Thursday, September 30, 2010


IMAGINE Our surprise this Morning, when We heard 3 Big Trucks parking in Front of the House... Hmm... COULD it *finally* be The TREE GUYS..?

[SEE - 21JULY2010 Post for the BACK STORY of The TREE..]

Well, let's see... They're blocking Our Laneway. All are wearing bright VESTS, sitting together in one of the Trucks, enjoying each other's "company"... The Vehicles have these huge Boom Thingies on them... And, it's drizzling outside... YEP! Definitely, The TREE GUYS!

About 20 minutes LATER, They all pile out and started to do Their
"Thing"! On the RIGHT, it was the WOOD-CHIPPER TRUCK, and on the LEFT, the "CANADA" CLAW... Inbetween, was CHAIN-SAW GUY and, an assortment of DEBRIS COLLECTORS, with the SAFETY GUY.

Personally, I think They could have used a TRAFFIC GUY too. At least, when the rather HEAVY Tree Limbs were swaying away - OVER - the Road! As, it's amazing that there were so many STUPID People DRIVING BY, *when* this was happening. It's NOT that WIDE of a street! Fortunately, CLAW GUY was VERY Adept at His Job!

I was observing the 10-minute, or so, proceedings from INside the Front Door. Although, much of My viewing was obstructed by a Bush. Meanwhile, MOTHER had ventured out with Her camera to document the Event - from the other angle.

I have to say, it really was COOL to Watch! And, considering the rather CLOSE proximity of The CHUCKY TREE, I was quite amazed as to HOW, It had managed to survive the surrounding Adventure - UNSCATHED! Because, there were a few "close calls"...

Soon enough, They were tidying up the Lawn [FATHER questioned Their use of SHOVELS in the Raking of the area...] and then off, down the Street to plunder more bug-infested lumber.

Hey! We can SEE across the Street now!


Today, is also My youngest Niece's Birthday - PRIVATE TAT-BABE! She's a Member of The CANADIAN ARMED FORCES -- Actually, I think She may be around 6th Generation in doing so, on Her Dad's side... Anyway, despite Her own "gifted" inherent Artistic skills, She prefers to WEAR
"ART" rather than produce it.

She looks like She just walked off a Magazine Cover! Add in the Fact, that She's also been trained to USE a BIG GUN - She literally IS a "RECRUITMENT" POSTER GIRL!!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NO Decor Mags in My Mail Today...

POO! What's THAT about?! I was really hoping to get at least ONE Today. Because, although it's not Raining, the Weather was still dark and dreary. AND, cooler! None of which boded well, with the unexpected SORE Throat I woke up to earlier this Morning!

For SOME mysterious Reason, My Right Tonsil area is inflamed... NOT pleasant. And, just a tad bothersome as such "ailments" tend to mess up My problematic Eustachian Tubes... I've been overdosing on the VITAMIN C *all* Day!

Yeah. I know... T.M.I. and, doesn't it just suck to be Me! Huh? -- I'd post a Pic of the "Fur Ball" posing as a Ball of YARN that's trying to block My Windpipe, but I don't want to frighten Anyone! And, HALLOWE'EN isn't for another Month!

Meanwhile, I've been making good progress on the "LITTLE" SECRET "PROJECT"... PART 1 [of 3] is about halfway complete.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010



And, I loathe the SOUND of constantly DRIPPING Water!  It took a looong while for Me to fall asleep.. Hence, I ended up waking much LATER than I had planned on doing for this Morning. Had STUFF to DO!

The Precipitation had ceased, WHILST, I had My breakfast... But then, just BEFORE going out, IT started again! Only drizzle - this time - but, still...come on..!

Oh, and it was also, MUCH warmer Outside than I had expected. Quite BALMY, actually. In fact - and MUCH to My surprise - the Car's Side-Mirrors and Windows had all FOGGED up!!  I don't think I can EVER remember THAT happening, "when" it's been IN the Garage!

Anyway, picked up a few "Specials" at a couple of Grocery Stores along the way to The BIG MALL. Had to go to the Bank and, was hoping to MISS the PENSION CHEQUE DAY line-ups. Which, I did - technically... My "wait" was more along the [pardon the pun] Lines of Only-the-Two-NEWEST-Tellers-Are-Allowed-To-Work-Right-Now.

