Sunday, October 23, 2011



A) - The *FREEZING* Water Pipes when a Tap is turned on.

B) - Small Body-Parts fracturing OFF because of the FREEZING House Air.

C) - My Head pounding against an "Imaginary-WALL" in ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNIT-*HERDING*-FRUSTRATION!

D) - HOUSE-Parts reacting to the FURNACE **FINALLY** being TURNED ON!!

You know, I really do NOT "enjoy" THIS Time of Year... Truly.
  • The WEATHER is USUALLY Cold, WET, and/or outright Inconveniently MISERABLE!
  • Always, UMPteen Things that HAVE to be Done *before* WINTER.
  • Prepping for This and That... AND, for My Upcoming CRAFT SHOWS!! - [SEE The SIDEBAR - *Tell* Your Friends!]

About the ONLY "Good Thing", is LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED'S **FIRST BIRTHDAY** on Tuesday!!

Otherwise, "REAL LIFE" is kinda Hectic and just a tad Crappy at the Moment... just saying...

But, HEY! -- I *did* manage to get some CROCHETING in Today. I'm about 95% done on Another MoaBoAloha. Will definitely have "BABY PICS", Tomorrow!


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