Always, UMPteen Things that HAVE to be Done *before* WINTER.
  • Prepping for This and That... AND, for My Upcoming CRAFT SHOWS!! - [SEE The SIDEBAR - *Tell* Your Friends!]

About the ONLY "Good Thing", is LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED'S **FIRST BIRTHDAY** on Tuesday!!

Otherwise, "REAL LIFE" is kinda Hectic and just a tad Crappy at the Moment... just saying...

But, HEY! -- I *did* manage to get some CROCHETING in Today. I'm about 95% done on Another MoaBoAloha. Will definitely have "BABY PICS", Tomorrow!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sibling-LESS SALE-ing

WELL, SISTER LEFT This Morning to Stay with Her PRINCESS-PROGENIES. -- Her Long-Time-School-BFF, Who lives just past Said Destination, was *VERY* Kind in coming ALL the Way "Here" to pick up Her and the subsequent Trunk-FULL of Shopping-Expedition-Trophies!!

Not long afterward, MOTHER and I Ventured over to TRAINYARDS to get back "on Track" with Our Usual SATURDAY-Sorties... MICHAEL'S was First on "The LIST"

...wasn't there was *Something* about a 25% OFF Your ENTIRE Purchase..?

Oooo... RIBBON for a Dollar...

Too *much* Time was spent There... Then again, IF SISTER had been *with* Us - I'd probably *STILL* be THERE... "BLOOGING-LIVE"!

We managed to thread Our way to WALMART -- Didn't Buy ANYthing, though... I have to Say, Their "YARN"-Section is looking mighty Pitiful...

The Afternoon was getting ON, and so did We. Time to head to THE MALL... Oh, BTW, *despite*
the intriguing Assortment of CLOUD-COVERAGE, The SUN *did* make the odd "Appearance"!! least, I *think* IT was The SUN..? Difficult to Say really, what with all of the "Bright & Shiny" THINGS falling out of The SKY of Late... And, the Mind-NUMBING Temps!


Sweet! I have enough "POINTS" to get a $10. Gift Card, too! -- IT'll cover the TAXES on the 6-BALLS I've just Purchased... [..hehe!..]

Well, going to get at The KNITTING again, Tonight...


Friday, October 21, 2011

Bargains AHOY, SALE-er!!


Okay. So. The FEMALE-SIBLING-UNIT has now been Immunized as well. The HOUSEHOLD is currently "PLAGUE-PROTECTED". -- Unfortunately though, NOT from the RAINDROPS and EVIL-NEIGHBOUR'S-TREE-LEAVES that continue to Breach the "Residential Force-Fields"...

I Blame it ON The SQUIRRELS! -- Living IN Said FLORA.

After, Our brief Visit at The Doctors, SISTER and I popped into One of Grocery Stores along The Way. The Sought-After-Sale-Item There turned out to be the Wrong Size... So much for That

We headed to the Nearby Strip-Mall with the OLD NAVY Store... She hasn't been out Spend-Festing for a few Days, so I had to let Her "PLAY"...

I haven't been to THAT One for a while - was looking kinda "sparse" in There..? Despite that, I *did* manage to pick up some rather Nice Seriously-Marked-Down Cotton Sweaters. Oh! AND, I also Remembered that I still had one of those CUSTOMER-SURVEY-15%-DISCOUNT-RECEIPTS... IT covered The TAXES!

We were Back Soon enough, so that The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS could use The CAR, and do Their "THING"...

Anyhoo... This Evening, I decided on Returning to The KNITTING. - Just as a Change of Pace..? Got a "FEW" Rows DONE! -- IT TAKES SOOO LONG!! -- BUT, I just *HAD* to DO Some of IT... know..?


Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Just *SAVED* "X"-Much Money Today!


Well, it was quite Simple really... I "RE-Scheduled" My Regular DOWNTOWN "Appointment", hence, preventing Me from being Spending-Controlled by KNIT-KNACKERS' "JEDI-Mind-Tricks"-Store-BUNNY!! Besides, Yesterday's YARN Delivery *should* tide Me over until Next Week...

-- wait... Did I *actually* just SAY that..? ha! Yeah, right!