Eventually, I escaped their Financial Clutches! Got My "Exercise" in with a swift TOUR of the Retail Route - with a momentary Pit Stop at THE GAP - and returned to My defogged Vehicle sans ANY Purchases.

Next Stop - WALMART. Stocked up on some Sale Food items there. Checked out the YARN Section... Which I have to say, is starting to look seriously "sparse" these days! I can only *hope* that, that means NEW Inventory will SOON be arriving...?!

If so, can't WAIT! -- That is, IF, I live long enough to! -- Whilst coming out of the TRAINYARDS Shopping Area - there's this very broad 4-WAY STOP Intersection - I was ABOUT to Turn LEFT, *WHEN* some VOTED-MOST-LIKELY-TO-BE-MET-UPSIDE-THE-HEAD-WITH-KARMA Driver *BLOWS* the Stop Sign!!

Granted, HE probably couldn't SEE it because of the rather LARGE BUS to his RIGHT that was blocking it... HOWEVER, there ARE all these FRESH and nicely painted LINES on the Roadway to CLUE One in on the whole "Intersection" Thing!

ONCE past My brush with STUPID People, I made My way to THE MALL for additional needed Items. -- Ooooo! Looky!  A Package of FACTORY ENDS in the much sought after TOFFEE Colour! YAY!

So. Now... Have some CRAFT SHOW Matters to deal with, and then, it's back to The LSP...


Monday, September 27, 2010

..working away..


Working on the "LITTLE" SECRET "PROJECT"... between "Life-in-General"! It was a *totally* NON-descript Day! Perhaps, Tomorrow...?  I *have* to go out to DO a few Things. HOPEFULLY, "between" the promised DELUGES of Rain!

Also hope that, there's a Decor Mag arrival... The ONLINE stuff is nice and all - BUT, there's just SOMETHING about FLIPPING "through" Pages! Especially, WHEN it's Cold and YUKKY out!

Anyhoo, HERE'S a quick Pic of The LSP - so far - just to KEEP You Guys HAPPY. Got to get BACK at IT! Ignore, the BAD Lighting... And INcorrect COLOURS!


Sunday, September 26, 2010


AH... My FAIRY-TWIN! - Because, We were Born in the SAME Year and share many a THING
"Stitchy" and "Brit" and entertainingly "Strapping"!! - hehe! -- Right NOW, I just KNOW that She's sporting a mischievous and lustful GRIN! And, let's NOT forget the maniacally-magical WAND Twirl...

Anyhoo... HAPPY B-DAY, LUV! Hope that the FAIRY-DUST was getting into *Everything*!!


BTW, forgot to mention Yesterday... Remember that SEWING BOX from "FABULOUS" FRIDAY...? Well, I spotted ANOTHER one at that FALL FLEA MARKET. It was the EXACT same "model", half hidden under a Table... However, the OUTER Veneer was in NEED of much "work" AND, the HANDLE was Detached! And, despite ALL of its dubious "condition", They were asking $45. for it!? -- At THAT Price, I'd HIDE it *under* a Table too!

In the Meantime, the Wear & Tear of Yesterday's "Adventures" have caught up to Us! Earlier, We were trying to figure out exactly how MUCH "Walking" did We DO..? And then, there was all the tonnage that I was schlepping! -- I actually noticed this Morning, those deceptively "small" Boxes of Pasta... they were a POUND each!! Little wonder that I felt as if I were hauling Bricks ALL Day!

And, don't even GET Me started on the FOUR - on SALE - $1.44 [plus Tax each6-FEET wide LAWN UMBRELLAS [with Poles] that MOTHER purchased Yesterday at THE MALL! As well as, some Wooden SHELVING UNIT - for the same Price... And a HEAVY bag of "Other" Stuff!

BTW, FYI - the Shopping Carts from THAT particular Store, *WON'T* go to Our Parking Lot of CHOICE!  So, YES, I had to make TWO Trips to the Car and back!

WHATEVER!! ...Enough, of My PAST Exploits. Time now, for NEW Ones!

