Tuesday, October 11, 2011

..Check-Off Another One...

"BLUEBERRY-MUFFIN" - done in an Odd Lot of BARN


MOTHER needed to go to a "Particular" Grocery Store. SISTER was *still* B**ching in the Back Seat about *MY* Parking "Skills" from *Her* Previous-MUST-Shop-AT-Locale.

-- Oh! Hey! LOOK! A Fresh-Fender-Bender BLOCKING a Lane-And-A-Half in front of Me! A Block *before* WHERE We have to GO!


BTW, THANK-YOU, DRIVER-OF-BIG-TRUCK for letting Me slip into the Left Lane!

Anyhoo... IT's a small, CROWDED, Built-On-An-Incline Parking Lot with a BUSY Drive-Thru COFFEE Place just off the Narrow Entranceway!! Meanwhile, the STORE is full of "SENIORS"...

HISTORICAL NOTE - 35-Years ago, THIS LOT was *MUCH* Larger! With a more Spacious Grocery Store IN which SISTER'S Husband - BIG-D - used to Work Part-Time at when We were all in High School!

The BAD NEWS - I don't think MOTHER found Everything She had wanted to.

The GOOD NEWS - *I* Found a NEW and Less-Expensive SOURCE of My Fav - [and currently *needed*] - BLUEBERRY JUICE! Oooo, They have the "Diet" Version as well! -- Made My Day to the Point that I *almost* didn't mind the TRAFFIC on the Journey Home!


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