Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Went To A "YARD SALE" And ALL I Got Was...


oh, and, THIS...

I'm not certain, but IT may be an INNU Kayak Carving...
I'll need to do more Research on IT. And, probably a "Rubbing" to make out the "Writing"
that's on both Sides. -- About 11-Inches Long. Got IT for just a Dollar!

and THIS...

Another "DOLLAR" Item! -- Someone's *Pottery Class* Project... [White Clay]

and, of course, THAT!!

I love to Collect CAKE PLATES & DOMES!
-- THIS is actually of Clear [average quality] Glass. The PLATTER is
just under 13-Inches across. Was only $3.

Then, Later on - at FABRICLAND - I picked up THIS...

Just a 2-Yard Remnant... Heavy Cotton... I liked the Colours!
Thought that IT might go well with My BLUE & WHITE DISH COLLECTION
-- SOMEday...

The One & Only YARD SALE of this Wacky-Weather-COLD-Blustery Day, was at a Nearby LONG-TERM CARE HOME. They were raising Money for Their In-House "Activities" Fund.

-- Anyway, "Conversations" led to the Discovery that THEY have a small "Mid-Week" BAKE-CRAFT Sale on December 6th...

I've made a "Booking" to Participate... I'll Post further Details when I get Them.


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