I'm beginning a "Little" SECRET "Project"... With LUCK, I hope to have IT complete within the next 4 Weeks - barring any unforeseen "complications". In any case, IT will be TIME intensive. THAT said... be WARNED that DURING this Time, I "may" HAVE TO keep My DAILY Posts on the SHORT boring side and perhaps, even SKIP a Day!  I'll TRY not too, but I can't promise that it won't Happen...

However, IN the event that I DO - apologies! Although, ONCE the Project is complete and ALL
"Mysteries" are revealed, I'm sure that You'll understand My "Reasons". - Until THEN, here's a TEASER of the YARN that I'll be using... BUBBLE-GUM, PASTEL, MILKBLU, PALE YELLOW, and LAVENDER. [The INSERT is closer to Actual Shade!]


Saturday, September 25, 2010

DAY of the DAMES...

WE did a LOT of WALKING Today!! I now believe that I have a promising Career as a SHERPA in My NEXT Life!

For some reason, neither I, or MOTHER managed to get ANY Sleep last night - and then, We were up and out the Door EARLY! -- FIRST STOP, in Our Neighbourhood a couple of streets over. This was where I acquired this rather quaint little 6-inch TELESCOPE - $2. As well as, the Screen TIN BOX for 50 Cents. Large enough to hold Standard sheets of Paper...

NEXT up, the CHURCH BAZAAR - I mentioned Yesterday... It OPENED at 9am - We were about 15 Minutes EARLY! At least, I got GREAT Parking!

I picked up the BELOW Pieces of COTTON FABRIC there - a DOLLAR Each.

Also for a DOLLAR, I found the ABOVE Ceramic SERVING PLATTER. Very HEAVY! And, LARGE. About 18 Inches or so... A little awkward to carry around, but, "pretty"... -- Oh, and the AMETHYST GLASS, that "Story" comes Later!

We had a SCHEDULE to keep - needed to GET to LANSDOWNE PARK by 9:30! DESPITE, the varied moments of TRAFFIC along the Route, We finally ARRIVED!

The NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW attacts a HUGE Crowd! I estimated around 400 or so Women were ALREADY in Line ahead of Us. -- Instructed MOTHER to queue up, whilst I headed to the TICKET BOOTH... I actually managed to get that done AND catch up to Her - BEFORE - She GOT to the END of the Line!

So. A few Words regarding said Stationary Procession of People...

You know, it's really NOT advisable to BRING Young Children/Infants TO this Event. Especially, at THIS particular Location. The PRESS of Humanity INSIDE in the Morning is extremely OVER-WHELMING! And, STROLLERS are a Hazard!

I was also, "surprised" at how MANY Women were SMOKING in Line! I'm so used to the abundance of NON-Smoking Areas, that I was actually taken aback at observing SO many People "Lighting Up" throughout the Day, whenever They exited the Building!

And, YES... one of the Women, in FRONT of Us put away at least THREE Cigarettes - UP wind! As well did, the Young Mother BEHIND Us - with Her happy 3-Month-Old!

ONCE, We got INTO the Building, the next TWO-plus HOURS, were spent...

  • Drilling THROUGH the Pulsating MASS of Estrogen-Based Lifeforms, whilst Shielding MOTHER.
  • Not LOSING MOTHER when She would get caught in the Undertow.
  • COLLECTING as much FREE Stuff as We could.
  • Trying NOT to MAIM Anyone with My Backpack.
  • Keeping track of ALL of the BAGS.
  • Getting PAST the Sudden Muscle SPASM under My Left Shoulder!!
  • NOT going DEAF, from the STAGE "Performances".
  • Seeing how MANY small FREE Bags of POTATOES I could lug about.

I "think", it was around NOONish when We headed to the Car to DUMP the "First" LOAD!

Oh. Look. Some *%$&$$# SEAGULL "Dumped" Its LOAD down My Driver-side WINDOW!

I left IT until LATER! I was in more dire need of "relaxing" and having a Bite to EAT! -- I binged on some of Our FREEBEES... That CHOCOLATE SOYA MILK really DID hit the Spot!

NEXT on the ITINERARY... The FALL FLEA MARKET going on in the Other Building. Spent almost an hour There... Found a couple of intriguing Items that I ALMOST bought, however, I only had so much Cash on Me. And then, there's that Naggy little Part about whether I really NEEDED Them..