Anyway, I elected to STAY Home as the WEATHER was just too Lousy to be "Busing" it! -- We had a LOT of RAIN and Wind-STORMING Last Night! Branch-Bits and The EVIL-NEIGHBOUR'S-TREE-LEAVES **EVERYWHERE**!!

And, then, there's the Part of Working "around" and Getting The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS "ready" for Their Short-Trip - [just down the next Street] - to get FATHER's FLU-SHOT done!

-- SISTER eventually wised-up to stay CLEAR of the Chaos!

She *hasn't* BOUGHT ANYthing in TWO DAYS!! The "Signs" of WITHDRAWAL are beginning to Appear...

Later, I Whipped-Up Another ONE in This Colour... I think I'm going to Refer to This DYE-LOT as "BARN-LITE".

I'm also Naming IT -


I've decided to Keep

-- I wore That ONE Yesterday, since IT "went" with What I was Wearing...

And, it does Help with SALES to DO that SORT of THING...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bubonic-Bugs BEWARE!!

MOTHER and I, have been IM-MU-NIZED!

We got Our Annual FLU SHOTS. Still have to get FATHER to His Doctor's for His... And, since She'll be Here for a couple more Weeks - spending Time with The PRINCESSES - We've "convinced" My WALKING-PLAGUE-WAITING-TO-HAPPEN-SIBLING to get Hers on Friday! -- nuts! Means I'll have to be up Early... hate that...

Anyhoo... BEFORE We went "Jabbing", My Expected-PARCEL *Arrived*!! YAY!

Almost missed IT! I didn't hear the POSTAL-LADY knocking, and just *noticed* Her Truck out the Kitchen Window...

"...what?!" -- Really? "HST" on Something from ANOTHER Country?!! Despite, NO "DUTY TAX"??

And then, the poor POSTAL-LADY is freezing Her Fingers because the silly Wireless-Card-Reader is wonking out... Meanwhile, I had to wait until LATER to OPEN My "MAIL" up as I had to get ready to Leave...

BTW - FYI...
"IF" Any of You-NOT-In-CANADA ever have a *need* to MAIL Anything to Me, PLEASE, "Mark" IT as a "GIFT" and with a LOW "Value"! Oh, and *NEVER* via a "Courier-Service" - [especially UPS!] - CUSTOM-HANDLING FEES are CRIMINAL!!

...huh...I've never Seen THAT before...

While getting The CAR out, I noticed Two Crows having "Lunch" on the Curb-Grass across the Street... When suddenly, They started "Cock-Fighting" each other!?! Then, flew off... -- Someone must have Bad Pecking-Manners.

After Our JAB-FEST - since We *were* close-by - We stopped over at The SALLY-ANN. MOTHER picked up some Interesting-Cheap-Yarn, and I found Another BALL of that COTTON Yarn from My Previous Visit - [SEE 08OCT2011 POST]. Also, a Yard of quite Lovely Thick-Quality COTTON FABRIC.

From THERE, a Grocery-Stop, and on to THE MALL "Pilgrimage" before Heading HOME...

THAT's the FABRIC in the Background. Mostly Striped with the Rosebuds placed widely apart. We were "Thinking" that IT would make a rather Pretty APRON -- However, We wouldn't want to get IT "DIRTY"! ...hmm...Perhaps a SCREEN..?

So. There's The "JULIA" Yarn... Designed by KRISTIN NICHOLAS of GETTING-STITCHED-ON-THE-FARM. [SEE 05OCT2011 POST] - I bought 2-BALLS of Those COLOURS, which are actually *more* on the REDDISH-Tone side than what the Camera AND The-Ordering-Site SHOWS!

I was aiming for "VIOLET" PURPLES... No matter, IT's BEAUTIFUL Stuff!!

And, just MAKES Me *WANT* to KNIT!! However, I have TONS of CROCHETING to DO *First*! Which is SOOO much Faster!

I suppose that since, I've never been Skilled at READING Patterns, and prefer to CREATE My Own,
the Speed of Crocheting allows Me to Complete a Design much more quickly! -- What I refer to as
"VAN GOGH-ing it"...

While "KNITTING", is more "DaVINCI-ish"... Methodical. Some Design-Strategy... FOREVER...!!

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