Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Just *SAVED* "X"-Much Money Today!


Well, it was quite Simple really... I "RE-Scheduled" My Regular DOWNTOWN "Appointment", hence, preventing Me from being Spending-Controlled by KNIT-KNACKERS' "JEDI-Mind-Tricks"-Store-BUNNY!! Besides, Yesterday's YARN Delivery *should* tide Me over until Next Week...

-- wait... Did I *actually* just SAY that..? ha! Yeah, right!

Anyway, I elected to STAY Home as the WEATHER was just too Lousy to be "Busing" it! -- We had a LOT of RAIN and Wind-STORMING Last Night! Branch-Bits and The EVIL-NEIGHBOUR'S-TREE-LEAVES **EVERYWHERE**!!

And, then, there's the Part of Working "around" and Getting The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS "ready" for Their Short-Trip - [just down the next Street] - to get FATHER's FLU-SHOT done!

-- SISTER eventually wised-up to stay CLEAR of the Chaos!

She *hasn't* BOUGHT ANYthing in TWO DAYS!! The "Signs" of WITHDRAWAL are beginning to Appear...

Later, I Whipped-Up Another ONE in This Colour... I think I'm going to Refer to This DYE-LOT as "BARN-LITE".

I'm also Naming IT -


I've decided to Keep

-- I wore That ONE Yesterday, since IT "went" with What I was Wearing...

And, it does Help with SALES to DO that SORT of THING...


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  1. Ooooh! I love this one!! And the colors match a lot of what I wear...hmmmm.....*ponders*


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