Anyhoo, AFTER My "Power-Browse", I settled for the ELEVEN and beautifully pristine - AMETHYST DRINKING GLASSES! -- Originally Priced at $25. for the SET, the pleasantly engaging Vendor offered Me a Price of $18... - considering My "Interest", yet hesitant "Need" for said Temptation.

Told Her, that I still had more LOOKING around to do, BUT, would SERIOUSLY contemplate on the Matter...

Meanwhile, at the END of My Explorations, I ran into a CRAFT SHOW Acquaintance We chatted and "Networked" for a spell as I waited for MOTHER to catch up to Me. Informed Her that I had decided to GET the GLASSES.

Long-Story-Short... Ended up GETTING Them for $15.!! [Happy Dance!!]

And there I was, hauling another HEAVY Load to the Car!

Had another small Bite to Eat. Sorted out the Trunk. MOTHER insisted on DOING the Window... Then, off We were again - This time - to Battle TRAFFIC! We STILL had a short trip to COSTCO and afterward, THE MALL yet ahead of Us. Both, were uneventful Destinations...

Needless to say, the Day's ACTIVITIES were quite fatiguing in the end, despite the "Enjoyment"!
-- HERE's a Pic of SOME of the NWS "BOOTY". MINUS, the 7 "Half-Pound" Bags of BABY POTATOES, the 9 Boxes of PASTA, the Dozen Packets of SUNFLOWER BUTTER...

BTW... FAIRY-T - If You're READING  this Right NOW - **HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!**

Friday, September 24, 2010

..Preppy Perusing...

DESPITE My intentions to go OUT -Today - and tend to various Grocery needs, FATHER insisted on bearing that Task with MOTHER, instead. -- He LIKES to get OUT of the House - with HIS Car... Seeing as, MOTHER and I have slightly different PLANS for Tomorrow regarding the USE of said Vehicle!

It'll likely be a quick STOP&SHOP at a Church Bazaar, and then, off to the NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW. A semi-annual Event, currently being housed over at LANSDOWNE PARK. Thankfully, the next SPRING SHOW will be back Downtown at the newly RE-built OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE. That had always been a *much* NICER and, larger Venue. It's also attached to the RIDEAU CENTRE MALL...

Anyway, We like to go for the FREE STUFF! Sample the Foods... TRY to Win the GIFT BASKETS... Maybe do the odd bit of NETWORKING when ever the opportunity arises. Oh, and then, there's the giant FALL FLEA MARKET going on in one of the Other PARK Buildings. Usually more over-priced "Antiques" over there, but, at least IT'S FREE Admission! -- NWS is a bit on the high side considering the Current Location.

Occasionally, I get lucky and find the odd Curio to add to My plethora of Collections... As I recall, I acquired a couple of lovely Amethyst HAZELWARE "Colony" Bowls at the earlier SPRING FLEA MARKET. -- I believe They have it at the SAME Time as the NWS to keep The GUYS "busy" with
"The Kids".

Whatever, it promises to be a LOOONG Day!!

Meanwhile, Today, I caught up with some CyberWork. Checked out the Happenings over on TWEETSVILLE. And, did some "research"...

Remember the BUTCHER-BLOCK TABLE/CART from last Saturday that I purchased for $5.? Well, My suspicions were correct! It IS an IKEA Piece - $59.99!

Here's what it looks like unpainted.

I also spent time, perusing My DIGITAL Copy of the November STYLE AT HOME - should get the HARD Copy early Next Week. Was seeing a Lot of CHAIRS in There...

However, it DID give Me some Colour/Design inspiration!

There was a ROOM, done up in BLACK, WHITE, and RED...  The "LINES" in the Space steered Me toward using My "LATTICE-PLAID" PATTERN.  As well, a lot of the PRE-Holiday Decor was sporting a WHITE and TURQUOISE mix, along side of the Traditional WHITE and RED.

Here's WHAT I came up with!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rural In The City

FOR quite some time now, I've "noticed" in the "TRENDY" Decor Magazines, a leaning toward EVERYTHING being SO Polished and Precise to the Point of being COLD. STERILE. -- Seriously, WHO actually really "LIVES" in these HOUSES?

