Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sibling-LESS SALE-ing

WELL, SISTER LEFT This Morning to Stay with Her PRINCESS-PROGENIES. -- Her Long-Time-School-BFF, Who lives just past Said Destination, was *VERY* Kind in coming ALL the Way "Here" to pick up Her and the subsequent Trunk-FULL of Shopping-Expedition-Trophies!!

Not long afterward, MOTHER and I Ventured over to TRAINYARDS to get back "on Track" with Our Usual SATURDAY-Sorties... MICHAEL'S was First on "The LIST"

...wasn't there was *Something* about a 25% OFF Your ENTIRE Purchase..?

Oooo... RIBBON for a Dollar...

Too *much* Time was spent There... Then again, IF SISTER had been *with* Us - I'd probably *STILL* be THERE... "BLOOGING-LIVE"!

We managed to thread Our way to WALMART -- Didn't Buy ANYthing, though... I have to Say, Their "YARN"-Section is looking mighty Pitiful...

The Afternoon was getting ON, and so did We. Time to head to THE MALL... Oh, BTW, *despite*
the intriguing Assortment of CLOUD-COVERAGE, The SUN *did* make the odd "Appearance"!! least, I *think* IT was The SUN..? Difficult to Say really, what with all of the "Bright & Shiny" THINGS falling out of The SKY of Late... And, the Mind-NUMBING Temps!


Sweet! I have enough "POINTS" to get a $10. Gift Card, too! -- IT'll cover the TAXES on the 6-BALLS I've just Purchased... [..hehe!..]

Well, going to get at The KNITTING again, Tonight...


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