And I use the word, "House", deliberately. Because, they are certainly *not* "HOMES"! -- Except perhaps, for the Alien ARMANI Android People.. Who ONLY use the Edifices for Entertaining purposes, and later, go to "occupy" their ginormous Closets...

It's NOT that I don't appreciate a Minimalist or a highly Refined Aesthetic - however, IN One's
"Dwelling", THIS "look" is just too MUCH! -- Unless, of course, You also happen to be able to AFFORD that extra "PARTY" HOUSE...

BUT, when The BAND and Bartenders are gone, Everyone NEEDS Someplace to go to that's COMFY and HOMEY to sleep it off! A Place, where, You're NOT afraid to *LIVE* in! Where, the odd bit of CLUTTER, actually gives the Place some WARMTH. Makes it WELCOMING! Where, it's okay to leave FINGERPRINTS!

I think the TURNING POINT for Me, was WHEN this "TREND" moved over to COTTAGES!! It was as if People were TELE-PORTING Their Slick-Shiny Party-Palaces into the middle of a Field or Beachfront! And, in essence, TOTALLY defeating the entire CONCEPT of "Getting AWAY from the City".

ALAS, "Someone" has SEEN the LIGHT in this *new* DECADE... COUNTRY "CHIC" has FINALLY begun the Journey toward URBAN "FARMHOUSE"!! ...At least. it "appears" to be....

I came across THIS "BLOG ENTRY" by JENNIFER MURRAY over at CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME, earlier Today.


HERE's a Couple that might fit the Bill of this *new* CONCEPT.... -- There are MORE available, You just have to Ask...

On Top - "ZUNI-SUNRISE" in PALE YELLOW, SEAGLASS, and ZUNIBLU. On the Bottom - "BISTRO CHECK" in RED and IVORY. -- Oh, and part of MOTHER's Backyard Garden.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, here's WHAT I bought Yesterday! Actually, there are several MORE Packages - THESE are just the COLOUR Selection. And the Two on the Right, are a touch or so, LIGHTER in Tone than what's showing in the Pic.

In the meantime, I've given Them the Colour Designation of RED, VERMILL, TANG-WASH, and PINK-WASH - for Now...

Hmm... They DO seem to look good TOGETHER, don't They? -- I'll have to pick out a PATTERN that will Compliment Them properly... How about THIS One. It's called "T-SQUARE" - haven't had a chance to USE It yet...

Yeah... The more I LOOK at This, the MORE It GROWS on Me...



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..BAD Girl. BAD Girl. Whatcha Gonna Do?...

¯...WHATCHA gonna DO, WHEN the YARN Hooks You?...¯

Okay. FOR "The RECORD" - I *haven't* bought ANY Yarn for TWO MONTHS!! Give Me a break!
-- Besides, IT's RED and PINKish and Different SHADES Inbetween... Of course, there was a DOWNSIDE... The damn PRICE went UP!! -- By a THIRD!

I. Am. Soooo. NOT. A. *HAPPY-CAMPER*. Over. THAT!

And, the QUALITY is slightly on the THINNER side, too. -- BTW, if You haven't guessed already, I'm talking about FACTORY ENDS here. Looks like, I'll be using THIS Stuff *more* for WASHCLOTHS
or, in My BLANKET "Border" Trims.

Either way, It's still CHEAPER than the Regular Large-size BALLS!

Meanwhile... BEFORE getting to THE MALL to make My "unexpected" Yarnful Purchase, I popped into the nearby FUTURE SHOP to pick up a couple of Just-Out-TODAY DVDs. Ahh... *Fresh* VIEWING to CROCHET by!


Monday, September 20, 2010


SO. The "Kid" SISTER has put another Year under Her Belt.. HA! Already BEEN There, AGED through THAT! -- But, then again... She HAS been dealing with the Newly "Retired" HUBBY and the "Problematic" PROGENY! ..I suppose, at the end of the Day, the Elderly PARENTAL-UNITS really *aren't* THAT "Troublesome"... MOST of the Time...

Meanwhile, I thought I'd "Celebrate" the DAY with a smattering of "DESIGN"... And, I wanted Something for TODAY'S Post that would be SIMPLE. SHORT. NOT Time "Consuming"!


You know, going over "CODE" - when You really DON'T "know" it - truly, IS a PAIN! Hopefully, THIS will end up looking half decent... I've got TWO *NEW* TV Shows to WATCH Tonight!!

Have I mentioned the Part about NOT having Watched ANY Evening TV in MONTHS..?!!

YEP! -- What can I say... "REALITY" - slash - "TALENT-less" Programming, just DOESN'T *DO IT* for Me!

ANYWAY... to get Back ON Subject... I've come up with THESE 3 PATTERNS for Both SIZES of My BLANKETS. A couple of THEM were DESIGNS that I've noticed around in OTHER Places during the last Week or so. In fact, the "PINHOLE" One... After spotting It the FIRST time and thinking that It would be "worthy" of Using, I spotted It AGAIN... ON A BATHROOM FLOOR!

Definitely, a "SIGN" from The DESIGN GODS!!

"5x7 CANE HUG" -------------------------------------- "6x8 CANE HUG"

"5x7 PINHOLE" -------------------------------------- "6x8 PINHOLE"

"5x7 TWIST WEAVE" -------------------------------------- "6x8 TWIST WEAVE"


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fabulous FRIDAY **FINDS**!! - Part 2

As Promised... BOXES!

I did a bit on fast & dirty "research" on THESE first Two "Tobacco" oriented Containers. This "TURMAC"
- [TURKISH-MACEDONIAN TOBACCO COMPANY]- is a Hinged Lidded Tin Box. 12x15cm - in good condition.

The BELOW 12x12cm Wooden Box is nicely "Pyro" Engraved and Hand-Painted. Inside the Lid is a STAMP MARK from "TABSO" - The Bulgarian Airlines... I suspect that THIS is Decades OLD!

The BOX contained a large assortment of BUTTONS! The Ones in the Pic are just a small Sample of the Collection.

BELOW, is a PORTABLE SEWING BOX - an OLDER One! You can tell by HOW the MAKER did His utmost to keep the Wood Grain consistant. Also, the good Dove-Tailing. BTW, I'm NOT "certain", but the Outer WOOD "may" possibly be OAK. Feels heavy enough to be! And I believe, the Straps and Legs do look like Quarter Oak...?

I really *should* LEARN My "WOODS" - My British Paternal Grandfather was a MASTER Wood-Worker and is probably "rolling in His Grave" at My IGNORANCE!

Anyhoo...the INSIDE was spotless! Those THREADS were from another Cardboard Box. -- I have this OTHER "LIFE-LONG" Project that I'm doing, which involves *many* MILES of THREAD... Meanwhile, the OUTSIDE could probably do with a good "Cleaning" Polish... I certainly wouldn't want to "Refinish" it - would RUIN the Patina!

Oh, and that's the Top of the BUTCHER-BLOCK that I bought Yesterday.

I spent a bit of Time Today looking over those PAINT SAMPLE Cards and Brochures that I picked up Yesterday... Some rather awesome Photography going on in a few of them, AND a LOT of Putting-It-On-My-LOTTERY-List Furniture!

As for the actual PAINT COLOUR "COMBOs"... Most, were rather "inspiring", however, there were quite a few that I found to be somewhat considerably "questionable"...?

Then again, deep down, I suspect that Those SELECTIONS are in Fact a Marketing "Strategy". Designed to convince enough People that Such&Such PAINT-COMBO is "THE" *HOT* TREND - They "Buy" into it, then SOON get BORED and/or wonder at WHAT *were* They THINKING! And, then go Back and BUY *MORE* Paint!!

Welcome, to GLOBAL MARKETING ECONOMICS 101 - Consumer "Hypnosis"!!

Oh, and so You should "Know"... I *may* actually HAVE the YARN to Match!! [Shameless Product "PLUG" - 101]


Saturday, September 18, 2010

"..NO, You Can't BUY It! -- It Won't FIT Into The CAR!!.."

"AND besides, You already HAVE Four!!"

Sentiments, that I did My utmost to IMPRESS upon MOTHER as She was contemplating in Buying ANOTHER Sewing Machine & Table for $10.... Truly, We have NO room for it at Home - the OTHER ONE She's got, has Stuff piled on top of it! And then, there's the Part where FATHER would have a bit of a Snitfit.

BTW, did I mention the Fact, that there was NO room IN the CAR?! Because, the Back Seat was currently occupied with THIS:

Sorry, about the Pic being really weird-looking - [Besides, You Guys could USE a little "Mystery"!] - but, I'd already had Junk stored on it when I took it... FATHER never saw IT coming into the House, so It's in "disguise"...

As to It's TRUE IDENTITY - It's a PORTABLE BUTCHER-BLOCK TABLE. There's a couple of Wheels on the Left Side... 20x24in Top and 34in high - weighs a TON! Sooo, grateful that It HAS Wheels!! It took a bit of doing, getting It into the Back Seat of Our SMALL Vehicle.

And, We DON'T have a "Hatch" Lid on the Trunk! Hence, My discouragement regarding the possible Purchase of the Sewing Machine. As well, that upon closer examination, the Machine was MISSING
a particular "PART" and, It's INSTRUCTION BOOK!

MOTHER **KNOWS** Sewing Machines!!

In the End, We ALL compromised on the acquisition of a Disassembled Wooden Cradle instead. - For the possible use by My Future Great-Niece, THE BUMP! - It was all wrapped up and just FITTED behind the Front Seats... $3. of MORE "Heaviness"! And, the LAST of Our YARD SALE-ing. We had OTHER Stuff to DO!

BUT, more on ALL of THAT, Later... Time NOW, to get back to the BEGINNING of the Day!

Was Sunny and quite CRISP earlier on - 7C! We headed straight out to the GLOUCESTER EMERGENCY FOOD CUPBOARD Sale. - [SEE Yesterday's Post for Further DETAILS]

You know, I *really* am GLAD, that We had that PRE-SALE Buying "Opportunity" Yesterday! As, Those ITEMS would surely have been GONE! However, there was STILL "Stuff" to be HAD - like the afore-mentioned BUTCHER-BLOCK...

Which cost Me all of $5.! Seriously, I WASN'T going to Pass on It at THAT Price. It's STURDY and in Perfect Condition. Actually, at first, I had thought that It was one of THEIR "Display" Tables... As likely, did Everyone ELSE! -- It never hurts to ASK about such Items at these Events, because You never know...

I also picked up - for $3. - THIS Pair of 16x20in Masonite DECORATIVE PLAQUES... Originally from HOMESENSE with Their $24.99 Price Tags STILL on the back!

MOTHER picked up a Folding Metal PLANT-STAND for $2. - that THANKFULLY, came apart! - and, for a Dollar, a Box of SEWING MACHINE PARTS. Quite a few Specialty "FEET", that WILL go with Her "other" Machines...

We were There for a good half hour and about 4 trips TO the Car! Then, it was off to the Regular Haunts.... NOTHING, in THAT particular Area, however, there was this "trail" of SIGNS to a "RUMMAGE SALE" over at the Nearby "Commercial Park"...

Turned out to be a Sale of STORAGE UNIT Stuff... Lots of badly packed boxes with a diverse variety of Items. I picked up a couple of GARMENT BAGS - still packaged - for 25 Cents! They'll be handy for My CRAFT SALES in Transporting My BLANKETS. And, possibly My RACK UNITS... Hmm...

Off once more, to do Groceries and other necessary errands... The much NEEDED Item of the Day, was one of those OLD Electrical Panel FUSE "Holder" Thingies.. For the past "several" Days, one of the two HOT Water Tank FUSES have been BLOWING! After 3 blown Fuses, and a little
"experimentation" later, I determined that the PROBLEM, was the HOLDER. It's like 30 YEARS OLD!

The new LOWE'S actually had a couple of BOXES of Them, and for a Cheaper [if You can call it that] Price than the Competition! While there, I also picked up a STACK of Various PAINT CHIP Brochures... I find the Colour Combos to be INSPIRING. And, that They often have some rather lovely Decorated "Room" Examples - a number of which, that I feel, are much BETTER than what's in MOST Decor Magazines!

The remainder of Our "Expeditions" was pretty much the "same old, same old"... AFTER, getting everything OUT of the Car and "sorted" out INSIDE the House, I was exhausted. NONE of all that WOOD Today, was on the LIGHT side! I'm sure that I'll be FEELING it, Tomorrow. Going to ENJOY My new *HOT* WATER!!

01 09 10